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Edmond new Homes | A Great community

Edmond new Homes | What Makes It Great

Speaking of custom homes, broken Arrow, I would talk a little bit about our seven oak south community now. Seven. Oh south. If people have ever just jumped on Google and they just happen to type in custom homes, broken Arrow, they’re going to find seven. Oh, south is one of our communities that we offer. It’s in south Edmond new Homes and 101st inbetween county line road, which is 193rd east avenue and Lynn Lane. It’s going to be on the south side of 101st and the thing I love about seven slash south is it has a community swimming pool. It’s a beat trend, swimming pools that you can kind of walk in on one side and step off the steps on the other and it has a clubhouse where you could have your own private parties inside and then it also has a brand new phase two that we’ve just opened and in that phase two we actually have to market ready homes one that’s move in ready now, and then we have another one that’s on its way.

That’s a two story. So we have a one story in a two story in there so you can get in there. And the two thirties on up. I’m now seven oak south. The beauty of that is we have sold out of almost all of the phase one home sites. Um, I believe there’s about three or four that are still available. Phase two is opened up a few months back and it’s already a third full and we’re about to release the final home sites in phase two of seven oaks out. So seven oaks south is going to be a great community of south Edmond new Homes schools. And you want to have close access to the highway, the Creek Turnpike, it’s actually three fourths of a mile east of south. You’re close by restaurants and shopping centers and Nsu is right down the street. You could also jump on the creek and just be anywhere.

You could be in Big Ben, 10 minutes Jinx and 15 downtown and 27. Oak South is a great community. It’s got about 240 homesites all together in both phases. We have pond lots, we have a, uh, a couple of a corner home sites before they’re sold out and some culdesac home site. So depending on what you’re looking for, you’re definitely going to find everything you’d want in that community if you’re trying to stay in the 2:30 thirties on a. If you’ve been googling custom homes, Edmond new Homes and you stumble onto shaw homes.com, we pride ourself and having the most available home sites and land out of any builder in the entire area. So that is a plus that not all builders can say. Uh, we also are going to give you a great incentive this month until the end of February. We’re running one of our largest incentives we’ve ever had, which is $15,000 any way you want to use it.

So it can be on closing costs and the rest off upgrades or all of off grades. Um, however you wish to do it. It could also be used for added features that you’re putting in the house, like if you need to add to foot to a study or forefoot to a dining room to convert it into a game room. Um, all of those things you’ll be able to use the incentive for. So if you’ve been looking at custom homes, broken Arrow, and you haven’t ever checked out [inaudible] dot com or you haven’t stopped by one of our model homes, I would encourage you to do so. You can actually sign up for one of our tours by going to [inaudible] dot com. You could also find it if you’re just looking for a custom homes Edmond new Homes you’re going to stumble onto our website and it’ll say shaw homes.com.

You can go on there and fill out the information so that you can schedule your model home tour and let us show you why everybody is talking about shaw homes and or as referring people to show homes. And let us show you what we’ve been doing for 29 years to make this community great. Now we have 26 communities to choose from. And the majority of them are going to be in Edmond new Homes area, so I would encourage you to just shop on Shaw homes.com. Look and see what we have to offer. And I think you’re gonna find exactly what you’re looking for. So seven oak south, that’s going to be a great community with a lot of immunity. We actually have to catch and release ponds in there so you could get a home site that backs up to a pond if that’s what you choose to do.

But anyways, just a lot to choose from in that community. A great community and growing. We will have a final phase three. We’re almost sold out of phase two. And uh, anyways, stop and check out one of our model homes. We’d love to show you what shall homes can do for you and take you on a tour and show you what we have to offer. So if you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, definitely check out [inaudible] dot com. Let us show you what we’re doing today and what we have available and we just would love to show you around. So Shaw homes.com, the home of the 20 or the home of the 10 year structural warranty, two years on plumbing, lifetime on the roof, which is your rafters. And we also give you of course, a one year warranty on the home itself. Everything in it. I’m in a 30 year shingle, so shaw homes.com, custom homes, Edmond new Homes Come and check us out. We would love to show you around and uh, we’ll be speaking a little bit about one of our other communities that just south of 700 south. That community is going to be called Brighton village.

Village is going to be located at a hundred and 21st and county line, just one block west of county line road on 121st you’re going to see Brighton village. Now the thing I love about Brighton village is it’s a small community. So what you see is what you get. There’s about 120 home sites and once those are sold out, there will not be a phase two. Um, we actually have some credited home sites if you need to keep your price down low. We’ve got some 2000 credited homesites in there, um, so they just weren’t the oversize home sites, but because of the price difference between the included home site and maybe one of those, maybe not all plans fit on them, but you’d get a 2000 credit to help you get in that community at a good price. And the home starting in a Brighton village are going to be in the 230,000 on EPC range.

We actually have a couple of market ready homes that are under construction right now that we’re building just to sell. We have a one story findlay plan in there that’s a three bedrooms plus a study that’s around 2:40 move in ready. It’s close access to the swimming pool. And in that community, uh, we do offer a community swimming pool that’s already built the Hoa ways to provide the amenities that we have in that community are going to be 5:50 a year. So they’re not bad at all. It’s also going to have a little cabana with restrooms and an area to sit down or have your little lunch underneath the Cabana. And that that neighborhood is right next to the creek turnpike, so you have really easy access to jump on the creek turnpike and go anywhere you want. In this town. It’s probably 20 minutes to the airport, I would say about 10 to 15 minutes to downtown Tulsa.

And it’s right next to bigsby so you’re not that far from everything. And it’s actually down the street from the Warren movie theater. And if you’ve kept up with a lot of activity in broken Arrow with the chamber of commerce right down the street from Brighton village, speaking of Edmond new Homes custom homes right down the street from Brighton Village, we have the Warren Theater and next to the Warren Theater. We have a lot of brand new shopping, uh, that’s coming in to that area. So we kind of consider it like a new utica square, but it’s going to be in broken arrow. So a lot of activity, a, lots of things to do. And if you’re a bike rider or runner, we have the trails that start right out side of Brighton village next to the creek turnpike. And they’ll run all the way down to riverside drive or you can take that trail and go north and you can head east and it kind of waves around to the north and we have Chisholm, trills park so that you’d be able to do a lot of the activities in the summertime that they put on really throughout the year stuff for kids.

They’ll put on dog shows a, they’ll have a dog park activity that people can bring their dogs out. Sometimes they’ll have street shows with cars. Uh, so there’s just a lot of activity and a lot of things to do in that area. So I would just say come check out Brighton village, drive through the community. There’s probably about 11 home sites before sold out. And we have a beautiful park would x model home that we just listed for sale. So if someone is around 320,000 and you need a move in ready five bedroom home, plus a study three car garage with a nice green belt law that has trees and beautiful views of the pond with a fountain in the front, then come and check out that community and schedule a tour of that home was Shannon, cut singer at nine. One, eight, seven, four, zero, six, nine, four, four. And I would love to show you that house and show you that community. Now Brighton village is going to put you in south Edmond new Homes schools and so it’ll be a broken air address. Lots of amenities, a great price you can get in to that community. Actually if you built for around 237,000 with lot included and that will give you a three bedroom plus study home around 18. Oh, two square feet. Full custom homes. So custom homes, Edmond new Homes, come check us out.

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