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Edmond New Homes | A Great Home Buying Experience

Edmond New Homes | A Great Home Buying Experience

Two 23, 17, 18 actually show homes. So I want to talk today to you guys about a couple of things here and most of it, so about our process and how we operate. A lot of customers ask me about how they work with the sale of their home and this is probably more of the, uh, approach. We’re going to take two days of the sale of the home and how we help with that, how we can utilize our resources. Because when you’re looking for Edmond New Homes we do understand that you are looking for the best of the best and hopefully, uh, you come to realize the shaw homes is the best of the best. Uh, when you are looking for custom homes, broken Arrow though, typically we have two different ways of going about building a home for you, a total of four different ways, but we’ll talk today about two different ways.

Um, we either have the ability of contingent or noncontingent, meaning you do or don’t have a home to sell. Edmond New Homes then also a custom built and moving ready home. So two different options there as well. When you look at your custom homes, broken Arrow, we can assume that you’re looking to build your home. Now, this assumption might be incorrect. However, it is the way that we’ll go about this conversation today. A lot of people are curious about if it currently own a home, what’s the process to sell their home? What can they expect to get out of their home, profit wise?

Who Do they use? What do they do? A most customers come in my model homes and and you know, they will tell us this. They’ll say that they need to wait a year because they’ve got to sell their home and they got to fix it up. But all of this stuff, well first I say if you’re looking for Edmond New Homes, and you found the show homes, we do have the resources available to let you know that you do not have to be concerned about figuring out what to do with your homes because what we will do is inform you on the etiquette and what’s required to build a home and to sell your home before you do so. So when you are looking to build your home, uh, you have to sell your home and we have many realtors that we work with on a regular basis.

All sales managers have a large number of realtor relations that they work with and those realtors are some of the best in the entire city of Tulsa, uh, some of the best in the entire state and some of the best in the entire nation that we work with on a regular basis. So I do encourage you to use the realtors that we offer. One of my cardinal rules is to not use a realtor that has been either your friend or your family member or also that is, I’m a person who has done this less than five years full time in the new construction, Edmond New Homes or excuse me, in the real estate market, real estate field. The reason why I say this is I’ve just seen a store destroy a family’s in relationships because of the fact that, uh, you know what, if a sale doesn’t go through, if your home doesn’t sell you and you’ve had all of these ideas and dreams about building your new home and then all of a sudden plop, your home doesn’t sell, so we’ll be looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, make sure you take all the advice that we’re here to give you information, education, because it allows us to really help you honestly get into a new home.

That’s what our main goal is, to find the treat. You well have a great experience. You can’t do that unless your own cells, so once you have your home on the market, there are different ways that we go about this. When we do a contingent purchase, getting meant facility or home, that must take place before we can start our process. We typically do this after purchase agreement, after the model home tour, the price out homesite reservation. That would go into the purchase agreement, Edmond New Homes the purchase agreement. We do a contingent purchase agreement which is contingent upon the sale of your home, so we allow you for months or 120 days to have your home listed with a realtor and then sell. Have that home sold within four months. If it does not sell within four months he received all of your earnest money back to you, a 100 percent, and if it does that, you released contingency to us.

Once you release contingency to us, did we go about doing the process our in which is getting plans approved, going into our design studio process with the customer and then we go into breaking ground and building your home. So the time it takes for someone to realize I want to sell their home and build a new one is really an individual thing. And when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you will see that we have show homes, have set up a process in place. And also we want to educate you as best as we possibly can. So when it comes to the homes in which we discuss, a lot of people want to know what they’ll receive for their home. This is what I will bring out my book of realtors and I will pair a excellent military with a customer based on personality and location and all of these different things that are variables.

But I trust my realtors. They’re fantastic and they do an excellent job of listing declined. So Edmond New Homes staging the home professional photography, videography, drone footage, if needed. The market on the websites, mls, facebook, everything. They go full out to get your home sold for as much as possible or as minimal as possible. So selves quickly for as much as possible. Um, when you’re looking for custom home for broken Arrow, this is a big point because you’re trying to find a builder that’s correct for you. Build your home, but you have to worry about the sale of your home. But if you don’t have the appropriate people working for you, that you could very well end up moving into a new home. You could possibly never sell your home. It just depends. A lot of variables. It’s a never ending variable market. I will say that. Uh, what we do is when you’re curious about what to do to your home, what do you have to touch up, what you have to renovate, you have to exchange any carpets or woods or what do you have to do, and this is when I will get up my book of realtors and I will appear a realtor with you.

It’ll be a complimentary assessment. It will come out to your home at a time that you both agree upon to meet at your home. If you will go over all of the home, the Walkthrough, the tell you what may need to be touched up, needs to be repainted or which direction to go and what to proceed with. And then also, once that’s done, they’ll do comparables and appraisals on all of the area with a what? Comparable homes to yours or they call it comps. Comps will show your home’s value. Edmond New Homes What was put on market, how much it was sold for, how much they asked, which is a big difference. And knowing those ideas, they’ll give you what’s called an mts, which is not to sell her. This is what you could receive as a customer before you ever list your home, before you ever build a home with us, before you ever take any steps, you’ll know all the information up front which will allow you to make the clearest decision for you and your family.

It was just the most important. So when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, rest assured that we have the process in place, the people embrace and the products definitely for you to love bill and choose what could be your new dream home. So once you search for custom rules, broken Arrow, you find that a shaw homes pops up and we pop up for very good reasons. One is because we have one of the best, uh, extensive relationships with all of the realtors posted that are productive realtors, the realtors to actually do this full time professionals, top 100 and Tulsa, etc. Etc. Etc. Um, we also have a process in place from the time that we do our model home tour to our price out, which is picking all your selections tentatively and then to the homestead reservation and moving into the purchase agreement design studio construction phase of it all.

It rEally is the best process you can possibly have. So you’re looking for custom home for broken arrow. YoU will find the homes is the company with the best process. It makes it honestly a really fun experience for you. And it definitely takes the time to realize that, you know, there are a lot of choices out there, but when you’re looking for customers, broken arrow to build your custom home, you will find it better than homes with the options that we have. and again, the education and the processes that we can put in place to make this an easy transition for you. make sure you utilize all your money, get the most bang for the buck, Edmond New Homes and you will be in your new built home with your sale sold. Whoa. Uh, in the past. And making as much money for it possibly can sell quickly, move efficiently, have great design possibilities.

And again, when you’re looking for custom homes, broken area, you will find that we definitely want to encourage you to get on a home tour because it’s the first step to see if we even have a possible product for you. Because if we don’t have a product, it’s hard to even mentioned that we would be the ones to help you because we want to be the ones to help you. So that’s why we offer so many options and we have something for everyone when it comes to our floor plans. We Edmond New Homes do have 62 floor plans in a variety of options for you. A 25 plus home sites that we constantly build it. And then a 52, excuse me, $500, 700 home sites that we’re always building on and have a definite option possibilities for you. So if you look at the customer who’s broken arrow, the we invite you in one of our model homes to schedule the time of our sales managers to do are very popular in ever increasing shaw homes model tour. We’ll see that.

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