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Edmond New Homes | Agreeing To Work Together

Edmond New Homes |Bringing everyone together

March Fifteenth podcast to Matthew Thompson show homes. So what I’d like to talk about today is a continuation from our prior prior podcast. And when customers looking for a custom home broken Arrow, they definitely want to see what options they have. I mean they are liquid for custom homes in the area of broken Arrow, Tulsa, jenks, Glenpool, everything we do build onsite and offsite. What I mean by that is in our communities we do build onsite and off site would be a land of your choice as long as it’s within 15 minutes of any of our current model homes. This allows for proper business solutions for us to be able to build your home efficiently within the time span that we require and the dollar amount that we require. So it really does help the process. If you have a piece of land that you want to be built on, Edmond New Homes we need to have it within 15 minutes of any of our current model homes.

So what I will say is that, uh, if you are, I’m curious about what we do here after purchase agreement. This is where we get into the non contingent contingent side of things. So if you have a home to sell, we have to relate, we have to wait until you’re release contingency with us. Uh, which is an important factor of this. So if you don’t release contingency with us, then we cannot move forward on your home. So we do put in a policy that has to be a four months or a 120 days from the time that we write purchase agreement. You have to release contingency with us. Very important because when you do release conveniency with us, Edmond New Homes we can finally start the process on our end locking everything, get plans, approved, city approval. We can get layouts done and everything that we need to in the office side of things.

So when you are looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, understand that, uh, we do feel that you have to make the correct decisions. And the design studio, and this is something that we allot you typically four weeks to do, some people have to delay this further, but the problem is on a noncontingent purchase agreement, or once you release your contingency with this, you become noncontingent. This is where we start our process and we start the design studio phase, which is what I want to talk about today. So when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, the design studio phases, what we really focus on after we released contingency. So Edmond New Homes you receive a phone call within a week scheduling three times or three appointments that are two hours each, one week apart from each other, uh, totaling about three to four weeks. The first one will be a two hour meeting that you will see a and choose all of your color selections for the exterior of the home, uh, all of your trim colors and paint colors and shutter colors, brick colors and stone colors and all of that.

And then you will have a week apart and you’ll do the interior selections for another two hours. And then another week apart, and you’ll have a final write off on that. Now if it takes you a few more weeks, we understand some people have harder times making decisions on what they want in a home, which it’s totally, totally reasonable. However, there comes a point where we have to kind of cut it off and make decisions and some customers are a little bit more on the side of not being able to make decisions and when that occurs, we have some customers who wait 90 days to 120 days. This is a long time to be waiting three or months just to get your home color selected. So at that point we’re trying to push you along, but our idea is to really have everything as close to the homeless possible before you go into purchase agreement, Edmond New Homes which is our price out section.

That’s step two if you recall, and that’s where we will go through and make all the main selections on all the main categories of what you want the home to get it as close to the ballpark of your home costs as possible. Now, when you go into Pr, into design studio, this is, we’ll select and choose all of the possible features for your home, uh, as far as colorations and custom options and things of that nature. So when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, we definitely have the custom part done, uh, that it’s just a fact of you coming in and making sure that your time is spent wisely and your decision making abilities are on point, but Edmond New Homes we have a cup of coffee and get to brass tacks of things and really start making some good decisions for you and your family to move into your new home and get the process rolling.

So once we do start that process, we in the design studio will spend a quite, a few times going with you and meeting with you and discussing all the options and features that we could possibly do in your home and giving you ideas and layouts. And one of the big things you want to know before you move into the design studio phase and go to our design studio at our headquarters here in broken Arrow is when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, it’s vitally important to know if you’d rather have traditional, Edmond New Homes, what I mean by that is more so do you want stained cabinets or do you want painted cabinets? And these two decisions will kind of lay out the rest of your home and how old really operate throughout the remainder of the home. And what kind of style you want. Do you like contemporary to traditional?

Do you like a more modern? What do you like? Do you like country French? Do you like farmhouse? What kind of style are you shooting for? And this will allow you the possibility to really come in and make decisions more rapidly because the designers are already aware of what your tastes are so they can help you with those pallets. Edmond New Homes, but when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, we understand that this can be a tough decision time to make. So we ensure that you have plenty of homework on our end as for what address is connect to which brick and which stone in which fireplace or which address and you can go check them out at the model homes and you can see customer homes in the past and what they’ve done and how they look on the outside and make all these decisions because these decisions are what going to speed up the design studio process for you and essentially from the time of releasing contingency to us when you’re looking for customers, broken Arrow, when you see your home cell and you released contingency to us and that’s when we started our process.

When we get you in the design studio, the moment you’re in the design studio, as long as you stay in the design studio, we can’t do anything. So you have to completely be out of the design studio before we can move forward on anything. So once you’re in the design studio, it’s really your time. The length of time that you stay in there is how long your home will be delayed, and I shouldn’t say delayed, but should prolong the experience for you because you are going to be a. If we’re shooting for three to four weeks and the designers to do and you spend eight, 10 weeks in their 12 weeks, 14 weeks, that is going to be pushing you back just that much further on your entire build completion. So Edmond New Homes once you’re out of the design studio, then we go to construction managers meeting and that’s when we start to break ground in your home.

So when you’re looking for new homes, specifically custom homes, broken Arrow, you’re going to find that there has many options out there and there’s millions and millions of choices. We show homes, understanding that there’s an important piece to this puzzle and that is mitigating the waste of time, making sure that the options that we have and the styles of homes that we have fit what you’re looking for. And we do solve all that before we ever go to purchase agreement. Before we ever get a design studio. But once you’re in design studio and you’re picking out your home and you’re picking out all your choices of what you want in your home on us at that point, we’re ready waiting for you to finish up. And once you do, that’s when we go to the construction managers meeting. So that’s when you’ll have a preconstruction meeting. You’ll learn all the layout, Edmond New Homes all everything you’ll go for full checklist trauma look like where it will be located, what things have to be done, and what has to procedures as far as our trades and the timeframe of those trades and what to expect.

So we looking for custom homes, broken arrow. Once that’s done, you’re going to find them are in the portion of the bill process to where, uh, you have a management meeting. And then there’s a pad lay down on your property once there’s a porter potty out front, will you can call that five or six months from the time of the porter potty. So, uh, when you, uh, you will experience a five to six months of time home to be built. And once your home is built, then you will be moving in. So before that time is done, you have the Edmond New Homes pre construction managers meeting and then you have the home that has started to break ground in your home. After that’s done, then you will have the drywall meeting, which is the pre drywall meeting before, after framings up, after the roofs on. After all that’s done, then you’ll before drywall goes up, you’ll have a meeting in the home to walk through and see everything in there and make sure that it is all according to what she’d like it.

And if you need to make any changes, now’s the time to do it. Once that does take place, you have been through the drywall meeting, have another couple of months and your home will come to completion. You’ll have a homeowner’s orientation meeting. Edmond New Homes We will walk through the home at 100 percent complete and it should be fully cleaned and fully ready for you to move in a, you’re going to be learning about the pilot light and about appliances and about warranties and just walking through the home and making sure you’re familiar with all the objects and items in the home, making sure everything’s up to snuff for you. And then once that’s done, we will be handing over the keys to you and you’ll be moving into your new home as soon as you close based on what your lender says. So with all those things being said, that is our process in a nutshell, but really today was just a focus about the design studio and any questions that you may have, please relay back to one of our new home specialist and you can find them in any of our model homes.

And, um, when you go in there, go ahead and hop on one of our model home tours and seal our product and maybe you find yourself moving towards a new home sometime. So we look forward to seeing you guys soon. And, uh, we encourage you to, again, when you’re looking for a custom homes broken Arrow that you look no further than Shaw because we do have everything that you’re looking for, all the options that are possible for you and what you’re wanting to be in a, we have those, just a matter of finding out what our process, not wasting any time, but getting into the brass tacks of things and making sure that we go through and choose your selections on what you’re wanting and what you want your home to be. And in doing so, you will find out that we are the best company for you. And hopefully we’ll learn here as a customer for life. Edmond New Homes, uh, we wish you have a best one and we’ll talk to you soon. We’ll see you in the model homes.

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