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Edmond New Homes | All Of The Appliances

Edmond New Homes | All Of The Appliances

So today that is 2:23, 18 podcasts, six matthew in the shop. So Edmond New Homes a lot of what I find today in today’s time is when people are looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, they’re always looking for the best that they possibly can find here, show homes. We’d love to make sure that that is a fulfilled, a endeavor that you’re looking for the best builder and someone who adequately fits your style, your design, your needs, your budgets, and we do our best to make sure that that is everything we can possibly get for you. Get all of our ducks in a row with our process that you feel is very efficient and fun and you have a good time doing it. So we do love, Edmond New Homes, making sure that you’re happy and enjoy what you are going through the process. What are the big things that people talk to me about?

The difference between maybe remodeling at home or building a new home or going move in ready home or buying a used home and what are the pros? What are the cons? There’s a lot of pros and cons. It just depends on which avenue you’re going, so I’ll tackle one at a time here for you. So when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, typically your other options are buying used. Um, and most people don’t typically want to do that if they have ever thought about new construction when it comes to new construction, we definitely have a bunch of pros and cons over now. If you visit our website at [inaudible] dot com, you can find that we have a great plethora of information and a wealth of knowledge on that website. So I encourage you to go check it out at [inaudible] dot com. When you’re looking for Edmond New Homes you can find that we have some interesting information when it comes to the difference between renting a property.

I’m remodeling the property and building a property. So when we build a custom home for you, you will be being able to pick out everything you want as opposed to when it’s a used home. You have to consider the possibilities of remodeling that home. Edmond New Homes, so you have to a while to have the extra funds down the road. And the difference in price can very well be the cost of what a remodeled would be. And then also you have to think about the repairs that come along with the use tone because it’s not if it’ll break, it’s when it will break a, whether an AC condenser goes out or a plumbing goes out, fixtures go out, appliances go out. All of these things. You could have a great deal of money that needs to be in a nest egg for you, summed up as a savings that you could apply towards that you used home.

Otherwise you’re Sol. And we hear so homes, you’re looking for Edmond New Homes have our best warranty and Tulsa 10 year structural warranty to your everything warranty at one year. Excuse me, two year mechanical warranty and a one year everything warranty as far as the way that we build our homes. Um, you do get to design everything. So all the colors, all the trims, all the finishes that you get to choose. And you have a vast number of choices. I mean, truly it’s endless. You can really design it however you wish. And there’s a big difference there between a used home and a shaw home, and that is when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you may want to have the home the way you want it, with the style you want, it wouldn’t make much sense to buy a home and not have it the way you enjoy to see it and live in it.

So with the use tone, that is what you get. You get what you see in a built home, there’s a huge pro because you can design it exactly as you wish. That’s a big difference there. Also, the difference between a used home and a shaw home, when you’re looking for Edmond New Homes, consider the fact that insurance is nearly double if not more than double on a used home compared to a new home. So when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you can find that, uh, that buying power of the insurance right alone is about $50 a month, which equates to about $10,000 of buying power. Now, $10,000 of buying power, that’s pretty efficient. That is definitely something that can help increase your buying power of your home. So if you could do the offsets there and wave the math, it does come out to, you know, $10,000 for the insurance, let’s say another $10,000 for any possible, Edmond New Homes, you know, negative things that could occur in a used home, breaking appliances, etc.

Uh, so that’s $20,000 right there. And let’s add another 10 thoUsand dollars on top of that for a remodeling purposes. So near $30,000. That same $30,000 can be completely covered in wiped away if you just buy a brand new home, uh, and you could very well get more for your money with that $30,000 you can get in a better area, better location, a better floor plan, better flow with a, uh, you know, all the options that you want and make it as pretty as you want with your style already in it. You never have to remodel it or refinish it because it’s already done. It makes sense, doesn’t it? So as you know, as, as a builder in tulsa when there are many of them, when you’re looking for custom homes, broken arrow show homes is the way to go. We are definitely the place that you would see yourself moving into because we do have so many options.

We have 62 floor plans, 500 home sites at least at any given time and 25 plus neighborhoods that we are consistently building him a, I would encourage you to stop by any of our, uh, 14 model homes with our sales managers, new home associates, a new home specialists in there that can, um, talk to you about doing our model home to or the model home tours. Our first step in the process And that model home tour will allow us to show you all of our products within about two hours. All of our model homes. Then about two hours and the variances and differences between all of those homes. For you. From that point we do what’s called Edmond New Homes, the price l and that will be where you select all of those options. So instead of buying a used home where you don’t get the features to choose what you want, you may have to knock out that kitchen and repaint those cabinets.

You might have to replace that ac in it. You have to move a wall because it’s not enough space and all of these things. Whereas when you go in are two, or you’ll know within two hours whether or not buildings correct for you. So being the fact that you’re probably looking for custom homes, broken arrow already, you might as well go ahead and give us a tour. And, uh, you know, we have those tours every single weekend that we do saturday, sunday and monday. Again, go to your respectful or respected, uh, uh, uh, sales associates at any of our model homes to find out the best time that suits you and your family to go check out all these beautiful homes. But when be looking for Edmond New Homes, you can find that. We definitely want you to understand that there is a big difference. Now, some other people maybe considered maybe renting right now and they’re considering buying a new home.

And uh, you know, they don’t necessarily know what’s better. is it better to rent or is it better to have a, is it better to buy a new home? And some people kind of weigh the pros and cons. Like when you have a home you have more to take care of, you have to take care of your yard and this and that. Apartments, you don’t have to worry about rental properties, you still have to worry about it. so that’s even worse deal. Um, becauSe you’re taking care of stuff. It’s not even yours, whereas an apartment, Edmond New Homes they take care of it for you, but it’s not yours at home, you own it, it’s yours. You’re paying yourself and you do take care of it. So there’s a lot more pride into home ownership is the first pro that I would go about saying, um, also when you’re looking for custom homes, broken arrow, a, some people are curious about what differences they would be in pricing.

So Typically most people think that when they’re renting an apartment, uh, and then they go to purchasing a home, they would feel that their rent is naturally going to rise into a mortgage. So going from let’s say a thousand dollars a month in rent to $1,500 a month in mortgage, well he has an extra $500, but you are truly forced savings. You are paying yourself an extra $500 a month to have your own home, take care of your own home. And here’s the kicker. Some people are concerned, again, when they’re considering used or new, when you go, when you go new, uh, you do have a 10 year structural warranty with us. You have a two year mechanical warranty. So Edmond New Homes all those appliances are taking care of plumbing and all that issues. And then a one year everything warranty for the hardware related issues or payment issues or anything like that.

That is a one year warranty. Of course it does not cover your grass and trump’s because you can kill them. But when you’re looking for custom homes, broken arrow, you have a lot of curiosity as to which direction you want to go. And I would, I would encourage you to take a tour and just learn about our industry, learned about new construction because what you could do with the same money that you would buy a used home or you could spend $12,000 a year in rent to an apartment complex and pay off the, uh, owner of the apartments mortgage. You could be investing that $12,000 into yourself that same year. So why would you not choose to invest it in yourself? There’s Edmond New Homes really nothing holding you back. And when it comes to custom homes, broken arrow, you’re looking to see. The biggest fear I think of new home buyers is that they don’t have the money upfront to purchase the home.

And although this is a viable concern, I would say that it’s not necessarily the realistic approach to it simply because with the homes that we offer in the program that we have in place, how we can, how we can build our homes for you, and the way that we could work our programs out with down payments and rns money. We can really help all of those situations and make sure that you are, I’m definitely taking care of and have that, uh, that out of your mind because it is, it is sometimes a worry that we don’t have exactly what you need to make it happen. But we definitely do have the options for you. So when you look looking for custom homes, broken arrow look no further than shaw homes, we wish you a great one. Come see us in the model homes and going home to her, uh, to find that perfect dream home of yours. And, uh, don’t worry about renting. Don’t worry about buying used. Edmond New Homes We have you taken care of and all avenues here in new construction. Shaw homes. Again, we looking for a custom homes, broken arrow. Look no further than shaw, who’s. We’ll see you there.

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