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Edmond New Homes | Asking All Of The Questions

Edmond New Homes | Bring On The Questions

Three, one, 2018, podcast number three, matthew. So a lot of customers will talk to me about, um, you know, after we’re through the process of looking at the model homes, looking at the floor plans they’ve chosen, I mean we’re, we’re looking for Edmond New Homes is what they’re telling me and uh, they want to know what trends are in what style of the home looks best and they have their own opinions. A lot of people, it’s kind of 50 slash 50 with the customers. Some of the customers know exactly what they want. Some of the customers don’t yet know what the current trends are because their current home is not as trendy as some of the, uh, current styles are. So Edmond New Homes then they asked me a lot of my personal opinions and I always go into detail for a lot of them. Um, but I always sort of preface it by saying, this is your home.

It’s ultimately where you’re gonna live. So you have to be happy with it. If you don’t like a current trend, then there’s no necessarily reason why you should put it in your home. However, if you do potentially winning this and you could live with any style you want, you just want it to be as trendy as possible. So if you did try to resell and three, four, five years and you won’t have an issue doing so. And there’s a lot of questions that go into it, but, Edmond New Homes, you know, we would say that when customers come in looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, that they can be very, very particular about what they want to put in their home. And um, when they asked me, it’s obviously because they’ve come to a point where they trust me enough to ask for my personal opinion, uh, what I think looks good or what I think sells properly.

And um, I’ll tell you this, that uh, when I do tell them it’s based on my knowledge of what customers love right now. And it’s also based on current trends that are designed. Teams have implemented in our homes. So our model homes do a fantastic job of this. Edmond New Homes sometimes customers come in and they asked me right away about what’s trending and what’s not. This is a good leeway right into our model home to her because our model homes are designed differently. They’re all different floor plans, they’re all different furnishes and they all have different styles and designs and decorum and um, the styles and paints and stains are all different in all different types of, um, granites and tiles and everything in there that would create a custom homes, broken Arrow home to be perfect and, uh, give them a great representation of what is trendy and what they love the most.

So I would say that if, uh, if customers do ask me that question when they’re looking for Edmond New Homes I definitely take the time to tell them that the model home to raise the best way to essentially get a vibe for what is currently trendy and what is currently happening in the market here in Tulsa, along with stylish from a stylish designs from all over the, um, uh, Tulsa area. So I would say that if you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, then you find yourself to be to be in the right place because we have more options than any builder in Tulsa and you know, they’ll ask me. So I’m, you know, I’m thinking about wood floors and what are the pros and cons and wood floors. So I tell them, listen, wood floors, they’re always going to be for sale. People always love wood floors.

They always love having the floors in those homes. And when the homes get older and older, it’s great because it adds character to the home and people have to go in knowing the wood floors will get scratched and they will get scuffed and they will get creaky and they’re a natural product. They’re living products, so it’ll expand and contract and there’ll be separations. And there’s a lot of things with natural wood product like that. So people have to understand going into it that if they choose that, that that’s what probably they’re going to receive in return is a character that you can’t receive any other type of flooring. Edmond New Homes it’s a style that is timeless and it will always be for sale. People want to buy 100 year old homes with a hundred year old wood floors and refinish them because they love him. So it’s a definitely a plus when you do that.

But you know, if you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, some of the big trends right now are going to be a tile floors, so would look tile floors and this tile that obviously is tighter laid and uh, looks like wood and there’s a lot of different features. And uh, there’s obviously some pros and cons. So cons, it’s not real wood pros. Um, it definitely has a much lower maintenance factor and it’s a definitely more reliable as far as construction and quality based on the fact of if you drop something on, it’s easier to place one tile, uh, if it breaks or easier to clean maintenances, lower on those products are more rigid and solid. Wood floors are great, but they can nick and more. Edmond New Homes if you drop a 10 pound dumbbell on one, then who knows, it might break. You never know. So same thing.

Could happen for tile, but what’s easier to replace? They’re both about the same. What costs more wood does we look tile, we’re tile in general is 50 to 75 percent of the cost of wood, so you can definitely save a lot of money by doing that route. Uh, but it depends on what you truly like and what your goals are with your flooring. And people asked me about trim colors and paint colors and um, you know, a lot of people here in the area of Tulsa, there, it’s a big beige towns, so everything in the homes and all of the, uh, inside paint schemes and whatnot, typically that topes and Beiges, um, and it’s, you know, the light hands and the different colorations of that. Edmond New Homes this is a big tulsa fat. It’s really what we have is kind of our main state will never really go away, I don’t think.

Um, but currently obviously trends in the national scheme and in the national industry is going to be grays and whites and um, it’s more fresh and a more modern and uh, you know, the tans and Beiges or more traditional. So again, I come back to the saying that it really depends on everything that you want as a personal opinion, what you guys desire as a choice for yourself in your home. Um, if your more traditional or more modern and more contemporary just war, industrial, you can have a blend, you can do different types and there’s no real right question. There’s no real right answer and it depends on the questions you ask and the answers that I received, but it really doesn’t have much bearing on what you do to your home. We have so many options that you can completely customize your home. Why not do it exactly as you like?

This is the key thing is that many people don’t know what they like. Edmond New Homes that is a big, it’s a big statement to why it occurs that way. But I would say that, um, when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you’ll find that there are many choices and many selections to choose from. So when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you’ll see that we could do many different types of schemes. And you know, before you’re in our design studio, this is where it really, it takes place in our design studio, is the largest of any of the builders and the Tulsa area. So this allows us to help you design our floor plans that we have here and fill them out with the right paint schemes and stain colors and all of that. Plus it’s a three to four week process and you’ll have a lot of choices when it comes to the homes.

Um, when you look at all the design of the coloration of the brick and the trim and the stage because you’ll get a lot of homework, a bunch of addresses to go see a bunch of model homes to go check out and you will have representations of what you’d like in your home and how you want it designed. And all of that will lend itself credence to a reasoning why we have so many great homes and so many options for you to choose from. With all of those different styles. And a collectic, a industrial, modern, contemporary, traditional, all these different styles that could go into it. And you can blend, you can do whatever you like a straight, traditional, straight contemporary, but it’s your selection in your choice. Edmond New Homes uh, we’re just here to help. So when people asked me what is best, there is no best answer.

It’s really what you want. And there are certain trends and certain aspects, certain things like rocks, for example, bricks for example, on the exterior, brick is timeless. You can never date a home based on the brick when you’re looking for Edmond New Homes you may want stone and if you want stone stone can be dated after a few decades. You can kind of figure out when that home was built based on how much stone, where the stone is placed, what style of it it was. Um, and all of these aspects, although it does have a nice luxurious aspect to stucco is another option to it. Higher maintenance but not really, you know, you can’t really age and home based on Stucco because it stucco. Uh, something that’s very popular that I personally love is painted brick. A painted brick I think is something that is just very, very beautiful.

And it definitely stands out and I love a home that does stand out, but it’s not a two stood out so it makes sure your retina right in the neighborhood to be in that. But with painted brick, I think it’s absolutely beautiful. I’m with the right contrast or trim and roofing. It’s just a gorgeous home. So I encourage you to consider all your options when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, consider different styles. Go pick up some magazines and check out different home decor and furnishings and go to mathis brothers. Go to different furniture outlets and see different stuff and go to different lighting stores and you know, maybe beforehand, Edmond New Homes but we do all of that for you. So we have all the options. I know it can sound overwhelming, but don’t let it because our process in place, starting with the home tour, ending with a closing in your home, we go step by step.

And it’s very simple to pick out everything that you want. And, uh, you know, with all of the different, Edmond New Homes, styles that are out there, you can definitely find one that suits you and your family the best and something that you’ve always dreamed of or a new style that come across that came across and it’s trendy and you want to try it out and he thinks that that might be the best choice for you. When you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, there is no wrong answers. So we encourage you to check it out. And again, uh, here at Shaw homes, we do build in 25 different neighborhoods. We do build offsite as well. So if you’re looking for some acreage out there that you happen to find, let us know and we can definitely help you finalize that and figure out what’s best for you. But, Edmond New Homes, if you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, make sure you check out, show homes first and we’d be happy to give you on a tour and go ahead and start the process with you to figure out which one you love the most and go from there and your styles and your trends. So you’ll have a blessed day.

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