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Edmond New Homes | Building Your Trust

Edmond New Homes | Trust Is Important To Us

So I want to talk now about a lot of realtors. They talked to me and, uh, I want to make this specifically about the realtors today in this segment. The realtors I love to speak with because they, they are our lifeblood. They are our lifeblood of business and they understand that when customers are looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, that they can help them and direct them to show homes and know and know that we’re a trusted company. Edmond New Homes That the realtor works with whomever, that realtor, that company may be a. we’ve worked with them before and they send customers to us and it allows us to have that rapport already built because the customer’s trust in their realtor. It’s a very important piece that goes into why we are who we are and why we’ve gained so much traction in the industry and in this town, in the city of Tulsa, simply because we do have so many realtors that trust our name because we do not do what a lot of realtors have experienced in this industry.

And that is the subversion of deceit, uh, the use of tactics upon the builder’s aspect where they have promised the moon and failed to deliver and you know, they, they do certain tactics by telling the customer that if they will remove the realtor out of the system and now the equation, that they will get a better deal on their home, they’ll get a reduction in price which a lot of customers are willing to do. But unfortunately, that’s a horrible way to run your business as far as a builder because your whole entire businesses determined 50 percent by realtors are realtors are the ones who bring the clients to you. Edmond New Homes Realtor typically the first point of contact for any customer who’s looking to build a home. So you would do yourself an injustice by doing that. Luckily here at show homes, we do not do that.

We fully support realtors and the commissions of realtors. We fully support, uh, with the use of a realtor protection forums and also just the, the knowledge that we’re a trustworthy company so it’s very beneficial. But when customers are realtors are looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, they will find that we do offer the best support system for all the realtors in the area so that realtors will come to us in the last K, I have a customer looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, and I want to see what you have. I want to see what’s available and we do have many homes available currently for moving. Ready. Typically there’s two different ways a realtor can propose this to the customer. One is what time frame are they looking to be in a home? Do they have time to wait? And if they do, if I could show you exactly what you’re looking for, Edmond New Homes exactly what you’re waiting for.

If I could give you what you want at price point for playing and location, would you be willing to wait five to six months for completion? And a lot of the customers say yes, but some of them don’t. They want to move immediately or they have circumstances that will provide them not the ability to move twice if need be or any of that. So this is where we have move ready homes come into play. So when people are looking for Edmond New Homes, they don’t necessarily think that moving readies are applicable and they absolutely are. So we have many homes that are brand new built by US closed in the last month or two of building. We’re 100 percent complete or we have some down the pipeline that are coming and this is always occurring, uh, that these homes are completely custom. They’re not necessarily accustomed the point of the customer’s aspect.

They didn’t choose the selections and whatnot, but they are brand new home with brand new warranties and they have all the custom selections that are unique and different from other homes that we built based on a design team. Now our design teams, award winning design team, and this is good for realtors to know because when their customers are looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, they will find that our design teams, even in the move and ready selection, have chosen these award winning designs for all of our move in ready homes just like they have for our award winning model homes all across the Tulsa area. So it’s good for realtors to know that. Edmond New Homes then also the big thing is when realtors, you know, they have customers or we have customers that come in that are looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, they find that they’ll come in and a lot of times they don’t have realtors.

And so I always work with realtors and conjunction with being able to help them list homes and then also then bringing customers to us, helping us sell homes and a, it’s a win win for us. So why would we ever degrade that relationship by cutting a realtor out? It’s absolutely asinine to think that, uh, that would be beneficial in any way for our business. So, uh, we definitely do not do that. And there’s a main reasons why otherwise, um, you know, we look at that to be a negative connotation upon the industry that we have to fight on a regular basis because realtors think that will cut them out. But luckily enough we do not. And that is a, that is a fortunate business decision that we have made to create it to where a realtors are always protected. It’s important important fact. I’m also, when customers are looking for Edmond New Homes, they find that their realtors will show us options and let us know about what they offer, but they’re not necessarily taken through the process that we would hear shaw home.

So I always encourage the relationship building of realtors here with our company. Edmond New Homes, I meet with realtors, realtors on a regular basis and discuss with them the priorities of how we use our processes in place. And realtors, main focus is to protect their customers. That typically is what the average realtor feels they need to protect their there. The mother hen and the buyers are the chicks and the mother hand is trying to protect them from any type of onslaught or assaultive towards their children. So the Motherhood Hen will, in this case, the realtor will protect, um, unknowingly, sometimes in a defeat of their own sale by trying to help their customers. So their customers are looking for custom homes, broken arrow. The realtor comes in with the customer and they kind of take charge and sometimes they don’t, but most of the times they do and they will tell the sales manager here at show homes what they’re looking for and all this.

And that’s fine. It works out a lot of the time. Um, but unfortunately what it does occur is when we have, when we have customers come in with realtors and the realtor performance this, it does kind of take away from the aspect of how we operate. So sometimes it can be a little contentious, but typically it’s not. It’s usually fairly easy going. The realtors understand that there to make things happen. But some realtors are very protective and we understand this. So we take a nice slow approach to how we introduce the realtor and the customer into our process and with our process in place, Edmond New Homes, a lot of the realtors, uh, I always meet with them on a regular basis and this is good because the realtors need to know how we operate. They need to go on tour with us because that is our first step is the model home tours.

So we need to have our realtors be active on the model home, her side. They need to understand what it’s like. You need to understand what we go through. We didn’t understand our process and I always recommend taking the time, uh, for realtors to come in. So I invite realtors to come in all the time. If you’re listening to this, if you see this, you see in your realtor, you need to consider the fact of sitting down with one of our sales managers and discussing the opportunities that could be had as another income stream and another production avenue for your customers. Because if you’re only looking at pre owned homes and you’re not given the opportunity or even questioning the possibility of a new construction build for, Edmond New Homes for a client, you might be shooting yourself in the foot because you’re taking away opportunity that the customer didn’t know they had.

So when they’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, make sure you offer them to come look at a custom built. Now you may already be with a partnership of another builder. You may always already be working with a certain build group out there that you think is good and that’s fine and dandy. But I would say give us a shot because no one has the process that we do here at shaw homes. No one has the mitigation of time wasted that we do here at shaw homes. No builder out there has the warranty that we do coupled with the experience and the design that we have. And uh, also just the, the initial experience all the way through to the final closing of their home. They were not gonna, they’re not gonna have that experience. Um, as we have it here with the processes in place that make it easy and simplistic for the customer to decide what they want, Edmond New Homes you’re not going to get those with other builders, so you really look good as a realtor towards your customer to provide them an experience such as this here at shot home.

So we do encourage you to come in and book one of those tours. And as a realtor, we encourage you to come in, sit down with our special new home specialist and had that conversation, discuss the process and how we work here at show homes. But when your, when your customers are looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, make sure you take them to us. Um, now obviously we’ll take them other places as well. Show them used homes, but generally speaking, when they come into our home and they speak to our sales managers, uh, they learn our process. It sounds like so much fun. It is so much fun. We’d go see a bunch of pretty homes and we enjoy the process, which is a big deal because this, sometimes it’s a headache. It’s sometimes gets frustrating looking for a new home. You see 30, 40, 50, 60 homes and it just doesn’t suit what you’re looking for, which is unfortunate. So Edmond New Homes why not build it? Why not build it from scratch and make it happen? Pick out the floor, plan you love, pick out the design you love and make it happen. So if you’re looking for Edmond New Homes a, make sure you stop and check us out. And if you’re a realtor, make sure you have a conversation with our sales managers to learn how we operate and how our process is better than the rest.

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