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Edmond New Homes | Can I Build a Swimming Pool

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My name is Chrissy Leiber, and I work for Shaw homes, Edmond new homes. We have home sites located in Edmond as well as deer Creek. We have some in Piedmont and also in Yukon. Our location in Yukon is called pinnacle. We have a beautiful model home here in pinnacle. We have two locations in Edmond. One is called Woodland park, and one is called bridge Creek. Both have beautiful model homes as well. Shaw homes, Edmond new homes. We build anywhere from 1,750 square feet up to 5,000 square feet. Uh, we have home sites as large as one and a half acres with wooded land. Um, most of our communities offer splash pads or neighborhood, um, parks, or also swimming pools or fitness centers that is Shaw homes, Edmond new homes. The price of our homes start anywhere from two 50 and go up into the seven hundreds for Shaw homes.

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Add the new homes. My name is Christie leaper again, and I’m a sales manager at our pinnacle location. It’s in Yukon off of 29th and Sarah road. This is in the Manchester premiere series. These homes range from 1,750 square feet to 2300 square feet. They include beautiful brick and siding as well as painted cabinetry or stain cabinetry. We have courts are granted as selections for your countertops. We have beautiful wood look, tile that you can use as well. Our finishes are satin nickel, polished Chrome and oil rubbed bronze. We are Shaw homes, Edmond, new homes. We have two or three car garages. We have, um, five bedrooms, four bedrooms, and three bedrooms. We have two bathrooms and three bathrooms to offer every inch of space that we use is going to have much closets and a lot of storage space for you. All of our plans are open floor plans.

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Some with vaulted ceilings, everyone loves our dining rooms because they’re set off of the kitchen. You can use them to be formal or for your everyday use. This is Shaw homes, Edmond new homes. We offer large islands in our bathrooms and our heritage series. We have a beautiful standalone tub. Um, we offer many Finn finishes in our heritage series. We do offer a luxury series that is located in Piedmont Shaw homes and the new homes. The luxury series is going to range, you know, somewhere from 3000 square feet and up, and we offer half an acre to one and a half acres. In that series. If you were looking for a new Shaw homes, Edmond new homes, please contact me. My name is Christie leaper, 4 0 5 5 9 6 6 0 4 7. I am

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A new homes, sales manager, and I would love to help you find your new dream home. We do have, um, a path that we take with you and so that you know everything that’s going to happen from the beginning until the end, we start with a model home tour where we take you to beautifully furnished model homes. This takes about 60 minutes and we’ll see anywhere from five to seven furnished and decorated homes. You’ll drive your own car. There’s no pricing, no pressure. Just information. We’re focused on function. Something for everyone, three or four bedroom, one or two story. We offer financing through our preferred lenders. They have close closing costs, matching conventional loans, FHA loans, VA loans, native American loans, monthly payment quotes, as well as preferred lenders have extra incentives. There’s a five minute application process. 24 hour approval process with interest rate matching.

Speaker 2: (04:00)
Um, our third step in building your new dream home is home reservation. There will be a $250 to a $500 deposit that will be refundable for seven days. No rush decisions. Switching home sites is allowed so you can take your time. You can get all your questions answered. We don’t cash. Your check for seven days, competing customers are blocked from your home site that you’ve selected and home sites are always one of a kind our fourth step in our path to your new Shaw home will be our price out. You will meet at your favorite model home. We’ll price it the way that you want it down to the dollar, total price printout on the spot. Tons of options to choose from knowledgeable staff. This will take about 45 minutes. We’ll have itemized pricing with no surprises and we’ll answer all of your questions. Um, the fifth step is going to be the purchase agreement.

Speaker 2: (04:55)
This is a one-hour meeting. We’ll do structural options, finalized Homesite selections, finalized colors. Our final finishes. Our final additional deposit is due at this time mortgage approval as to at this time, we’ll find out if you’re contingent or noncontingent, if you need to delay your build or not. And congratulations, because we’re moving on to number six, which is pre-construction. We’ll have ratification of agreement at the main office. Building permits, ordered construction loan application and closing for Shaw homes, construction manager, plan review, and scheduling trades from contract to breaking ground is about five weeks. Um, number seven would be building. So then we would break ground construction manager, initiates contact with you. Construction manager sends you weekly progress. Updates. Home is open for viewing. We’ll give you a written notice for closing issued 30 to 45 days prior to closing, we’ll have homeowner orientation seven days prior to closing, we’ll discuss homeowner

Speaker 3: (05:56)
Orientation. Number eight is the exciting time of closing. That will be the title transfer keys. Given time to move in, meet at the title company, downpayment fulfilled pay closing costs, mortgage signed for, and then we’re finished with our closing. Then we have a warranty. We have Oklahoma’s best warranty with tenure structural to your mechanical warranty on one-year craftsmanship warranty. We are Oklahoma’s best warranty. We have 24 hour emergency line full-time warranty coordinator on staff and excellent service. Do you like stainless appliances? We definitely have stainless appliances in our homes. Do you like a large island? We offer a large Highland in all of our floor plans. Do you like wood? Look tile? We have wood look, tile selections. That will really wow. You do you like a large pantry? We definitely offer large pantries even in our 1,750 square feet up to our largest home.

Speaker 3: (06:54)
We’ll have large pantries. Um, we will have beautifully decorated model homes for you to look at. You’ll get to select your lighting. Um, you’ll also get to select your pink colors as well as beautiful. Backsplashes. Do you like a large master bedroom? We definitely can give that to you. Do you like a dining room that works as formal or as every day? We can give that to you in your new home Edmond new homes Shaw homes. Do you like to sit on your patio in the evening? We definitely have patio for you. Do you like a community that is family friendly? We have very family, family friendly communities for you to visit and to build your new home in. Do you like an open floor plan? We have open floor plans for you to choose from. Do you like a single story or a two story?

Speaker 3: (07:44)
We have both of those to offer you. Do you need a two car garage or a three car garage? We can give that to you either one that you need. We even have a three-car tandem garage that you could fit four cars in. Um, do you like a larger master bedroom? We have many to choose from. Do you like a large master bath, maybe with a freestanding tub, we can offer you that in our heritage series also in our premiere series, um, we also have beautiful fireplaces. You’ll have selections in your, uh, in your main trusts are premiere all the way up to your luxury series. Uh, we have vaulted ceilings that make your space feel much larger than it actually is. We definitely make use of every inch of space and all of our homes. If you find a spot where we can put a closet, we will put something there for you.

Speaker 3: (08:35)
So there’s storage for all of your needs. We are located. Um, currently my name is Christie leaper and I am in pinnacle, which is in Yukon off, off of Southwest 29th and Sarah road. This is a beautiful community with a splash pad and a park for your family to enjoy. There is also pond as well as walking trails. These are, this would be a great place for your family to live and for you to make friends for a lifetime, we have beautiful cabinetry that we can do in 40 inch cabinetry. In some of our plans, your cabinets will go all the way to the ceiling. Um, we also have under Mount sinks, which is great for cleaning. We can do this, um, in a white sink, or if you like stainless, we definitely have that. We could do it in a single tub or a double tub, um, split where you could put things on either side, um, as well as different, um, options for flooring. We have different options for your front door. Uh, we have beautiful paint colors to work with and we have, um, award-winning designers. I look forward to working with you for Shaw homes in the pinnacle location. I would love to take you on a model home tour. My phone number is (405) 596-6047. Call me anytime. And we can look at Edmond new homes that are beautifully furnished, and we could find the home that’s right for you.

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