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Edmond New Homes | Choose Exactly What You Want

Edmond New Homes | Choose Exactly What You Want

March one, 2018 show homes. So a lot of people talk to me and they come into our model homes and our customers and you know, they, they tell us that they’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, and they find that we, uh, definitely have a lot of options they’re wanting and I always go in to tell them how we do have the most options when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you’ll find that we have 62 floor plans pushing north, going towards like 80. Edmond New Homes, but we have a 25 neighborhoods and 400,000 options, 500 home sites. We have more options in any builder in Tulsa. And this allows you the opportunity to really pick and choose exactly what you want. And although this could seem like an overwhelming process when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, understand that we have a process in place that mitigates any of the worry, confusion and doubt.

And the headache that comes along with some builders is you have to go to many different locations. Many different home stores in many different lighting stores and all that. Trying to pick out everything in July, whereas we have such a process in place that allows you to sit in our main office and make all your decisions. Edmond New Homes, along with that we have award winning design teams that helped that. So people always ask me though about where they can build, how do they build a, you know, what are the processes and really a lot of people just come in and with the intention of just looking but reality, you’re not going to spend your time looking at model homes were going into new construction homes without some indication in your mind that you want to purchase a new home. So where is it my job to find out those things in which are needing and trying to help you and fulfill those, Edmond New Homes, answers is my obligation to you.

So I would do you an injustice just to let you look around rather than actually helping you in this process because you could be wanting something more and you just don’t necessarily know it yet. Or you’re not certain that we’re the right company for you or whatnot. But we have processes in place to help you with that. So when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, rest assured that you’re with the right place when you’re Ms. Shaw. Edmond New Homes, we have so many homes to choose from, so many different locations that it all starts with our model home tour. And this model home tour allows us to look at all the floor plans and basically, you know, I’m of the mindset that if we don’t have any homes that you like, and why would we look at land and why would we look at neighborhoods? Why would we look at options in the home?

Because if you think about it, what’s your main goal to have a home? So if the home doesn’t fit your style, what’s the point of looking further right now? Some people love the particular land that we have and that’s a very broad statement. But, um, you know, if someone likes an individual piece of land, a piece of property, then what we would do is obviously do a home original reservation on that. If that was their main intent and finding a floorplan afterwards would be a possibility. If they’re already familiar with shaw homes or whatnot, this is probably an avenue we can take. However it all starts with the model home tour where we look at the function, the home, and to see if we really have something for you after that’s done. Um, you know, people tell me that when they’re looking for Edmond New Homes they’re going to look for many of the options that could be around in many of the options to see.

And although you can spend time doing that, you’ll essentially waste a lot of time doing it. There could be weeks and weeks where you’d be looking around every weekend going to spend your time, your valuable time looking at homes. And although it’s fun, if you’re there for a purpose, you’re really going to be doing yourself an injustice because you’re looking at 50 different builders and 100 different homes. And uh, you know, not everything is the way you want it to be. And there’s a particular particular style you’re looking for. And there are only really a few good builders and Tulsa. Everyone else was kind of one, two, three, four, five homes a year. Uh, you have to look the larger builders to have more options and more variables because the larger builders have the possibility to do that, perform that for you. So when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, make sure that you check out the larger builders first and if it ends up being to where they don’t have something that you want, Edmond New Homes then head on over to some of the other builders and smaller builders and you’ll find yourself something eventually.

But we do encourage you to go on our tour because you’ll be seeing all of our products that pertain to your selection of home, uh, within about two, two and a half hours. And you will see everything that is offered to you from us. And this way you can make the distinction of if we’re the company for you, not because we, we’ll say all the floor plans and you’ll probably end up loving one or two of them. So from that point, we go into the price out and the price. That is the place where we go into all the different selections of the home as far as the floor plan, what options we put in that floor plan. And we have many, many, many options for you to choose from. Edmond New Homes It’s just a matter of you selecting those out. So we pick out all the main selections and then from that point we go into, we go into, go into, um, the home set reservation.

This is where we’ll pick up the land, 25 neighborhoods and we’re always opening more. But at the current moment, 25 neighborhoods is quite a lot. Um, it really depends on a which school system, if that’s important to be would be which area of town, anything particularly you have to be close to highway access, et, and then will dwindle it down from there. But when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow a, you’ll find that you might have very particular tastes on where you want to be. Edmond New Homes, that’s why we offer so many options for you is because without those options, you’d be limited and you’d have to look elsewhere. So we try to really supply you with everything that we could possibly do and give you all the resources and tools as far as locations and floor plans and realtors and lenders and everything that is involved in the home buying process.

We have all of that here for you. So we look to really supply everything that you could require. Um, so you’re not left with any questions or doubts and really we can answer everything for you and push you into a, Edmond New Homes, put you into your new model, home of your dream, your dream home and build that for you and a lot that you want the home site that you want, the floor plan that you want with the options that you want for the price you want located where you want, which is a very important piece because, you know, everybody wants everything they can get. And uh, for us it’s about trying to fulfill that. So there are some times there’s one offs where they have very particular circumstances and we’re unable to meet those circumstances. But, um, it’s, it’s very far and few in between.

We have so many happy customers. Then when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you really can look many places and we understand that, but we thank you for giving us the chance to come in on our model two or so. Anytime that you’re close into the model homes, please venture in one of the model homes. We have fully staffed hours and those, um, new home specialist inside of those homes will actually, Edmond New Homes, it will actually, uh, invite you on a tour they take every single weekend. And, uh, you joined in that tour. Several families go at the same time and, uh, you go around, look at all the model homes that are pertaining to your criteria. And, uh, you know, with all that done, you are really, you’re on tour. So we invite you to come onto her and check that out for us, for yourselves really and see all the pretty homes that we have to offer for you.

But when you’re looking for custom homes, broken area, you’ll find that because of all of our options and because of all their happy customers that you really feel at home when you’re working with us, and our floor plans really make you feel that way too. So when we’re, when we’re definitely doing that, we’re hoping that you, a, you enjoy your time with us and you enjoy the sights to see you enjoy all the homes that we see, all the pretty designs and everything of that nature. You have fun and make this an enjoyable experience is what our main goal is, to represent God the way we should represent God, to treat the customer like Golden, Edmond New Homes to give you an experience as far above and beyond, uh, what any other builder would provide for you. A lot of builders just want to build a house and make a quick buck.

We’ve been doing this for 33 years. So it’s our intention to make sure that you’re happy and have a repeat customer and you and I have referrals in you and keep developing our business with your thoughts in mind and your actions. Of what you’ve been through with the experiences you’ve had with Shaw, we’re always trying to increase our business and increase our exposure to the market and also our namesake just, um, have the, have the, a referral basis and the understanding that we’re a great company and uh, we’re always trying to get ourselves better and make ourselves titer of an organization and have better experiences and more fun and more enjoyment. So, Edmond New Homes, when it comes to look into where you want to build a, we have all that covered. It just all starts with the model home tour because without that, what’s the point?

Without finding a floor plan that suits you. And if we don’t build a house you like, why would we showed you land? Or why would we show you options? Because if we don’t have the home you like, there’s no point in building with this, right? So I’m certain you’ll love, um, many of the floor plans that we offer and I know you’ll find that one that you absolutely adore. So come on into our, any of our model homes, scheduled model, home tour. When you’re looking for a, when you’re looking for Edmond New Homes systems and you looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, make sure you stop by any of the show homes and we’d be happy to introduce you to all of our product. But I hope you have a blessed day. Hope you’ve enjoyed this time together. And I hope we get to explain more to you in person, face to face. And then she will, uh, come onto her and, and have a lot of fun.

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