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Edmond New Homes | Deal of a Lifetime

Speaker 1: (00:01)
Welcome to the show homes. Your favorite home builder for Edmond new homes, west Edmond, Northeast Edmond, central admin. We build the best new homes. Come talk to us today. We’ll get you. The deal of a lifetime homes are selling fast. Land is hard to come by. So come get what we’ve got while we still got it. We want to get you guys into your Edmond new home today. So this is one of our heritage series neighborhoods, where we build Edmond new homes and we’ve got about 36 heritage floor plans you can choose from. So there’s a lot, um, a model home tour is going to be great because it will give you guys a chance to see what we have to offer and what we can build and your Edmond new home.

Speaker 1: (01:06)
It’s definitely a great investment of your time as well as mine, because this will give me a better idea of what you’re looking for and I can help narrow things down for ya and point you in the right direction, as far as for plans that we have, uh, that give you what you’re looking for in your new homes. Okay. There are a number of different layouts for the upstairs. So just kind of depends on what you guys want and your  new homes. You can have a game room, uh, we’ve even got a couple that have a game room and a bonus up there. Uh, game room, bedroom bathroom is probably the most common two bedrooms upstairs. Um, what, uh, square footage of you guys looking for in your Edmond new homes? Okay. 3000. There’s plenty of options. Um, if you’re wanting to keep things at one story, we just released two new floor plans in the spring, and I think, uh, one of those would be a great fit for what you guys are looking for. We don’t have a model we can take you through, but I can show you the four plan online. We’ve been through a number of different homes today, and I think you guys have been able to get a really good idea of the quality of home we built.

Speaker 1: (02:30)
Yeah. So everybody wants an Edmond new homes and we want to build it for you. So please keep us in mind when the time comes. Uh, don’t forget about our $15,000 incentive this month, that is towards the cost of the home and or closing costs. Um, that will expire on October 31st. If you want to take advantage of that, we definitely want to move forward in the next couple of weeks. I would be happy to take guys over to a Fox layer to find the home site for your Edmond new home. Um, whatever works for you or work for me, hit me with it. Let’s do it October 17th, 11:00 AM. I’ve got it marked down. I will send you a Google calendar invite. Um, and then if something changes, just let me know. I’ll follow up with you ahead of time to confirm, but other than that, I’m looking forward to it. Okay.

Speaker 1: (03:34)
So we have the Manchester premiere series. Uh, it is available for an new home in twin silos. Um, twin side of those is near a hundred 50th and council and with central Edmond, um, technically I think it’s an Oklahoma city address. Anyhow, uh, Manchester premiere is going to be in there, but see floor plans that we’ve got the Magnolia, you Peyton, you Hawthorne, Kincade, Jasmine. And I know there’s a couple more. Give me a second here. So as far as size, your Magnolia is going to be your biggest. It’s going to be a little over 2300 square feet. It’s a two story, five bedroom, three bath, um, great space. It’s the biggest that we offer in that line. If you want something bigger than that, um, you will need to get into a heritage neighborhood for your Edmond new homes. Yep. Um, let’s see.

Speaker 1: (04:58)
So I was looking at the cheat sheet earlier today and if I’m trying to get a good idea of what we offer, what the letters mean rather. So a is game room only E is game room one bed, one bath upstairs. This is all all. Has the letters correspond with what is upstairs in the home? Um, R is game room, bonus room, bedroom, bathroom upstairs. We only have, we only have one option for that. That’s gonna be the Cyprus. And in fact, that’s our model and Fox layer. So we can look forward to going and seeing that later. Um, let’s think. Okay. A E H H his game room two bed, one bath upstairs. Yes. J a fee is going to be three bed, one bath game room upstairs. That’s offered at the, uh, Ventana and Stonebrook. Yes.

Speaker 2: (06:23)

Speaker 1: (06:29)
Let’s see. Um,

Speaker 2: (06:33)

Speaker 1: (06:38)
Okay. K is going to be game room and bonus room two, bed, two bathrooms. That’s found that our luxury series with the Chelsea it’s a much bigger floor plan. You’re talking 4500 4600 square feet. Um, let’s see, what else? Oh, the P what is the P This is a doozy. I know you want the P plan upstairs for your new homes. Just give me a minute here. Um, So there’s a Cypress P I believe it is game room Bonus room upstairs only. Surely not. There’s gotta be a restaurant there. Maybe it’s game room, bonus room bathroom. I’ll have to check on that one. Let’s see. I did a E H

Speaker 2: (07:43)

Speaker 1: (07:50)
J. Okay. What is the GA The, so like we’ve got the Redford money Redford one, a Redford, one H Redford three E Redford three

Speaker 2: (08:10)

Speaker 1: (08:15)
I’m missing something. I can’t remember what J is.

Speaker 1: (08:22)
Um, all that to say folks, we’ve got all kinds of options for your Edmond new homes. We can think about the upstairs. I’ll continue to think about the upstairs. They’ve got a lot to learn, so, uh, let’s just leave it at that for now coming out of the model home tour, hopefully you guys have a really good idea of what we’ve got to offer and what you would like your floor plan to be after, uh, the model home tour. I will send you guys a link with our price out survey, so you guys can get moving forward on that. So if you like two different plans, you can price them both out and, uh, you can price them both out. And once you’ve done that, once you filled out that survey, I will go into our system and fill all that information in that you’ve put on the survey and then send you a PDF of the line item to price out so that you guys can then look between the two and decide what you want, your Edmond new home to be timing wise. It really just kind of depends on what you guys want. Um, we were out at Fox layer today, so, um, I would strongly encourage you to reserve your home site. I’ll need a thousand dollars deposit in order to do that. Um, I would consider, you know, your top two or three that you really liked and let me know what those are.

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