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Edmond New Homes | Designing and Adding Features

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Hi, my name is Kristi leaper and I worked for Shaw homes, Edmond new homes. Today. We’re going to talk about the 50 common buyer questions. And I just want to start with number one. So if you feel like you’re just looking, sometimes we’re just going to ask what you’re looking for and we love to point you in the right direction. Um, sometimes we want to ask, you know, and find out if you’re going to put your house on the market or for sale, we always feel like the best way to make a good decision is to have all the information. When did you agree? I would like to suggest, suggest you join one of our three weekly model home tours. Our model home tours are holy cow are, let me take a minute and just give you a quick overview of our process here at Shaw homes.

Speaker 1: (00:49)
Since we have the largest collection of fully furnished and decorated model homes in the area, we take our customers on model home tours, who doesn’t love to go around looking at beautifully decorated model homes. Our customers have told us that even if they end up buying a used home or building with someone else, they found our model home tour to be the single most helpful thing they did during their home shopping experience. That’s because on our tour, we really focus in on the function behind the design of the homes floor plan. When we design a plan, there’s a great deal of thought put into why we laid out the rooms. The way that we did these plans are designed from 30 years of architectural experience and thousands of comments from customers walking through our homes over the past couple of years. In many instances, you are looking at version 2.0 or 3.0 of a plan because we have redesigned and rebuilt a model based on popular trends.

Speaker 1: (01:48)
So the way the tour works is that we take several families at the same time and you will just follow the community manager in your own vehicle. That way, if any kind of emergency comes up, you are free to go at any time we take these terms every week at the same time, Saturday at 9:00 AM, Sunday at 5:00 PM and Monday at 6:00 PM, they can only take a limited number of people at the same time. So I will need to go ahead and hold your space. If you would like to join the tour, let me know which time is the best for you. We’re flexible that we can help you during the week or on the weekend. Sometimes you may not have your schedule with you, um, and know a certain time. And maybe we would go ahead and put it on the calendar just to save that space for you. And then you could change it if there was a conflict. Um, so we also want you to be able to, um, make sure that you’re able to schedule when your significant other is going to go with you. Some people will say that they’ve been are on our website and they know they would only consider two plans. In this case, we tell them

Speaker 2: (02:59)
We’ve been doing these tours for a couple years now. And the one thing that we’ve learned more than anything else is that people always think they know what they want until they see something they didn’t expect to love. I could tell you a hundred stories of this happening. I found that a two D on a piece of paper is nothing like walking through 3d with furniture in the home. Plus you get to see a ton of decorating ideas like styles of fireplace, kitchen, countertops, cabinet colors, and so much more. I promise you the teacher is worth the time or we wouldn’t offer this service to our customers. One other thing to mention is that we have a professional design team. Our design team has won many awards this year at the 2020 parade of homes in Oklahoma city. We won best decorated. Um, another thing that we’re going to want to talk to you about is, you know, did you just start looking or are you sure, you know, do you know what you want yet?

Speaker 2: (04:01)
And so that’s another reason that it’s good to go on the model home tour as well from the things that I just mentioned. Um, we’ll want to talk to you about if you need to sell your current home. Um, you may ask, do I have to sell my current home before I can buy a new one? That’s a great question. The short answer is no. The long answer is that here at Shaw homes, we have a really great program for customers that have a home to sell. We will let you lock in our pricing, our promotions and your home site for up to 120 days on a contingency agreement. This means you have 120 days to where your entire deposit with us is a hundred percent refundable. If for some reason your home doesn’t sell. That means if we have a price increase or our Synod ends, you’re still holding that lower price.

Speaker 2: (04:52)
And the great incentive, while you take up to 120 days to sell your home, all the benefit is in your favor and at no risk. So you might say is your home listed right now? So if you say no, then have you had an agent look at your home yet and give you a free comparative market analysis? If your answer’s no. Then here’s my opinion of the resell realtor community for what it’s worth. We have literally seen thousands and thousands of people list and sell their homes. So this is a fairly well-informed opinion. The price of admission to get a real estate license is about $400. There are about 3,800 people with a realtor license. And so let me ask you, here’s how realtors work. They all charge the same price, but some are just better than others. If you’re open to it, I can point you in the direction of some of the best producing realtors in Oklahoma city.

Speaker 2: (05:50)
So next you might ask, I’m closing on my home. Now, once I signed my contract, when do you bent begin building my new home? That’s a great question. Let me tell you about the path to your new Shaw home. The short answer is, as soon as you have your plan review, you might also ask if I own land, will you build on it? We will build on what we call an offsite location outside of a community. We own land in as long as it is within 15 miles of a community where we are currently building in, we are talking about Shaw homes, Edmond new homes. And as long as it is at least 2100 square feet, what we’re going to ask you, what size of home you’re looking to build and where the land is. This is for Shaw homes, Edmond new homes. You know, we’re going to ask just out of curiosity, what makes you want to build in an off-site location?

Speaker 2: (06:42)
Sometimes you might say that you want a lot of land. Well, in that case, we do have home sites that are anywhere from half acre to one and a half acres. And we can definitely look and try to find the perfect home site for you in 28 different communities, we will do the construction loan for you in those communities. And it only requires a small deposit from you for Shaw homes, Edmond new homes. But if you are building offsite in a location where we are not doing any marketing of homes, then we require you to get the construction loan, which in most cases requires 20% down upfront on a rare occasion. You can do 10% down with really great credit. Would that 10% or 20% down be an issue for you? So people often ask, do you build custom homes? A lot of people don’t realize that a true one-off custom is going to cost 10 to 15% more to build because there are no economies of scale and there are nothing the unknowns for the builder.

Speaker 2: (07:42)
So he is going to put a lot of fluff in his price to protect himself. For most clients. They’re simply looking for a plan that meets the unique needs of their family. For Shaw homes, Edmond new homes. I always tell people, you might want to start by looking at what we already have. We have over 80 predesigned floor plans. When we design a plan, there’s a great deal of thought put into why we laid out the rooms. The way that we did these plans are designed from 30 years of architectural experience and thousands of comments from customers walking through our homes over the past couple of years, in many instances, you’re looking at the version 2.0 or 3.0 of a plan because we ever designed and rebuilt a model based on popular trends. This is Shaw homes, Edmond, new homes. We also offer over 400,000 individual options.

Speaker 2: (08:31)
You can put these into those 80 plans before you decide none of our ADP fuller plans will work for you. Would you be willing to take one of our weekly model home tours? So maybe you might say, I found a plan online. Will you build it for me? Shaw homes, Edmond new homes. A lot of people don’t realize that a true one-off custom is when you cost 10 to 15% more to build. So you may ask, where will you build in any of our 28 communities or what we call offsite on a piece of land you own within 15 minutes of one of our communities you might ask, what kind of down payments do I need to buy a new construction home? There are several different types of mortgages out there. They start from zero down. If you’re a veteran native American loan, which would be 2.2, 5% FHA loans require 3.5%.

Speaker 2: (09:24)
Um, so you might say, I don’t have enough down payment. We don’t require the entire amount at purchase agreement. This is for Shaw homes, Edmond new homes, and we are glad to work with you if we can, as well. Since it takes six to seven months to build a home. If we were willing to do the monthly payments for you while we were building the home, what would be the most you could do each month during the build? This is for Shaw homes, Edmond new homes. So those amounts are, um, well, I’m just gonna say thank you for listening to my podcast today.

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