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Edmond New Homes | Doing Something That Works

Edmond New Homes | A Crazy world

March eighth, 2018 show homes. Podcast three, matthew who have come to shaw homes here. We’re going to go ahead and discuss some things today. When you’re looking for a custom homes Edmond New Homes you can rest assured that you have found the right place. Shaw homes is the correct company to be building your proper home. Whether you want a home that is completely built from the ground up, whether you want it in broken Arrow, you want it in Tulsa, you want it mixed Glenpool, Wasa, wherever we have potential properties as well as offsite built. So when you were within 15 minutes of video for model homes, guess well, when you’re looking for customers broken arrow, you found the right place. Now we did have 62 floor plans, 500 home sites ongoing, always rotating, but always increasing in updating our plans and making sure they’re most relevant to the trends today and as well.

Uh, we do build in 25 communities including offsites on top of that. So Edmond New Homes really anywhere that you want to build, we build for you. And I will say that today, what I’m going to focus on is what we’re doing this weekend was the home and garden show. So the home and garden show is a great place when people are looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, a lot of them visit the home and garden show for very particular reasons. Usually they’re looking for an offsite build location and they want to see what’s possible to build on their property when they do purchase it. And then we’ll look at gardening and, and, and Gazebos and patio furniture and all different types of things based on the fact that they’re going to be building a new home or maybe the district modeling and they’re getting ideas or whatnot. But still the thought is, you know, building a new home is possibly out there.

But we’re doing this weekend, today’s Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Edmond New Homes we will be doing this model representation of all of our plans and have a new home specialist out there at the, uh, uh, at the home and garden show here in Tulsa. So when you’re looking for custom homes, Edmond New Homes a lot of people will find themselves venturing down the path of going to the home and garden show and we actually have a booth there. We always do, and something that we do is when we are discussing information were there to answer your questions for you and whatnot. And a lot of people when they’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, uh, do have a lot of questions where if you know where the locations are that they can build and what possible opportunities are there, which floor plans a lot of people have their own floor plans in mind.

A lot of people have different choices of what they want, um, have a lot of different options on what they’re looking for. And we fulfill all those needs however we do them in our process that we offer, which is the show homes model to where it’s what we start off with. And that’s our main intent when we’re at the model home. Excuse me, the home and garden show is that we’re trying to invite people in the model home tour, which is a really just two hours of your time to find out all the plans that we offer and everything that we can possibly do for you when it comes to these plans of where we build. So a lot of people have curiosities about where those places are and we build everywhere from jinx to Edmond New Homes 25 neighborhoods. The majority of them are going to be in broken arrow.

However, we have a great selection in bixby and jinx as well. Edmond New Homes, Tulsa is pretty much filled up, so anywhere in the outskirts of that is where you’ll find new builds a occurring. Of course, if you have any needs for a home, uh, within any relative, a location of Tulsa, uh, you have an offsite selection you need and we can go ahead and get that done for you as well as long as it’s within 15 minutes of our model home. So a lot of people find that when they’re at the home and garden show and they’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, they’ll run across a few builders. Not Too many builders are there representing their companies simply because they don’t have the overhead of the manpower or the time to do it because they’re smaller companies. They built one, two, three, four or five homes a year and it’s just, they have been one of the person or it’s just them, just one person who runs the company and builds the homes and contracts everything out.

And it was a lot of different aspects to it. But we luckily have a very strong sales force and our new home specialists are going to be at the booth, uh, either two to three people every single day, all day at that new home and garden show. So we encourage you to come by our booth. Again, this is Edmond New Homes, you’ll see are a bright orange back lay and a friendly faces at the table. Willing to just discuss and talk to you about what your questions may be and how we could possibly answer those for you. So, um, I would say that if you’re looking for a custom homes broken Arrow, a sweetened by the show homes booth, and we’ll be glad to answer your questions for you. So a lot of people’s curiosities when they come by, the booth is, you know, where do you guys build or you we build off or what floor plans do you have or can you build a floor plan that I offer him?

Really, a lot of those questions can be answered in great detail, but it comes down to really saying, you know, are you open to other options and other floor plans? And if the customer says yes, then fantastic. I go ahead and uh, offered them the opportunity to join in on my weekly model tours and those were Saturday morning, Sunday evening and Monday evenings. Um, and it just really depends on the person and what they’re really wanting. Um, but if they’re open to it and the Journal on tour, this is where they go and starting our process and this is where they’ll see what possibilities we have for them, what home floor plans we have for them, what locations we built in a lot of great things. It really offered opportunity for the customer to realize if they’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, that they will find a that we do build a what they’re looking for and you know, Edmond New Homes there’s always compromise to be had when it comes to building a new home.

So it’s important to understand that that compromise could be in for plans, could be in the location, could be, you know, how much they can afford in their budget. A lot of different variables that go into it. And a lot of people, mostly the people who were at the model, uh, excuse me, the, Edmond New Homes, a home and garden show most I’d say 75 percent of them come through with the idea of they have land that they’re been granted for their family or a they have, I’m about to purchase land or they have just recently purchased land and they want to build a home on it. And uh, that’s our job to make sure that we do that. So, um, one thing that we make sure to to happen is to ask the questions appropriately for the customer on if they’re open to other floor plans, if they’re open to other communities.

And this is where they start the process. So when they go on a home tour, this is where we’ll go through and we’ll go from big speeded of Jinxing, all of the available model homes that I have that are fully furnished and fully decorated. And I know that the customer is looking for custom homes, broken arrow. However, we’ll go into jinx, will go into bixby, will go into Glenpool. We’ll go into these different areas where we had these model homes, however, the models are the representations of the floor plans which can be built anywhere as long as it’s within 15 minutes of one of our model homes locations, just simply for the process and making sure that we’re efficient with our timing and our construction days and all that. So, uh, we have a certain timing that we have to maintain. So when people are looking for Edmond New Homes, we know that they’re looking for a quality home, they want what they want and we’re here to make sure that that’s occurring.

Um, the biggest thing that I could say, what’s one of the biggest differences is people don’t realize that unless you have an unlimited budget, you are limited to two out of the three following selections. That would be floorplan locations and amenities in the home. So I would encourage you to say that, you know, pick your, pick your top two. If you have a budget of any of any sorts, if you have to stay under 200, if you have to stand it to $300, here’s a standard 400, you’re not going to get everything you want so there will be compromise. Out of those three selections. What are the two most important to you? Edmond New Homes These are very key questions that you have to know before you ever really start the process because without knowing those, you’re really just going to be kind of blowing in the wind with your selections blowing in the wind with your options below in the wind with your floor plans and not really knowing what you possibly could afford, what she wants, exactly what you need.

So you have to kind of mitigate and get down to the nuts and bolts of things which is a, do you like location, floorplan and amenities. And most people are a studious and wise enough to understand that mindy’s can be added later. The Bells and whistles can be added later. So floor plan and location are typically the top two that gets chosen and gets selected. Uh, and this makes it easier for us because it allows, okay, so they have to be flexible in the amenities will. Good thing is our incentive is $15,000 that we’re giving you to do upgrades for you anyway. So if you do want those bells and whistles that kind of important to you, but you want location in floor plan first, then guess what? Then we have the ability to build out home with 15,000 of options for you complimentary to you.

So we encourage you to check that out. And if you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you know that our model home tour, if you haven’t been on it yet, please go by one of our model homes and talked to one of our new home specialist and get involved and join one of those tours that they have coming on every single week or see to the home and garden show here in Tulsa. Uh, it would be the eighth, the ninth, the 10th and the 11th of March, 2018. So we’ll look forward to seeing you guys again if you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, really look no further than [inaudible] homes. There are many other builders out there, but none compared to our warranty, our selection and the options and the service and experience that she’ll receive. When you’re with Shaw homes, you have a blessed day Edmond New Homes.

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