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Edmond New Homes | Doing The Upgrades You Love

Edmond New Homes | A Finite Selection

Oh, so we’re going to go ahead and talk about custom homes, Edmond New Homes and what that means for here at Shaw homes with our customers. I’ll tell you this, that a lot of people are curious about what options go in the home and I can tell you everything about them, but really I’ll go into our process because that’s the most important part when we’re going through our process first is our model home tour and that’s where you pick your floor plan. But what’s concerning about this particular, uh, s a podcast that we’re doing here in this step that we want to choose to talk about, it’s going to be the price out now. The price is going to be um, what we do in the portion where we select all the options for the home. So a lot of people will choose, you know, wood floors or tile or granite tour, um, you know, Trim, crown moldings, upgrades, things like that.

What we focus on is all the main additions or main options inside the home. And that would be pretty simple. It’s going to be a, what we do for the um, uh, let’s say cabinets for example. So what comes included as a 36 inch cabinet, you want to go to a 42 inch, we’ll go to a 42 inch cabinet. When you’re looking at options as far as the folders go and you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you’re going to find the show homes has the most options and the most possibilities. Edmond New Homes, you know, we have millions and millions and millions of options in this industry that we could honestly, we could sit and we can discuss about how many options there are, but if you’ve ever watched GTV, if you’ve ever watched any home renovation, commercial or anything or any show such as that, what’s really gonna happen is you’re going to have millions and millions and millions of options.

Well, we’re a business and we have to have a finite selection. So we juice all of those options down to about a $400,000, 400,000 option collections that we have in our software that many options possible. Now I will say that when you’re looking at all the possibilities, when it comes to the options, when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, I’m sure you want to know which options are possible, which are not, so we have a live active software that we can actually go into and we can edit and change anything and everything all the way up until the point where you finalize the design studios. So I would encourage you to come check out our model home tour and get to understand our process a little bit here at Shaw homes. Because when you’re looking for custom homes, Edmond New Homes, you can find that we do offer a more than anybody else and we have a process in place that helps mitigate and take away that paradox of choice or paralysis by analysis is what we like to call it.

But when you do have all of these options, that could be somewhat deteriorating to fund a figure out which options student you best. And that’s where we have our award winning design teams. But let’s say we go over our included features and you have that sheet. You’ve looked over it before. We’ve discussed these options, what’s included and are included. Features list is more extensive than any builder in Tulsa. It’s a fantastic list and if you build more quality homes than anybody else like we do a, you know a lot of builders would understand why that is so when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you’re looking for exactly what you want. When you’re building a home that you’re never going to exactly what you want. When you have an unlimited budget and you can spend as much as you like, Edmond New Homes then you can get exactly what you want.

When you do have a budget, you have to stick to. Unfortunately, there are always going to be compromises when it comes to either floorplan location or the bells and whistles in the home it. Since today we’re talking about the bells and whistles. We’re talking about what goes in that. When you’re looking at the included features sheet, you can see anything that’s optional. Now in our price out, what’s great about our price out guys is that it allows us as new home specialist to speak with you, figure out what you like and walked through the home, go through our price, out a portion, and we’ll actually pick out all the options and all of the additional features that will make you happy in your home. Edmond New Homes they are the options that you choose to have. And when you have those selected, we have the clarity of mind.

And in our addendum we can see exactly what the option costs will be. So what’s great about this is it allows us to say, okay, well that option wasn’t worth it. I want to change it. I want to do this option now, or vice versa. So when you’re looking for custom homes, Edmond New Homes your biggest concern should be, am I going to get what I want for what I want, where I want? And that is the whole attraction behind a new home construction and building your own home. However, there is a budget to be mindful of and in that process sometimes with other builders, you don’t necessarily know where your budget is landing. You don’t know what options you have. You don’t know what possibilities there are. With us, for example, we do have that possibility. We do have those options and we actually walk you through each step to let you know exactly what possibilities there are, what options there are and in doing so, we can give you a price and we have clarity of mind before we ever move forward.

Now we have everything that’s interchangeable. When you’re looking for custom homes, Edmond New Homes you’re looking for custom homes that can be built to the way you want them and we have all that potential and all that possibility. We start off by having 62 floor plans and then 32 neighborhoods in which we build and 500 to 700 home sites. I’m at any given time. This allows us the possibility to really open up all of the options for you as a customer and what you’re looking for, but I encourage you to come check out. One of our home tours and go out on sea of all our floor plans, go to a price out, go through the process because unless you do a, you’re a, you’re not going to have the information, what it is required and to be privy of the construction industry be you’re not gonna have any of the cost or information to move forward if you did choose to move forward, uh, and then see you’re kind of going to be lost a little bit about what options are possible out there because you could have millions and millions and millions.

But what we do is we reduce it in a way that allows us to, um, be the best and have the most options for you to finish and finalize. But I would tell you that if you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you’re going to find the show homes has the most options and the possibilities to move forward on any of the options you want. Plus we do custom options. So we have structural and nonstructural options. And the way these work is pretty simple, it’s a fee either 200 or $500 respectively. Edmond New Homes, so for nonstructural it’s a $200 fee. And what this allows us to do is put all the software and go to the architect, do a custom order. So let’s say you wanted to insert an island in the middle of the great room for whatever reason, this will never happen. No one ever wants to do it, but say you wanted to.

This will be a nonstructural change and it would ask us, since we don’t have that in our software, it’s going to take us time to develop it, to put it in the architecture, to upload it to your, uh, to our software and then add it to your agendum. And all of that process takes some time. Edmond New Homes this is a way to cover both you and I as a way that we as a builder can be protected from wasting our labor and as a way from you to help definitively make decisions. Because we, we’ve put these in place and we’ve act enacted these because people came and looked for custom homes, broken Arrow before, and they find the show homes. They come in through our process, they want to build a home with us and when they do, they end up saying, you know what, I want this custom, that custom, this custom, that custom, and they choose 15 different, 20 different, 30 different customs and we put all the Labor into this and then they say, you know what, I just want that one or that two.

Those two options, I don’t want the rest of them. And what this does is creates an effect where we waste a lot of time, we waste a lot of money and it’s not good for business. So we’ve enacted these policies to where we say $200 to use our labor to get that option fixed for you and put into your contract and purchase agreement. And then for structural is $500. So anything that’s structural would be anything, exterior walls, foundation, roof line, things like that. Those structural changes do have to be in place at the time of purchase agreement written. So we do have a process and I encourage you to come out to any of our model homes, speak with any of our new home specialist and you will have the opportunity to learn about this process in full and it will allow us to completely explain everything to you for how we operate because no one else in Tulsa when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, uh, no other builder is going to have the process which we do a. So I encourage you to come out, try it out, come see everything. And we knew looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, make sure you don’t pass up shaw homes. We are the best. We are going to stay that way. And we strive to become better every single day with the help of our customers and with the creativity of our team here at Shaw. So we welcome you guys out to, again, to our model homes. Edmond New Homes, get a home to her book. Join one of our weekend tours that we have every week and we’ll see you there.

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