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Edmond New Homes | Driving Directions

Edmond New Homes | Driving Directions

As a baroque and Arrow home builder here at Shaw homes, we like to believe that we have the best neighborhoods in the broken Arrow school district as well as a union, chinks and big speed. And even though I know la now, uh, one of the neighborhoods in broken Arrow that is actually located in the union school district is our Crystal Creek neighborhood. Crystal Creek is located very close to 101 to highway one 69 and highway 51 for quick access around the Greater Tulsa area. The Crystal Creek is close to lots of entertainment venues and shopping. And actually downtown Tulsa is only about a 10 minute drive from there where you can enjoy even more fine dining concerts and events at the bok center. And so much more. Uh, the low case. Uh, the location address is actually at Tulsa address. The square footage range is from 1,726 to 25 slash 96 with the price range. Edmond New Homes Crystal Creek have a hundred and 83, 100 to $240,790. The elementary school is Rosa parks, the middle school and the high school are both union driving directions are located at East Forty First Street and south 29th East Avenue, which is called olive in broken arrow. There are two entrances into the community from 41st street. You can turn south on south 134th east avenue, and then from 129, which is all of you can turn east on east 43rd street south

from Tulsa. You would take highway 51, which is also called the broken Arrow expressway to 51st street turn left off the ramp onto 51st street and left at the first light onto 129th, which is called olive in broken Arrow, and then you go about three quarters of a mile and then turn right again on east at 43rd street south. So Crystal Creek is a great neighborhood located in central Tulsa, close to everything. And as a broken Arrow home builder, we like to give our families a good value. Edmond New Homes Crystal Creek is certainly one of those neighborhoods that delivers with low prices to get into brand new homes. There are some homes in that neighborhood that are very large and very expensive, which keep the property values high, who did it’s located close to where a lot of people work. So it’s got great access, like I said, too, just about anywhere as a broken Arrow home builder. We like to be able to bring a variety of floor plans to our buyers. And in Crystal Creek, um, we actually have our model home. There is our bay would.

And so you can tour that model in any time and get a feel for what, uh, what, how far your dollar can stretch in the crystal creek community. We also have a number of move in ready homes or homes that are nearly move in ready that are currently under construction. In addition to all the custom homes that we build in Crystal Creek, we have a attison single story, a floor plan for sale. It is 1,857 square feet. And it is located at the address of one three. Edmond New Homes, six east, 43rd street. Well this home is only $240,000 and it is 100 percent complete as a three bedroom, two bath, three car garage. And it is listed on multiple list at the number of one eight. Edmond New Homes, five, seven, four, five. If you would like to take a look at that, uh, you can give us a call at nine. One, eight, seven, two, four, two, two, eight, zero.

We have more homes for sale in Crystal Creek has a broken Arrow builder. We like to keep a many move in ready homes on the ground as possible for those families who really need something to move in quickly too. And they don’t necessarily have time to build. Also in crystal creek we have a bay would, which is just like our model home. It’s 1,336 square feet, but it feels a lot bigger than that. And it’s located at one, three, three. Edmond New Homes, five east 41st place it is priced at only 200, $6,769. So a great value. I’m right there in the heart of Tulsa, great value, single story home, ready to go. It is also listed on mls multi list and the number is one seven, four, two, four, four, seven. Edmond New Homes As a broken Arrow home builder, we like to have multiple homes available for families who need something immediately and also in Crystal Creek we have our 1,683 square foot amber for sale located at four, three to six south, 133rd east avenue and it is priced at a low $206,769. It is 100 percent percent complete. Ready for you to move into and it is a three bed, two bath, two car garage home.

It is also located on multi list at one, seven, four, three eight. Oh six as a broken Arrow home builder. We also at Shaw homes offer another Spec home and Crystal Creek, which is called our Cambridge. It’s our Cambridge floorplan at 1,662 square feet. It is located at one three, three, one east, 43rd place south, and it is priced at a low $201,457. It’s a four bedroom, two bath, two car home, and although it’s not 100 percent complete, it is currently under construction and it will be complete, completed in just the next few coming months. Um, it is also located on multi list at one eight. Oh, eight, nine five one. Again, those homes are in Crystal Creek, offered by Edmond New Homes homebuilder shaw homes. You can see all of these floor plans on our website@www.shaw homes.com. Just click on the Manchester series link when you first go to the website and that’s where you’re going to find all of these adorable little smaller square foot homes as part of our Manchester Series on shaw homes.com. As a broken Arrow homebuilder, we like to be able to give our clients variety. We offer everything from a smaller, Edmond New Homes you know, 1300 square foot home all the way up to a 4,000 square foot home

on the home side. And then even beyond that, on the waterstone a home’s a side of our company, which is our high end luxury homes. So, um, we, uh, we’d like to think we like to have a variety here at shaw homes for home buyers and give them the custom features that they’re looking for. And you can get more information about us, like I said, Edmond New Homes on our website@www.shaw homes.com. Or you can call me, I’m the senior sales manager. I’d be glad to answer any questions that you have. My name is candice meter and my phone number is nine one eight seven two four, two, two eight, zero.

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