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Edmond new Homes | Fast Growing Communities

Edmond new Homes | Fast Growing Communities

Hi this is Brooklyn Kloos here today with Shaw homes. And I would like to take some time today to talk to you about what Shaw homes has to offer as one of the top Bixby homebuilders Bixby is one of the largest and fastest growing communities in the greater Tulsa area and that’s mostly due to the the land that is available and Bixby the cost of land as well as the top school system Edmond new Homes.

Bixby has been a part of the greater Tulsa area for a long time but it seems to be one of the fastest growing areas and a very hot commodity among builders in Tulsa. Now with Shaw We are one of the top Bixby homebuilders because we are going to build you a quality home on that quality beautiful one of a kind home site and give you the warranties with that home that no one else in the greater Tulsa area would be able to offer there are several communities within Edmond new Homes that Shaw Homes builds and we are building in the established community and seven likes and that is going to be located at about 120 first and Sheridan 7 likes the names derived from the from the small lakes that are within the community that are a catch and release pond and several of these homes actually back up to these lakes which are giving you gorgeous one of a kind.

Views another established community in the Bixby area is going to be a state at the river estates that the river is just down the street again at right off of the intersection of 120 first in Sheridan. It’s a really great location because as as you all know Riverside actually if you were to take Riverside let’s say you were driving from midtown it actually turns into it there. So it’s really convenient really fast to get access to estates at the river Edmond new Homes

It’s a beautiful community again with a neighborhood pool some really really beautiful home sites lots of established trees and just a really beautiful area surrounded by by nature out there as one of the top Edmond new Homes homebuilders.

Shaw homes offers another community just off that same intersection at 120 first and Sheridan and that neighborhood is called Summerset. Edmond new Homes now Summerset you’re going to be right by that Bixby elementary school that is right there as well. Again another beautiful beautiful community with lots of established trees lots of you know a couple of hills in there as well. It’s a really beautiful community with some really gorgeous homes being built out there. We’ve got a couple of our our great models so that you can see what kind of homes we can build for you out there. Now we do always like to keep 12 fully furnished and decorated models that you can see on one of our model home tours.

You will see as soon as you enter the neighborhood you will see our Redford model which is one of our most popular floor plans. It’s quickly becoming a popular floorplan because of the open concept floorplan that you’ll notice when you go inside of the Redford model. We also have a market ready home that is right there as well. It is our one story Monterey a beautiful beautiful beautifully decorated and laid out home. The floorplan really is it’s nice especially for a starting family or for a family that’s looking to downsize. Although it is one story it is very spacious and very beautiful and just a really really great floor plan and a really great community. Somerset is one of my favorite communities in the Bixby area. Edmond new Homes.

Another site in Bixby that is quickly becoming established as our neighborhood and Quail Creek and now that’s just going to be across the street from the Bixby elementary school you’re just between Sheridan and memorial there. And it is a really really nice community. It’s just kind of off the the main street. You have a little bit of a drive down there so it makes a little bit more secluded which is really nice as well. Edmond new Homes Yot Bixby is quickly becoming a hot commodity because of the. The distance to. Two nature but also still having that access to grocery stores and convenience stores and shopping and things like that. I’m you really are right in the middle of everything. It’s just a beautiful part kind of the end of South Tulsa and of course it’s on the west side of the city as well. So. As Bixby homebuilder Shaw homes really likes to make sure that we have everything that our customers would like us to offer. And I feel like we really do that with our.

I feel like we really do that with our homes in Edmond new Homes.

There are some homes as well that are even though they are in the jinx school district. They are actually are. Even though they’re in City of Jynx they’re actually Bixby’s school district.

And I think that’s really important as a Bixby home builder to understand that as well because obviously we do have some customers that you know they would like to be on the other side of the river. They would like to be equidistance to him to nature and and closer to that.

But they also see the importance and staying with Bixby’s schools and that’s going to be our neighborhood in Yorktown. Yorktown is our our largest community. There are several neighborhoods within the community in town Edmond new Homes.

So we’re building and Henley and Birmingham and then also in Shelby and Shelby is probably one of the neighborhoods that I think that I the most excited about because of the size of home that we we can build in there we can. It’s mostly going to be our larger square foot homes and our Waterstone homes. Edmond new Homes those are going to be truly state of the art completely custom homes that are just really really beautiful if you’re looking for a larger floor plan or you’re looking for a home that you can really customize everything every little detail from the ground up. I think that our Waterstone home is going to be a really perfect choice for you.

And again that’s going to be in the Shelby neighborhood within the Yorketown community. Edmond new Homes like I said that that is Jynx city of Jynx but it is Bixby’s schools. And so that I think is really important to our customers as well to know that that that really sets that neighborhood apart and makes it a little bit different as well. Springhill farms is another community in Bixby that we Shaw homes built as a Bixby home builder. It is a beautiful community. It is a little further south but you are getting a good rate. Great cost for the land out there you’re getting really really beautiful beautiful land but because it is a little bit further south and some of those communities I mentioned earlier at 100 and 21st and Sheridan you are able to get a really great property for a really affordable price which is awesome because it allows you to to put that money towards towards anything like additional items you may want to include in the home or even adding a little bit more square footage as well so that’s very exciting and you know something that I am so proud that we have to offer here at Shaw homes and as a Bixby home builder Edmond new Homes.

I truly believe that that is how we set ourself apart from the older other builders in Tulsa. Not only what we are able to offer but the communities that we are able to offer those in. I think that you know and in real estate location location location. Edmond new Homes It’s what everyone says because it really just that’s the truth. You can’t build your dream home just anywhere it’s got to be where you need it to be within that school district or equidistant to nature or surrounded by family.

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