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Edmond New Homes | Finding the neighborhoods

Edmond New Homes | The Number Of Homes

As a big speed home builder, we have a number of, uh, a big Spi neighborhoods that we built in, of course, and we love to custom build homes for our clients. We have over 80 different floor plans that we build, um, currently in our big speed neighborhoods as well as our genx and broken Arrow and I know la neighborhoods and coming soon a Waso. Edmond New Homes, so, uh, the way the homebuilding process works is, uh, when you step into a model, we tell you a little bit about our process and the first step is booking a model home tour with one of our sales professionals. Now, the reason the tour is so important is because, um, we have 15 furnished and decorated model homes and yes, you can walk into them on your own and explore them. But like one of my model homes are beautiful monroe in estates at the river.

That home can be built 16 different ways. So if you were to walk into the model, let’s say and see the utility room right off the garage. So that the first thing that you see when you walk in from the garage is your washer and dryer, and let’s say that something that you don’t particularly like, you might just turn right around and walk around out of that Monroe and not think twice about it. However, the, um, monroe can be built 16 different ways as a bixby home builder. We have listened to our clients over the years and Edmond New Homes, many of them have said from time to time, well I like everything about the monroe except I wish that utility room was off the master closet so that I could just take my dirty clothes and my towels and linens out of the bathroom and put them right into the washer and dryer.

So guess what, we have built a version of that monroe where we do just that. In fact, we built several versions of the monroe like that are monroe threes and our men, road two’s. Um, so we have monroe ones, twos and threes. And if you’re walking into the monroe one h model, you would never know that. So on the tour we, Edmond New Homes, we take those at the same time every week, every Monday at 5:00 PM, Saturdays at 9:00 AM and Sundays at 5:00 PM and we usually have several families that go with us. So what we do is we just meet at one of the models in broken Arrow and then for sometimes in, in big speed, it depends on which way I want to start the tour on Sunday nights. I like to start them in, um, the jinx bixby area and work my way toward broken arrow.

But anyway, um, as a bixby homebuilder we’ve found that these tours are critical because I’m on the tour, we talk about the way the home functions. So you will just meet me at a model, I’ll send you an outlook invite and you will just meet me at the model home at the time this tour is scheduled to start. Edmond New Homes then we walked through the home usually in about 10, 15 minutes. And we did not talk about prices because prices can change. They do change from neighborhood to neighborhood, depending on even inside the different neighborhoods, depending on which lot you pick. There are different sizes and different costs associated with those lots. So we don’t talk about pricing on the tour because we have over 400,000 options already priced in our computer system and candice frankly cannot remember eyes, 80 different floor plans in 30 different neighborhoods with over 400,000 different options.

So she can’t memorize those prices. So, um, as a bixby homebuilder, what we do talk about on the tour is the way the home functions. So every home functions differently and we will talk about practical things like how far do you have to carry your groceries when you come home to unload them? Where are you going to be kicking off your shoes? Where the kid’s going to be dropping their backpacks? Um, where do you want to do your laundry? Do you want a quiet laundry that’s hidden from the rest of the house or do you want one that’s right off your master bedroom closet? So those are the practical things that we’re going to be talking about. And I can give you a brief overview of the different ways that each of our model homes can be built. Edmond New Homes Then as a bixby home builder, what happens after the model tour is usually my customers have got a favorite picked out.

And so while on the model tour, we’ll go ahead and schedule your next appointment, which is going to be our price out. Now, our price out process is phenomenal and it is unsurpassed by any other builder. Well, certainly in the Greater Tulsa area. Um, we have a computer system that has over 400,000 of the most requested options already, pre priced in there for each specific home. So let’s say you pick out a monroe to p is your, is your favorite home that you saw on the tour and that’s the one that you want to price out. Edmond New Homes let’s say you want to price it out in a, Oh, it doesn’t matter a jinx neighborhood or a neighborhood or a broken heart and a hybrid, it doesn’t matter. Um, we’ll pull up the pricing because it varies. The same floor plan can vary, like I said, because of lot costs.

And different guys from neighborhood to neighborhood, so we pulled that plan and the correct neighborhood. And then we literally have a slide show presentation that starts outside the home talking about a. well, it comes with our, one of our included features is full brick, um, but do you want any stone or Stucco or painted brick or anything like that? Edmond New Homes if you do, we can go ahead and actually pick out the stone because the stone has a wide variety of different cost ranges on it. Um, you know, stone Stonehenge, they just have different costs to them. So how are you going to know how much this home is going to cost unless you go through the price out process with me. So, um, then after price out, um, we’re going to talk about what homesite you liked the best in your particular neighborhood. Will actually take a drive over there.

And I’ll walk the lot with you so that you can see, you know, I can show you about where your home is going to start. The build line is. And I can show you about where your home is going to, where the back patio line is going to be, so that you can see about how big your backyard is. Gonna be. Edmond New Homes, then we do a lot reservation on the lot reservation. You actually ride the check payable to show homes for $1,000. And then we, um, I scan a copy of that check and send it into the office to show them above. I’ve got someone that is interested in that home site and that check will not be cashed, but that will hold the lot for you for seven days. So that gives us seven days to determine if you want to have any structural options added to your home or any custom option requests.

Now, um, as a bixby home builder, we had to come up with a system to allow our clients to customize their home a little bit. So let’s say you’re building that monroe to p and let’s say you wanted the, um, the dining room up front to be a couple feet bigger. Well, that is going to affect the structure of the home, the footprint of the home. So at that point you would write a check payable to shaw homes for $500 and I would turn it in with a very specific request to our. Well, our drafting and purchasing department, they would draw it up first, see if it’s feasible. Then the purchasing department would check on how much it would cost to do that change. Now it seems like a real simple change just add two feet. Edmond New Homes as a big speed homebuilder we know that, that the roof that changes the foundation, that changes maybe your heat and air conditioner, uh, your h vac units because that two extra square feet of vaulted ceiling space, um, that, that may require a slightly larger a unit to accommodate that space.

That changes what the framers are gonna do we have to order more lumber that changes what the painters are going to do. The Dry wallers, Edmond New Homes, the carpet, you know, all of that. Or Hardwood floors. All of that is gonna Change. So I’m structural option requests have to be done before you go to contract, so, um, so that when we turned in that contract, the footprint of the home will not change at that point. From that point forward. And then any customer requests, let’s say you wanted to a bookcase built in the study, well that’s something that is done in the design studio as a big Spi home builder, we know that this is the best way to conduct business and build your home.

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