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Edmond New Homes | Finding The Right Land

Edmond New Homes | Big City Feel

As a big speed homebuilder at shaw homes, we have got a lot of custom homes of course, that we can build you over 80 floor plans that we can build in several different parts of town, including jinx bixby, broken Arrow, Tulsa, I nola Sapulpa just all over the Greater Tulsa area. Edmond New Homes of course we like to keep a number of move in ready homes available for those buyers who just don’t have time to wait for us to build a home. So as a bixby home builder, we have several in the big city school district I’m in at first. Tell you about shelby at Yorktown. My Beautiful Chelsea model. This home is. Well, it’s just gorgeous. That’s all there is to it. It sits on, um, uh, two thirds of an acre lot. So it’s on a huge home site that actually backs to the jogging, biking, hiking, jogging, biking, hiking trails here in shelby at Yorktown.

Yorktown is a master planned community, uh, that has different neighborhoods within the one big neighborhood, different priced homes and different sized homes. Well, shelby is my high end luxury neighborhood and our Chelsea is 4,402 square feet. It has got a beautiful formal dining room when you first walk in the front door door with one of those, um, growing ceiling treatments in the ceiling that is just beautiful. This home is also built on a 10 foot plate lines, so all of the interior doors are eight feet tall. Edmond New Homes, they all of course have a lever handle on them in a, um, a stainless steel. This home is decorated with more modern, more contemporary finishes, but there are some transitional elements to it. It’s still comfortable and warm and inviting. The kitchen is just beautiful. It’s got, um, there’s basically two and a half walls of cabinetry in the kitchen, so tons of cabinet space, which in these open island kitchens you actually lose cabinet space, um, uh, quite often. So lots of storage space in there and speak in a storage space. There’s also a hidden pantry in the Chelsea kitchen. Um, it just looks like a regular cabinet door, but when you open it, you can actually walk through a, this cabinet into the pantry that runs the full length behind the kitchen.

It has the, um, stainless steel hood that’s very pretty and contemporary and shiny in the kitchen as a bixby home builder. We like to put in lots and lots of pretty elements into our home and are the things that the customers have told us that they want. Well, this Chelsea, certainly Edmond New Homes delivers on everything you want. Not only is the master suite well, it’s just gorgeous. It’s a huge room. The bedroom is huge room. It has a super high vaulted ceiling in the master suite with large beams that run up the vault and across the ceiling and down the other side of the vault. Three windows in the master bedroom overlooking the backyard. And which by the way is just woods back there. So it’s real pretty. Then also, the master suite has this master bath that when people walk in and they’re just like, oh my gosh, this is a master bath.

It has a huge vaulted. I’m tall ceiling in it has a split vanity with a nice space for makeup area in the middle, which by the way, behind the mirror of the makeup, a nice space there is the wiring for a flat screen TV. So that’s actually not a mirror. It’s a two way glass. You could actually watch the morning news as you’re getting ready in the morning. How Fun is that? There’s actually a speaker. I’m in the ceiling just above the space where you sit down. So, Edmond New Homes, so that you could hear that television throughout the master bathroom. Then walking into the master closet. Well, it’s the size of a large bedroom. It is huge. It will store. I don’t care how many clothes you have. This closet will accommodate. It also has a huge, uh, built in island with drawers and a quartz countertop on it.

And then you walk straight through from the master bathroom master closet into the utility room and make a left hand turn and you’re out through the garage, make a right hand turn and you’re in the kitchen having coffee. So smartly designed beautiful home. Additionally, downstairs on the opposite side of the home from the master bedroom, there’s a study and the study, this home is not a bit the front like it usually is, it’s I’m at the back of the home or at the rear of the home. So if you’re working from home, you’re actually looking at your beautiful backyard, not looking at traffic on this street. So I just think that’s so smart. There’s a closet in this study in a high vaulted ceiling. Edmond New Homes, and then I’m also on that side of the home, there are two additional bedrooms, a split by a hall bath in between with, of course a linen closet as well.

Then up the stairs in this beautiful Chelsea model is um, well two more bedrooms, a game room, and a theater room. So let me tell you about that. You get up off the top of the stairs, which by the way, the staircase in this home is wider, which makes it feel more grand. And it also has stepped lights leading you up the stairs. So I’m the go up the top stairs and there you are in a landing. If you turn to your right, there is a little divided landing there, so one bedrooms on one side and then the theater room with built in risers is on the other side. And then from the landing if you go kind of straight across there is a large storage closet and a upstairs bathroom. Edmond New Homes then to the left of that is an en suite. I’m a nice size bedroom with its own bath and it’s its own full bath and its own big walk in closet.

Then back from the landing. If you uh, turn hard lift to the left and go up a couple of steps. You are in the game room. This game room is huge and it has four windows that overlook the backyard, which is, like I said, just woods. It’s just woods back there as a big SPEC home builder. We’ve got this home very competitively priced at only a well just under 600,000 at $5. Ninety nine, nine, nine, nine. This home is complete. It is ready for your family to move into. And time to get enrolled in the big speed school system for the fall semester. And this home is located at four. Oh, five West, 127th place south. This Chelsea model for sale is a 4,402 square feet in shelby at Yorktown. Edmond New Homes I would be honored to show it to you so you can give us a call at nine.

One Eight, seven, two, four, two, two, eight, zero. And come see my Chelsea here in shelby at Yorktown as a bixby home builders. We also have homes for sale in estates at the river, which is located on 121st street south about halfway between Yale and Sheridan. So we have got one of our beautiful, uh, Monterrey one h is for sale, the Monterrey one h is just one of my favorite homes. It is gorgeous. Um, I actually had one of the wild, the first Monterey model that shaw homes ever built in another big city neighborhood there at seven lakes. Edmond New Homes, this home is gorgeous. It’s 3,448 square feet. The Monterrey one h is um, while you walk in the front door and it has a beautiful dining room that is open completely to the right room and the great room is open to the kitchen and look, this has a high vaulted ceiling in the kitchen and nick and then just off the kitchen.

And nook area is a nice Butler’s Pantry area on one side, on the opposite side, a nice big walk in pantry. So lots of storage, lots of cabinet space in the beautiful Monterey. Then one of the things that makes them Monterrey so special is the master suite. It’s super private. You have to go down a hallway to get to the master suite. So Edmond New Homes the master bedroom is actually behind the kitchen. So I sell this home to a lot of people who do like medical shift work. So one spouse could be still sleeping in the bedroom while there’s other stuff going on in the house. I’m in the great room and in the kitchen as a big speed homebuilder. We take our cues from the people who come into our homes and tour models with us and build homes with this, and we like to give you what you ask for.

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