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Edmond New Homes | Framing A Foundation

Edmond New Homes | Laying Out The Foundation

Three to 18, matthew podcast, five, so here at Shaw homes today I’d like to talk to you guys about some of the quality things that we do that are different from a lot of the other builders in the hill, Syria, so when you’re looking for custom homes, broken area, you can find that Shar homes is the most quality builder for a few reasons and this is also not just price to rift, but, uh, also comes from a just experienced in the industry for 33 years plus the fact that we build more quality homes that have any builder in Tulsa and that allows us to drive the price down so much to the fact that, uh, when, uh, when we drive it down, we create an opportunity for our quality to be better than other builders, Edmond New Homes yet at the same time to offer more options and proved the fact that we have more quality homes than others.

So, um, you know, we build 300 homes a year. The next builder builds 50 homes a year. Edmond New Homes, we both buy in bulk. Who Do you think gets a better deal? The person who builds 300 homes, most likely for that fact, it allows us to present to the customer a logical pro and con list as to why we’re better and why we do stand out in the crowd. Now, some people have a floor plan that you love and we may not be that type, but we do have more floor plans and more options, more home sites, and more locations than any other builder in Tulsa, which gives us the upper hand in dealing with people who are looking for custom homes, broken arrow. So when we do have some of the quality differences that are big, big, big is. Let’s start with the foundation, for example.

So with the foundation, there’s quite a few different ways you can frame a foundation. You can pour a foundation, you can pour a foundation around post tension slab, you can do peer powder, foundation, lots of different foundations that you could build on depending on your location, part of the national nation that you’re in a as well as many other factors. Just overall quality expensive, uh, build, uh, etc. So, uh, with shaw homes, what we do that’s different is post tension slab now, a lot of builders in this area to, we’ll use postage and slap some won’t, but it’s become more commonplace now. And in doing So, one of the ways that we set ourselves apart is typically a postman slab is scheduled to be 28,000 pounds of pressure pulled a, which means that each individual line that iS written through the cable, um, excuse me, written through the foundation of your home.

Each of those cables is pulled the 28,000 pounds. Edmond New Homes where do we step up in this mark? Well, we do 32,500 pounds, which actually gives us an upper hand again because we’re now increasing at 4,500 pounds of pressure per line that runs through your home, which all this really means to you in layman’s terms, is that the foundation will hold together longer, better, more efficiently, and less shearing vertically and horizontally, which means less foundational issues over time. And this is one of the reasons why we can perform our 10 year structural warranty, uh, that we hold for all of our homes and in the past 11 years and thousands of customers, we haven’t had a single claim on that foundation. so it speaks volumes for Oklahoma and for being on the clay and broken arrow. Uh, you know, so when you’re looking for custom homes, Edmond New Homes understand that we do have the best foundation and it’s a place where you can really stand out and shine.

There are a lot of other people trying to imitate our 10 year structural warranty and they’re really not doing this any other reason than just simply to say that they have a 10 year structural warranty and hoping that their foundations don’t have issues. Whereas we have tested time, thousands of customers, 11 years, that we have not had a single claim. We’ve been doing this 33 years and we’ve just come in time with our 10 year structural warranty because we back it by strengthening our foundation so much more and making sure that they are efficient and built correctly the first time. And this allows itself to, uh, give us the priority of having a real 10 year structural warranty as opposed to something we just slapped on last week because it sounds nice. So, uh, we have it set in stone, no pun intended. When you’re looking for custom homes, Edmond New Homes you can find that we do have the best foundation in the area of tulsa and broken arrow.

um, I would say that one of the big differentiators is what’s called a home wrap in a home wrap on a home is simply, um, if you will, a sheathing that goes around the home, a blanket that goes around the home and it’s a waterproof barrier essentially. and this is good for exterior and interior. Um, what I mean by that is on the outside and the inside of the barrier, does it breathe properly, does it drain water properly? And tie back is the best product that you can use. Tibo comb rap is made by dupont and the same company that makes paint and they also make a kevlar vests and whatnot. But tyvec home wrap is the best way to protect your home. And essentially as a mold prevention system without tyvec, it’s using inferior products. You could very well get mold buildup in the walls over time.

Not saying it will happen, but saying it definitely has a higher probability of occurring when you use an inferior product that has a one way ply sheet. So we use tyvec and it’s multipurpose, it does not let water penetrate, but it does breathe appropriately, which helps ventilate the home efficiently. So in the summer when you walk outside with a cold coca cola, and I can, what happens to the can when you walk outside at 100 degrees, that can start sweating profusely, doesn’t not. So this is the same thing that occurs with your home when you have ac and the heat and are really hot outside, but a cold cold inside. And uh, the whole time now outside of your home is sweating and it’s coming out the brick fence and the bottom of your home. If you look at any of the bottom of any home, you’ll see that every so often you will see a crack in the bottom of the brick that’s purposely set there.

and the mortar to where it has a vent that the brick can breathe out, so any water that runs on the exterior of the home on that tyvec wrap will vent out properly. Now, with An input with an impactor, with an imperfect product, a product is not the tyvec. When you’re looking for custom homes, Edmond New Homes you can see that this is something that may be a possible concern for you if you don’t have the proper tie back home wrap and you have an inferior product. That water could eventually stick because the ventilation is not there and that water could stick to the inside of the walls. I couldn’t vent properly and that over time could obviously create mold and this is something that you have to be concerned about. Not, not really concerned about, I shouldn’t say concern, I shouldn’t say mindful, mindful of, and when you’re looking for custom homes, broken arrow, rest assured the shaw homes on every single home.

He says the tie back home wrap. One of the other things that I’d like to say that really sets us apart from a lot of other builders that most builders don’t use, and coming from the roofing industry, I should know this fairly well. Edmond New Homes, which I do and I’ll send that information to you guys right now that is, um, you know, most people not aware really were leaks happen in a roof if it does occur. And here in Oklahoma we have so many different seasons, see seasonality and uh, we can have hail and wind and heavy rainstorms and hot sun and blistering and all different things that occur on a rooftop. and one of the big keys is where the leaks occur and a roof. Now, most people when they think leak, they think, oh, what am I? shingles is gone, or there’s a hole in my roof, which very well can be the case sometimes.

However, the 90 percent of leaks that occur in a roof will actually occur where the shingles meat and anytime we’re shingle meets, it’s in a valley. And the valley is of course, where two surfaces of the roof come together in a joint. That is like a family to mountains come together to a valley and that valley is in the roof and typically one layer of shingle lays over the other layer of shingle, one to two feet and it’s just nailed down and pat there. Now, this doesn’t mean that the shingles can’t move. All shingles are made to move actually for a healthy roof. You want the shingles to be able to move because they use for wind and Edmond New Homes, running of rain. Anytime a shingle is stuck to the roof and it doesn’t lift up, it’s actually a very bad thing. Your roof is getting old.

The heat, it’s not venting properly. There’s a lot of things that could be a miss and it really depends on your roof and put it on and et cetera. But when it comes to the valleys where the leaks happen, this can kind of be detoured to big, large. Some of it when, when you put a roof on and most builders do this, they will not put on what is called the ice and water shield and ice and water shield is a really simple thing. It’s just three feet of rubber matting that you put underneath the shingles, so how a home is laid down. The way the roofing works is you have the rafters, then you have the decking that lays across the rafters and on the decking you have felt as a support and then on top of the decking you have felt and then after that you have shingle and that tower roof is typically built with us.

When we do the valleys, we actually go from the decking to the felt than an ice and water shield and then you have the shingles that overlap in the valley. So if and when those winds and storms blow up those shingles where they meet, you won’t have water that seeps through and then goes to the felt and the plywood and into your home. Eventually it’ll hit that rubber matting. It’ll go straight down to your gutters and find its way out of the home. And this is a really important factor when a lot of people are thinking, you know, they looking for custom homes, broken arrow. They don’t think of little things like this, but it’s important to know because this is a big, big portion to keeping your home of quality a state and a lasting throughout the years with all of the variables that happen specifically in Oklahoma and so a highly encourage you to consider some of these factors when you’re looking for custom homes, Edmond New Homes.

It’s very important to know that these are some of the things that you could be missing out on a and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot more that goes into the quality of a home that’s necessary to really have a long lasting home without any issues, and this is all backed up when you’re looking for custom homes, broken arrow, one of the most important factors should be your warranty and I did mention our 10 year structural warranty earlier. However, I will follow this up and in this segment by saying that we do have a 10 year structural warranty, a two year mechanical warranty for all things mechanical and a one year everything warranty. That will be for anything except the grass and the shrubs, but we have a lot of options and we have a lot of standard inclusion features which really make us the best. So when you’re looking for custom homes, Edmond New Homes look no further than shaw homes.

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