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Edmond new Homes | from start to finish

Edmond new Homes | Reach for the stars

So after you have completed step one, the model home tour, step to financing, step three, homesite reservation step for structural options and pricing. Step five, purchase agreement. Step six, design studio, and step seven, the plan review. Now it is time to move on to the eighth step, the building process with custom homes, broken arrow. This is one of the longest parts of the process. Edmond new Homes The building process. This is what truly takes the time, um, and you want us to be able to ensure that we’re building they really true quality product here. So that is why we always say this is the longest part in the building process, the act of truly building your home. During the building process of the home, we will have two scheduled meetings with you. The first is called the pre drywall meeting. This is at the point in construction where we are ready to drywall, but all the guts of the home are still exposed for you to go over with your construction manager. This is a good time to review everything in the home because it’s easier to make an adjustment to something before drywall than it is to do so. After at custom homes broken Arrow, this is an important part of your build Edmond new Homes.

The second meeting we scheduled with you is called the home owner orientation meeting. Edmond new Homes This is where you get a room by room walkthrough of your home with your construction manager where he will help you to understand custom homes, broken arrow and how

so the second meeting will, um, that will be scheduled with you is called the homeowner orientation meeting. This is where you get a room by room walkthrough of your home with your construction manager where he will help you to understand how everything in your new homeworks, you will learn how to ignite pilot lights, use the appliances and mechanicals as well as do a quality assurance walk through. Um, so this is a really exciting point with Edmond new Homes, where you are seeing all of the things in your new home and getting the learn how everything works and how you will be learning to live in your new custom home with Shaw and now will be the next step in the process. Step nine, which is the closing,

we will notify you of your closing date approximately 30 days prior to your closing by emailing you a closing letter. This will contain helpful information and instructions. This letter will have contact information for the different utility companies you will need to contact in order to get service turned on in your name. You will have your closing at the title company and all of the paperwork from shaw homes and custom homes. Broken Arrow will already be there when you arrive at your closing. An agent of the title company will walk you through the paperwork and give you the keys when all the signatures are completed. Now you’re ready for the final step in the home buying and that is going to be the warranty. Once you’re closing has occurred, you will begin your warranty period and have direct access via phone or email to our warranty department and your home owner’s manual. There are emergency phone numbers if you need answers to help or help during business nonbusiness hours. If you don’t contact us for any needs, then you will be contacted by our warranty coordinator at 60 days and once again at 11 months after closing to see if you should have any need Edmond new Homes.

Now, remember, we do have, um, three warranties that you will receive with Shaw homes. That will be the 10 year structural warranty, the two year mechanicals warranty, and our one year limited warranty that will cover everything in the home. Now, when you first began looking at all of the different floor plans, once you’ve gone on that model tour, uh, then it’s time to look at some of the neighborhoods. Um, we offer several different options for neighborhoods and just to, just to list what we have here, Edmond new Homes we do offer in Bixby, broken Arrow, jenks Tulsa. And I know that,


In our fixed fee neighborhood, we are in five different communities. Those five different communities are going to be estates at the river and those homes start at the low 300 thousands quail creek of Bixby, which start in the high two hundreds. Seven lakes also starting in the high two hundreds. Somerset starting in the low three hundreds and spring hill farms starting in the seventies. We also have a number of neighborhoods in broken Arrow are ashbrook community, which are half Acre home sites starting in the mid to hundreds. Brighton village starting in the low two hundreds. Highland creek starting in the low two hundreds. Highlands at Forest Ridge, which also started in the low two hundreds. Millicent pond starting in the high two hundreds, Rushford north starting in the high two hundreds and seven oaks staff. So starting in the low two forties, Silverleaf, which are Manchester series starting in the low 100 and sixty’s stone would crossing starting in the 213, the reserve at Spring Creek starting in the mid to hundreds. Edmond new Homes Tucson village starting in the seventies, village at southern trails starting in the seventies. And well, stone at fours. Forest Ridge starting in the two and nineties.


We also have a number of communities in the Chinks neighborhood. Those are going to be edge wood estates starting in the low three. Hundreds o would park starting in the two eighties, Oak Ridge of jenks starting in the nineties, timber creek starting in the low three hundreds. Yorktown, Birmingham starting in the two nineties and Yorktown Henley starting in the to 90 days. We do have a couple of homes left. I’m in the Tulsa area and that is going to be in crystal creek starting in the high one sixties as well as millicent pond. And that’s going to be your union school district. We do have a neighborhood and I know Ola starting in the low two hundreds and that is ruby estates. So as you see, there are a number of available neighborhoods to build in with shaw with a multitude of floor plans to select from as well. Our floor plans range from 1800 square feet all the way up to 3,712 Edmond new Homes

square feet. So there are a number of homes to choose from. Um, there are a number of floor plans with a wide arrangements of square feet, so you really have everything to choose from as far as layout and we do have 12 different floor plans, but these floor plans can be built over 15 different ways. So you’ve got hundreds of floor plans to choose from here at Shaw with custom homes, broken arrow. And that is something that we think is the most important to be able to offer that multitude of choices and have such a high selection, uh, homes to build in a, we know that when our buyers are thinking about building, we know it’s important for them to, Edmond new Homes to have those options and to be able to choose many different options as far as floor plan and neighborhood all while knowing they are getting a quality product with a strong warranty behind it, that tenure, structural to year, mechanical and one year everything. Um, we know that it’s really important for our buyers to have those options while knowing that, um, your home will have the structural integrity that you are looking for.

So one of the most important pieces in a custom homes, broken Arrow and building with shaw homes is really going to be finding what best suits suits your build. What you really want to focus on when building with shaw homes and building a custom homes and Edmond new Homes

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