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Edmond New Homes | Going Upstairs

Edmond New Homes | The Front Porch

As a custom home builder in broken Arrow, we build custom homes all over broken Arrow here at shaw homes. And today I wanted to talk with you about our beautiful park wood floor plan and how versatile this wonderful floor plan is. Um, the Parkwood can be built a number of different ways upstairs. Edmond New Homes I’m just going to walk you through the smallest version first at 2,623 square feet. You walk into the front door from the front porch area and immediately to your left is a study. This study can be just left with a five foot opening, or it can have a pair of French doors added to it, or the sliding popular a barn door. And look, that’s so popular. The study’s going to have a vaulted ceiling vaulted up to 13 feet. And then I’m outside the study. You’re back in the entryway, which is a large entryway of 13 feet by 5:11.

So that’s just about a six foot by 13 foot entryway just to your right. As soon as you walk in the front door is your hall closet there right off the entryway. Uh, for our customer homes or broken Arrow, um, our buyers have told us that they want, um, a coat closet back in the entryway. So we are doing our best to give that to our buyers. Then just pass the coat closet is the doorway to the powder bathroom. I love the position at this powder bathroom because it’s right across the entry hall from the study. So if you’re working from home and you’re in that study, it’s easy access straight across the, the, uh, hallway there. I also love the fact that it is private from the great room and the kitchen. Edmond New Homes It’s just a wonderful location. Uh, as a custom home builder in Broken Arrow, we’ve been told by her buyers that they don’t want their powder bathroom right there in their kitchen.

They want it where their guests can have a little bit of privacy when they’re using it. And I think that’s a great feature. Then you step on into them toward the great room and you’re going to see to your right, a staircase going up. The staircase is going to start heading upstairs. But we’ll talk about the upstairs in a minute. As you step on into the great room, you will see a small hallway that goes to your left and that is to the master suite, Edmond New Homes inside the great room, it overlooks the long island of the kitchen as well as the nook and the covered patio. So there are three windows with transoms up above and a large corner fireplace that can be finished out many different ways. We build custom homes and broken Arrow and we want you to be able to customize your fireplace.

So there’s lots of different ways that we can do that with different materials that painted brick or a stone, regular brick, Edmond New Homes, different ways to build the mandels. There’s all kinds of stuff. Um, and that great room is 1411 by 19 five. So plenty of room for all the family furniture and a nice TV wall. I’m in the kitchen. The nook is a large 13 by 10 foot three. And there’s a door from the nook out to the covered patio as a custom homes builder in broken Arrow. Our customers have told us that that’s what they want. They want a door that walks out to their patio, off of their breakfast Nook, so you can put a couple of chairs out there on the patio and a little table, grab your coffee in the morning and go sit out there where it’s nice and cool and enjoy the breeze and the birds, the birds singing and chirping and the trees.

So I’m just off of the nook of course is the kitchen area and I love this kitchen area. It is very, very large, so you’ve got lots and lots of cabinet space to store everything that you need. If you’re a dishes girl like I am a, you need lots of storage space and the park would certainly gives you the opportunity to have all that storage space. Edmond New Homes, then just across from the kitchen right off of the mudroom is a large walk in pantry. Now I love this particular location of the pantry because when you are walking in from the garage, you walk into the utility or the mud bench area, take a couple of steps and you’re unloading groceries right there in your pantry. So literally just a few few steps to be unloading your groceries, which I think is so handy. And then, um, as a custom homes builder, a broken Arrow with our buyers have told us that they don’t want to see their homework when they get home, so they don’t want to see their laundry room.

So this one is a large, large laundry room with a window in it and a large cabinet and folding table, but it also has a door to your right so you can close it off and not see those dirty clothes, um, until you get ready to open that door. Again. I like that location too because when I’m lugging home my heavy boxes of detergent, Edmond New Homes, bleach and so forth, just a of steps in and I’m unloading that stuff right there in the laundry room, which I think is just so darn handy. Of course, the home comes with a three car garage as do all of our, uh, custom homes and broken Arrow and then back into the great room. If you had down that little hall I told you about earlier, it turns right into the master bedroom. This master bedroom is a really, really nice size at 13, three by six, 1:16 one.

And it also has a super high vaulted ceiling, which I think is just so pretty. And it makes our master bester bedroom feel huge. Edmond New Homes then just off of the master bedroom is the master bath. This master bathroom is one of my favorites because the vanity just goes on for miles and miles. It’s a super, super, super long vanity with his and her sinks and there’s a separation in between that is really, really nice. Um, for using, for storage on top of the vanity and of course cabinet storage underneath the vanity. And then there’s that big six foot soaker tub and a large, a 42 inch shower that is really, it’s a 40, 42 by 60. So it’s really five feet long. Shower. And then directly across from the master shower is that private toilet closet. Then from the master bathroom, you walk right into the master closet and it’s a nice size closet at 13, three by six, seven.

Um, then on the Parkwood Age, once you go up the stairs, it is built with a large game room with four windows that ever look your backyard. I’m a very large bedroom number two at 13, eight by 14, three. And then another bedroom number three that’s 10, eight by 10 vibe. And then there’s a, um, a hall bathroom upstairs on the Parkwood age. Edmond New Homes as a custom homes builder in broken Arrow, we also have the Parkwood el. The El adds an additional fourth bedroom with a very large walk in closet and an extra bathroom upstairs. So that turns this home into three and a half baths, which is pretty hard fun. But wait, there’s more, um, we can take you onto the park would be at 2,848 square feet. So if you didn’t want to pay for that extra expensive bathroom upstairs, um, and you just have a couple of kids up there and they can share a bath, we can do that for them.

When the Parkwood v as a custom homes builder and broken Arrow, we also offer the Parkwood x, the big daddy at 3081 square feet has all those same features I just described on the downstairs area. But upstairs there are a four bedrooms and a game room. So that takes our park wood all the way up to a five bedroom homes with two bathrooms upstairs and one and a half bath downstairs. You’ve got five bedrooms, three and a half bath, three car garage at Shaw homes. As a custom home builder Edmond New Homes I just don’t think you can beat our beautiful Parkwood x. not only does it give you a ton of square footage, but it was designed to give families the most amount of square footage for the least amount of money. Come see our Parkwood in beautiful Brighton village, uh, in broken arrow. As a custom home builder, we want you to come see us.

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