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Edmond New Homes | How Did You Hear about Us?

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Just got done with another day at the parade of homes, tons of people looking for the new homes, everybody deer Creek, Memorial, Santa Fe, all that stuff. Everybody wants their own Edmond new homes. So I am going to take this opportunity to practice my presentation. It needs some work. Are you guys in the market for a new home? Well, you have come to the right place. We can help you If you don’t mind me asking, why are you guys looking for a new home downsides and upsides and what’s going on? Okay. You’re empty nesters, huh? Well, my parents just went through it, so I, I hear you crazy time of life. You go from hustle and bustle to slow and steady start contrast. Huh? Well, listen, you guys take a look around the house and then once you’re done taking a look around, let me know what you think.

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We build the best  new homes. So if you are in the market, you’ve come to the best to build your Edmond new homes.

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Okay. So, uh, energy efficiency is your question. Yes, we we’ve got fixed windows now in the great room and you know, you don’t have to worry about, uh, the opening and closing and you know, you’re just, you’re going to be firmly sealed in and around those windows. So that’s nice smart thermostats blown-in insulation. And then the tankless water heaters. Um, Yes. Yeah, we do offsite construction. Let me explain our offsite construction loan to you. Admin new homes could also be offsite construction. Yes new homes can be in a community or you can have your own acreage to build your Edmond new homes either, or, uh, we’ll make it work. But, uh, what I found out today about construction loans is, uh, in order to qualify, you need to have 680 credit score and you need to put 5% down. Um, Sorry for the pause. There’s a police officer just whipped around in the middle of the interstate. I’m not sure what’s going on there. Maybe he’s know. Okay. Anyway, um, boy, he got somebody look at him, berries and cherries boys. Check that out. Don’t pull over on the left side of the road. Don’t do. Okay. Thank you

Speaker 1: (03:44)
Right before my exit. They’re going to block me off. That’s fantastic. If I had an admin new home, wouldn’t have to worry about this. What I know and maybe you can too. So anyway, um, energy efficiency, uh, blown-in insulation. Um, oh, it’s coming to me. Hang tight.

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Speaker 1: (04:17)
Um, sorry. I was going like 70 in a 60. Um

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Oh boy, this guy did get pulled over.

Speaker 1: (04:48)
Cowboy travel Plaza. Love that place. Shout out. Um, Shaw homes is going to be your best option for Edmond new homes. Hands down. We got you covered. We’ve got three different series, um, that kind of follow price point and for plan size, there is a little bit of overlap on the upper and lower ends of these. Um, but our, uh, smaller homes are going to be found in the Manchester premiere series. Uh, we’ve got two neighborhoods. We offer that in Mustang. Uh, Oklahoma Southern OKC. It’s called clinical, no swimming pool. I’m so sorry. Is that a deal breaker? The splash pad. Okay. Wow. That’s really unfortunate. Uh, it’s great neighborhood. Um, sorry, you don’t like the splash pad. Um, that’s okay though. We’ll find something that works. I mentioned it earlier. We do offsite construction. Twin silos is another one of our Manchester premier neighborhoods in OKC.

Speaker 1: (06:00)
It’s going to be just south of Edmond, fairly centrally located. Um, but it’s got more of the amenities that you’re looking for. Um, just something to consider, I think at your price point for what you guys are looking for, the Magnolia would be a fantastic fit. Uh, just a little over 2300 square feet. We do have a $25,000 incentive going on right now. Um, so please keep that in mind, uh, you know, the price, the base price of the home does not include the, uh, interior finishes and options that you’re going to place value on it select. So just know that you’ve got about $25,000 to work there. Um, in all honesty though, the Magnolia is just a best value option. You get in a lot of house at a great price. And, um, you know, the fact that you kind of get to go through and pick your options is, is, you know, something to be desired. Uh, we’re not necessarily a custom home builder. Uh, we’re an option builder that can make modifications. Uh, so let us know what we can do for you.

Speaker 1: (07:13)
So twin silos, you’ve got a basketball court, there is a fitness area. Uh, there’s a swimming pool. There’s some trails. Um, please check it out. I really do think there’s something that we can do for you. Um, I would love to get something locked in for you guys before you go back to West Virginia. Okay. Um, on October 1st we do have a price increase coming up. So the magnet, the, the cost of the Magnolia, um, is going to go up in base and, you know, that is mainly going to be due to the cost of materials that are continuing to go up. So, you know, there is a little bit of a give and take there. Um, as far as Edmond new homes go, I just think that’s going to be a little bit out of your price point. We don’t have a Manchester premier neighborhood that we’re already in. And so, unfortunately we’re not necessarily going to be able to line that up,

Speaker 1: (08:29)
Right. For a lot of these options, you know, your base price is going to be in and around 400,000, depending on the home. Yeah. Um, listen, I would say that you guys have a number of options that are going to be great for you. And, um, let me know what works. Um, pinnacle may not be a great option. Um, but you know, please check out twin silos before you leave. I think that’d be a good investment of your time. And you know, again, it’s that Manchester, premier that’s y’all’s price point. We can do the Magnolia there. And, um, you know, I think we can find something that’ll work. So how would you lock in your price? Well, uh, we, for October 1st we would need to do a price out and we would need to make sure that you guys are, um, reserving a Homesite and putting a deposit down before October 1st. That’s going to lock in your price for seven days. Yep. Yep.

Speaker 1: (09:40)
We can do that virtually. Yeah, we can. Um, we can do that virtually. Um, I can email you the survey. You can go through and fill everything out, and then once you’ve done that we can kind of get on the phone and go over everything, slide by slide. Yeah. There’s going to be a lot of decisions that need to be made there. Um, but once we get to that stage, you know, you guys kind of have your minds made up that shell is who you want to go with and we’re going to be the ones to build your Edmond new homes.

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