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Edmond New Homes | Impressing Your Parents

Edmond New Homes | Even Your Parents Are Proud

Two slash 17 slash 18 podcast, three Matthew Shaw homes. So today I wanted to discuss here at show homes what we do best and that is build custom homes, broken Arrow, uh, we have other communities that we built it as well. And uh, I encourage you to check those out. However, Edmond New Homes I do want to mention that when we build a home for you, we build it with you in mind and with the understanding that you’ve chosen your home, you’ve chosen what you want in it and we want to make sure we build that appropriately incorrectly for you. So to do that, we have a process that we’ve placed a inaction and it is a multitiered, multistep option of the processes that we have in place, which is 10 steps. The first step is doing. So to figure out if we have a product that suits you, it’s a.

We do have something for everyone. So we encourage you to come out to our model home tours. You can schedule any of those by going on our website, calling our main office or better yet, coming into any of our model homes that are fully furnished and fully decorated across the Tulsa area. And when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you can find us here in Highland Creek, Brighton village, seven oaks, south Ashbrook. Uh, you can also find us in villages something, trails, rush, brick north, plenty of neighborhoods that we have Spring Creek, uh, the reserve at Spring Creek over in broken arrow. So we have many options for you to choose from. Edmond New Homes A come stop by and talk to any of our sales managers, new home specialist to go ahead and get those home to rescheduled, to find out what works best for you. Uh, as far as time goes to get on tour and see our beautiful homes that we have, representation of what you need in a home.

The second step is going to be our price sell. So this is where we actually, uh, go down and lay out pricing of what we offer for our homes based on the options that you choose in your home. So if you were wanting wood floors and tile and trim selections and all this, uh, what we ended up doing is looking for, uh, the possible homes that suits you and putting in the options that you choose to put in there. So with a process that we have in place, Edmond New Homes, we can make sure that you do get exactly what you wanted to the penny, uh, understanding what the pricing is a denim wise, um, so what’s included into your home are the standard features, and then any additional or optional changes that you make to the home, uh, we will give you full information on all of that, a depiction.

So we ask that you enjoy that process because it’s developed by you, the customer, and we’ve done it for you particularly to get the best result out of what you want for and a home. So when you look for custom homes, broken Arrow, and make sure that you check out our process. The second step, Edmond New Homes, after that, uh, a model home price out is going to be our model home reservation. So this is our home site reservation that we do for a thousand dollars. This is a refundable for seven days and we do not cash the check. It’s simply for us to, um, open up the possibility reserving a home site for you. And we have live software with 14 other new home specialist with 20 customers every month that they work with on a regular basis. And for that reason, we never know who’s in contention for which property.

So that thousand dollars allows you to reserve it in your name and allows us to delete it off of the software that we have to know other customers can potentially get that property of yours. Um, it’s a great way to make sure that you get exactly what you want, where you want it. Um, something else that we do when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow is going to, uh, the seven day policy. So our homestead reservation allows you to hold for seven days. That will allow you to get the seven days to think about it, pray about it, do a pros, cons list, whatever you really have to do to figure out if it’s the appropriate move for you. Once you do find that out within seven days of that time that you reserve the home site, we go to what’s called purchase agreement. And this is where you’re locking in a everything that you want, Edmond New Homes not necessarily the options because those are fluid and flexible as we go through.

But when you looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you can find that we, uh, definitely offer all the options that you need. And, uh, we are the best builder in the area. Um, our main office is in Brooklyn Arrow as well, but you’re more than welcome to a CS. Talked to us at any of our model homes scattered across all of Tulsa and get all the information that you’re requiring and needing a. When it comes to custom homes, broken Arrow, you can see that, Edmond New Homes, there are many options to choose from. However, we are most relevant. We are the best option because of the selections that we offer, um, and also the availability in which we build, not only that, but the timing that we offer and then making sure that we build to code, making sure that our quality is there are 10 year structural warranty, two year mechanical warranty in one year.

Everything warranty allows us to make sure that we do build the best homes for you. There are many builders in Tulsa, of which build maybe two, three, four, five homes each. Uh, we built north of 200 homes every year, 250 homes every year. And in doing so, it allows us to make sure that we are giving you the best price and making sure our quality control is excellent. Uh, so we do work on that every single day in every single home that we built. We’re always trying to better ourselves. So we look to what is offered out there for you. And uh, we make sure that the market is appropriate in such. Um, but when you look for custom homes, Edmond New Homes you can see that a show homes here. We definitely are the choice for you. A lot of customers ask about the process and see what’s involved and you know, they ask about what’s included when they’re on tour.

That’s why we specifically have the price out selection because that is the time that we go in and choose out all of the features in the home to see what it would cost, what it would be to build and how much each individual option takes to, for you to build it. So I would say that if you are open to finding um, which you want a home, then building is definitely a way to go and are priced out. Allows us to tell you exactly what things are going to cost for you to do. Just that. And that allows us to answer those questions for you about how much does something cost. Because on tour that’s asked a lot. And the best thing we can do is say, you know, we could tell you what it is, but that question can come up 50 times in a home tour. So our best way to resolve this as simply a, let’s complete the home tour. And let’s go on a model home price out, Edmond New Homes that’s after you find your favorite plan because each floor plans different if you choose granted for one grant, for the other is going to be a different costs, whether upward down because of the size of the kitchen, the amount of countertops, etc. But when you’re looking

for a broken arrow builders, you’re going to definitely find that we build the best custom homes. Broken arrow. I’m in the area. So come check us out. Hope you really look towards, um, show homes and what we can offer for you. We encourage you to come check on, go peruse our website, all of our floor plans around their communities or on there. Of course, we do have many other communities that are opening around the area. All of tulsa. We’re always expanding. Edmond New Homes, we have some great stuff coming down the pipe and a couple of years. So we encourage you to look out for that. Um, I’m open to letting you guys know what you’re wanting and definitely see that we have the proper homes for you. Um, so that a customer always asks is, um, when they, when they have the features, is it really what they want and what they mean by this is no brick selection or trim color, all this?

Well, what’s great about it is you’re not going off a piece of paper. You’re not going off software. You’re not going off of what a description is. You’re actually in the design studio, but you’re not going from shop to shop building to building business to business, trying to figure out which tile selection which would selection in which this which that because we have everything in house, in our large design studio. It’s the largest desires to be of any builder in Edmond New Homes. And when you’re looking for custom homes, broken arrow, you can find out that our design studio is a, a very large to, with nearly every option that we offer. And this gives you the opportunity to see them selection, the coloration and all the patterns and everything that you would choose, um, upfront in person. And that allows you the opportunity to make sure that you are getting what you’re looking for and getting what you want.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for anything that’s an option outside of what we do, it’s called a custom change. Now, custom changes handled in multiple different ways. When you’re looking for custom homes, broken arrow, you’re going to find that we have two different ways to do it. Structural and nonstructural. Structural change is anything that changes the exterior walls, the footprint of the home, the foundation, a nonstructural changes, anything that changes interior walls, interior selections, anything inside of the home. Really. um, so if you want a custom change, how we operate is this, we do a $200 fee for the nonstructural and for the structural to $500 fee, I can give you a ballpark price before that occurs. But if you want to move forward on that, you who ended deposit the $200 for the nonstructural change on the inside. Edmond New Homes what occurs after that is that we will now uploaded to the software and design it.

Architects build it, make sure it’s to go, everything’s right, uploaded to the program and put it in the system. If you choose to walk away from it at that point, that $200 is now a fee that you’ve lost based on the time that we’ve had to invest to design it for you and create that item. If you choose to move forward after we give you final pricing, which that ballpark was pretty close, uh, the final pricing will come along and, um, if you choose to move forward on that, then great. That $200 now moves towards your down payment of the home. So it’s not really anything she’d lose as long as you plan on continuing with it. Um, it’s really just a safeguard for people to not waste the time that’s very efficient, Edmond New Homes, to design and build what you need custom wise. If you’re not really certain about it, we’re not going to waste the time to do it. So we’re going to make sure it’s handled appropriately. but as a custom home builders, we definitely think that here, you know, when you’re looking for custom homes, broken arrow, you’re going to find that we are the best solution to any of the selections that you’re choosing. So, uh, hope you guys have a wonderful day and we’ll talk to you soon.

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