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Edmond New Homes | Limited Custom Designs

Edmond New Homes | Finding Your Style

As a big speed homes builders, we at shaw homes are building a number of custom homes in the big ski area in several different big speed neighborhoods, including, um, Yorktown. We have actually three different neighborhoods in Yorktown, all bixby schools. Um, Yorktown Covington is the newest neighborhood, um, and it’s on a beautiful hilly area just east of elm and south of 125th street. Basically I’m Covington’s a beautiful neighborhood with a big pond and it, Edmond New Homes in fact we have several pond lots and there’s also home sites that back to woods in Covington that are beautiful as well. We can build a number of floor plans back there, including we can even build smaller homes back in Covington, which is a nice opportunity to be able to have a smaller home in the nicest neighborhood because in your town we have $750,000 homes. So I’m Covington is open now and I’m taking reservations in there.

Uh, also we still have good home sites available in Birmingham, which is also in Yorktown. And then of course shelby at Yorktown, which is our, Edmond New Homes, high end luxury home sites. You know, half Acre or bigger for our waterstone homes, a product line as a bixby home builders, we want to give our customers what they’re looking for and we know they’re looking for a lot of versatility. So at Shaw homes we have over 80 floor plans and we can do custom designs, limited custom designs of, um, of those 80 floor plans as well as we have over 400,000 options or custom request options, uh, already preprogrammed into our system. So it makes it easy for me if you say, Hey, candy, um, I know two and a quarter inch oak hardwood floors are included in that waterstone home. But what if I wanted a four inch hand scraped hickory?

Well, it’s really easy for me to price that out for you because it’s already priced in there per each home that we have because of course every floor plan has a different amount of square footage and each different room. So. So we’ve got the former model, our Chelsea waterstone model for sale at four. Oh, five West, 127th place south. And this home is five bedroom, four and a half bath, three car garage. And as a big SPI homebuilder, um, we made the decision to go ahead and put not only a large game room in this Chelsea model, but we also have a really nice theater room upstairs. The kitchen is just to die for everybody who sees it just falls in love with it. Edmond New Homes The great room is so large, you can put a lot of furniture, actually laid out a whole bunch of different ways in there.

So there’s a lot of versatility that home is great for a lot of families. I can also build it for you. I’m a number of different ways, including even as a single story home. So, um, and I built a number of those single story homes in several different neighborhoods both here and as a big ski home builder and then also in Baroque and narrow and in Jake’s. So, um, yeah, we can build that Chelsea a number of different ways and it’s beautiful. And um, then in addition to the Chelsea home in Yorktown for sale, we’ve also got two homes in estates at the river. One of them is a beautiful Monterrey one h. Now I just love this home. It’s 3,448 square feet and it’s loaded located at five, five, two, two east, Edmond New Homes 122nd place south in big speed. Um, so that’s just off of a 121st about halfway between Yale and Sheridan.

On the south side of the road you’ll see the shaw signs for sale at the entrance of the neighborhood. Well, this home that we’ve got that is for sale is actually in the back of the neighborhood on a nice, huge culdesac lot. So if a family wanted to purchase that and put a pool in, you would have plenty of room back there. And that home is for sale. The, the Monterey one h four bedroom, three and a half bath, three car garage, beautifully decorated for only $442,523. So what a great family home to get the family moved into. Edmond New Homes be right there in the big city school district. Then also in estates at the river, we are starting a new monroe one. He, that home is 3074 square feet and it’s going to be located at five four. Oh, six east, 122nd place south. Um, it’s going to be four bedroom, three bath, three car garage, a beautiful monroe home with the nearly 10 foot island, 26 foot back.

Patios that has a huge back patio of the Monroe is one of my most popular floor plans. And we can actually build custom build that Monroe floorplan a 16 different ways. So there’s a lot of ways we customize it. We would get our floor plan designs. Actually the ideas come from our customers. They’ll say things like, well, hey, I see this utility room and your monroe is um, you walk into it as you come in from the garage. Well I don’t want to see my homework every night when I come home. So, um, is there any way you could put that utility room off of the master closet so I can have a walk through straight from the entrance into the home from the garage into my utility room and into my closet where I’m kicking off my shoes there. Well, yes, yes, the answer is yes, we can do that. And in fact, um, that idea came from a customer and uh, so we started building it that way and then we had customers that said, well, Edmond New Homes, I really don’t need both the formal dining room and this study. So our monroe too was born where we eliminated one of those rooms and

the saving our customers a lot of money. So, um, does two beautiful homes are in estates at the river. We also have in Somerset, Edmond New Homes which is a gated community at 121st. And Sheridan, one of our Redford’s for sale. This is red for three. So it has a big beautiful front porch on it. A nice inviting entryway.


our beautiful Redford in Somerset is a single story 2,354 square foot home. Uh, the red part is just really, really special as a bixby home builder. Our customers have told us that not all of them want a formal dining room area, but a lot of them want an area that is big enough off the kitchen that could accommodate just their formal dining room furniture. So in other words, instead of having two eating areas, just one eating area that can include a, you’re pretty furniture and the redford delivers on that promise. In fact, the Redford delivers on a lot of promises. Um, as a big speed home builder, a lot of couples have told us that they don’t want to share their vanities and their master bath. Edmond New Homes so we’ve split the vanities in the master bath for you. In fact, we’ve even split the closet and I have sold that to couples before just for that very reason because the cars, it was split into his side and her side and they didn’t want to share sides of the closet.

So we call Redford the marriage saver for the fact that it checks off a lot of boxes for a lot of people. The great room is a nice square size. I love the Redford kitchen because it has so many cabinets. If you’re a real cook, um, you need a lot of cabinet space for all your pots and pans and dishes and the Redford actually most open island kitchens, you just have one wall of cabinets, uh, behind the island. But in the Redford you actually have two full walls of cabinetry and the cabinets actually are super tall, then go up to 52 inches. So Edmond New Homes that’ll accommodate a lot of dishes, which makes my heart sing. I have more dishes. Well, it’s really a sickness. I have so many dishes. It’s crazy. But, um, a lot of people are like me and they do love to entertain and they do love to cook. And um, we like our dishes and our pots and pans and our kitchen tools and things like that. And so you can store all of those in the Redford as a big speed homebuilder we brought you the Redford.

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