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Edmond New Homes | Looking Around

Edmond New Homes | The Newest Homes

How shaw homes, we build custom homes and broken arrow. One of our most popular custom homes that I’m going to tell you about today is our workhorse been row. This home is a workhorse because it can certainly serve as a lot of families, a lot of different ways. Um, we build custom homes and broken Arrow and our families have all told us that hey, out of my home doesn’t need to function exactly like my next door neighbor’s home. And a monroe certainly delivers that because we can build it 15 different ways for lots of different families. Are Monroe to, is the specific Monroe version that I’m going to talk with you about today. Edmond New Homes, it’s our newest shaw homes model in the village at southern trails as a custom homes broken arrow builder. We have more furnished and decorated model homes than any other builder and the Greater Tulsa area.

And the reason why is because we want our customers to know exactly what their home is going to look like and feel like when they go to contract with us. So how else are you going to know if the builder doesn’t have a model home for you to look at? Well, are Monroe Tupe, is one of our most requested versions of the Monroe and it is a, a great home at 2,700 square feet. Um, it has four bedrooms and three bathrooms and a game room as well as a room downstairs that could serve as either a dining room or a study or a flex room. Edmond New Homes Has a nice high volted ceiling. We’ll get to that just a second. So when you walk up to them and row on the front porch, it’s a nice generous front porch area with a high 12 foot ceiling. So it feels even larger than it is a.

You walk in through the front door into a very nice size entry hall at five foot five by 11 foot eight on your right is a huge coat closet. Now when I say huge, I mean it’s huge. This thing holds a lot of coats. And then just to your left of the done in of the entryway is that flex room I told you about. It’s 11 foot, three inches by 13 feet, seven inches, and it has vaulted a pie to a 12 foot ceiling. So sometimes families will have me put a pair of French doors on it. They’ll use it as like a, Edmond New Homes maybe a small downstairs game room or play room now and then later moved the kiddos upstairs and make that an office or a dining room for the family. Um, so it’s so great that that one room can function a number of different ways.

I even have some families that just use that front room as like a formal living room area for entertaining. So, um, if you had the Kiddos, you know, in the great room watching TV and you had a couple of friends over, you could sit with them in the formal living room up front. Then if you step on into the Monroe to p, Edmond New Homes, on your right you will see the staircase had an APP. But if you look straight ahead, you are looking in the great room with a corner fireplace and the three, a large windows that overlooked the patio. Now this great room is huge. It is 15, seven by 24 slash seven, almost 25 feet long, so it is plenty big with a very large, uh, I call it a TV wall wall that you can put a TV cabinet on and then have that open, um, Sofa area in the middle or a sectional in the middle of the room still over by the windows and the corner fireplace.

You’ve still got room for a couple of chairs and a sitting area over there. A nice and cozy overlooking the patio and close to the fireplace. As a custom home builder in broken Arrow. Our families tell us that, that all the family and friends gather around the kitchen island when you are entertaining. Edmond New Homes the Monroe island certainly lends itself perfectly for that because it is nearly 10 feet long. It’s nine foot. Well, it’s nine and a half feet long. So, um, it has plenty of room for lots of friends and family to hang around while I’m watching you pull appetizers out of the oven and entertain right there in the kitchen. The kitchen, of course, has nice a row of cabinets behind the island with the cooktop in it, and then the sink in the island, it has a generous coordinator Pantry that will store everything you need with five shelves on two sides.

So basically you’ve got 10 large shelves inside this corner Pantry to hold everything. And then a second wall of cabinets that a flank the oven and microwave cabinet. So, uh, we built custom homes and broken Arrow and our families tell us, hey, we like big islands and we want a generous size nook in case we want to just use that as our only a dining area. Well, this notebook with a, by the way, a nine foot ceiling. So it makes it seem nice and tall. Um, makes it feel nice and tall. Is a generous size of 10 foot three by nearly 12 feet long. So, um, it’s just a very nice size nook. Has two windows and then a glass door that exits out to the covered patio. Now let’s talk about covered Patios for a minute. Edmond New Homes This covered patio is 26 feet eight inches long.

It is huge. Edmond New Homes, all completely covered. So if you like to entertain outdoors, this might be the patio for you. It’s 26 by nine foot seven inches. So it’s a huge, huge, huge patio off of the great room. There is a hallway, a with a linen closet for the master with five shelves in it. And then you make a lefthand turn kind of behind the fireplace into the master bedroom. That master bedroom is trey. The ceiling is trade up to attend foot ceiling and it is a very generous size of 20 feet, seven inches by 13 feet, 11 inches. So we build custom homes and broken Arrow and we listened to our buyers and they have told us that they want large master bedrooms and the Monroe master bedroom certainly delivers with plenty of room for a king size bed and it has this cute little, it’s not little has acute sitting area off to one side of the master bedroom.

So there’s actually four windows in that master bedroom letting in lots and lots of natural light. Then from the master bedroom, you step into the master bathroom, which actually has a, his and hers sinks and his and hers vanities. I say his and hers because his is three foot six and hers of course is six feet long, but that’s okay. Most of the men are just fine with us because for him he’s got this huge three car garage and that huge 26 foot patio so he doesn’t mind giving up the bigger vanity for. For her it has a really cute a corner tub with a shelf area that’s great for decorating on the backside of that corner tub and it has a very large 36 by 60 inch our. So that’s a five foot shower. So Edmond New Homes it’s really nice size. Then from the master bathroom you enter into the master closet, which is also very generous size of 11 by 13 three, so lots of rods and shelves for hanging your clothes and course. You also had the option of uh, putting a seasonal closet vaulting that see that closet on it if you need to. I don’t see why you’d need to because this thing is already.

But Hey, that’s just me

as a custom homes broken arrow builder, we have heard you loud and clear and we know that you want your, your laundry room right off your master closet. So the Vin Road Tupe offers that for you with also a very large four foot a cabinet lower cabinet in there with a granite top on it for folding clothes. Edmond New Homes then also there are two additional bedrooms downstairs. Bedroom number two, bedroom number three. So when you enter from the garage,


you were entering into a mud bench area, utility room just to the left bathroom number two and right across the hall bedroom number two, number three. Edmond New Homes

You can find Edmond New Homes these@shawhomes.com.

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