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Edmond New Homes | Lots of Space

Edmond New Homes | Lots of Space

How’s the big home builder here in Beautiful Yorktown? Shaw homes also offers a, a floor plan that is quite versatile, called and notting hill are. Notting Hill actually starts at only 2,377 square feet. But that’s a two story home with three bedrooms. It’s really, really, really nice home and a powder bath. The biggest pantry you ever. Never saw a nice sized master suite. Master bath master closet that walks through to the utility room right there off the master closet. And Edmond New Homes, and then a study downstairs with a vaulted ceiling in and of course a three car garage. And then upstairs, uh, two bedrooms, a game room, and a bathroom. Now the, uh, notting hill in a yourtown as a big Spi homebuilder actually starts at 2,605 square feet because we’ve added an additional bedroom and walk in closet upstairs, um, and an additional bathroom upstairs. So if you’re one of those families that needs to upstairs, bathrooms for the Kiddos a, this might be the floorplan for you.

It’s great. Um, lots of storage. The kitchen is big. Lots of cabinet space. Like I said, that huge, huge pantry and then a nice sized covers, pat covered patio. The notting hill l in Yorktown starts at three, 20 to 200, so just over $300,000 you can get into a three car garage, four bedroom with a actually three and a half bath home right here in Yorktown. Who would have thought that was possible? We love our notting hill, l and M, um, it has a big entryway. I’ll describe it to you as a big entryway. So when you come in, Edmond New Homes the front door, just to your left is an opening to this study.

The study has a vaulted ceiling in it and making it feel even larger than it already is at 12, at three by 10 foot 11. And then as a big home builder here in Yorktown, Edmond New Homes, all of our homes come with included with a three car garage. And um, but the notting hill, especially if you’ve got little ones until anya, all those extra bathrooms would be so helpful at such a great value price of three slash 20 to 200. Now that includes the average lot cost. And it also includes our current, so I have some lots back there with, with the credits that cub on them that I can take right off the price of that home. And then our current incentive is $15,000 that you can use towards money off the price of your home or towards closing costs or towards any upgrades that you might want in your family for your family home.

We also offer a Nottinghill v, which is slightly larger square footage at 25, 35, has all those same beautiful rooms downstairs with that open island kitchen to the family room, master bedroom, walk through from the master bath master closet into the utility room. And then the laundry and the beautiful half bath, which is so important to families so they can keep it pretty all the time for company. And then upstairs it, uh, has three bedrooms and a game room. And I’m only one bathroom upstairs. So Edmond New Homes the Notting Hill v actually starts at three slash 17, 400. So, uh, that’s a lot of home in Yorktown for not very much money. The parkwood h is another home that we offer here in Yorktown at 2,623 square feet for only $320,000. Now the park wood is a beautiful home. It’s built on a nine foot plate line, which means has nice tall ceilings.

When you walk in the front door, just to your left is going to be a study with a big vaulted ceiling in it. Then there’s also a powder bath and an entryway closet off of the entry just to the right of the staircase that goes upstairs. I love the master suite in the park. Would it is gorgeous and it is big and it takes up really one third of the downstairs. It’s just really, really spectacular. And then it has a nice size, great room, a kitchen area with lots of extra counter space and a huge walk in Pantry, which I love Edmond New Homes.

So as you’re walking in from the garage, there’s the utility room area for the mud bench that is so popular these days. And then you walk on past that little ways to your right. A huge laundry room and I’m talking a huge laundry room. So if you do laundry you would love having this big laundry room and then the huge walk in Pantry to your left and then you’re into the kitchen. So when you’re coming in from the garage, just a few steps and you’re unloading groceries in your kitchen and in your utility room. So it’s great. And then in the park Parkwood, all the Kiddos go upstairs as a big SPI home builder. We know that that’s something that’s important to young families for the Kiddos to go upstairs and Edmond New Homes, you know, be able to take their mess and their toys and everything upstairs with them.

So the park would, h has two bedrooms upstairs and a large game room and a bathroom at 2,623 square feet. It starts in your town and only $320,000. So that’s an incredible buy for a home in beautiful family friendly Yorktown for only 300, $20,000. We also offer the Parkwood in a couple of other different versions are Parkwood. Um, our Parkwood l, which is 2,894 square feet, um, uh, the difference between it and the Parkwood h has an additional bathroom and an additional bedroom upstairs with a very large walk in closet. So no matter how many kiddos you have, um, the Parkwood can actually get up to a five bedroom home in Yorktown and that five bedroom home has two full baths upstairs so the boys can have one bath and the girls can have another bath that makes it so convenient for families. Edmond New Homes And even the big Parkwood, the largest version of it starts at only $340,500 here in Yorktown.

So that is a great value for, um, for this home in this neighborhood for, like I said, a family friendly neighborhood. You’re gonna. Want to check out the park, wood and Yorktown. Speaking of family friendly in Yorktown as a big Spi home builder, we also offer our beautiful stone brick, which I’m the stonebrook actually starts in York town at a 2,467 square feet. It is only $309,800. So it’s a great value for families as well. Edmond New Homes with the stone brick, we’ve actually won a number of awards with the stone brick, um, during the parade of homes. The stonebrook is a neat, a very unique home in that the island rather than the island, uh, facing the back of the room basically in the great room, the island actually overlooks the nook which overlooks the backyard and doesn’t that make sense when you’re standing there cooking, doing dishes at the kitchen sink, don’t you want to be able to see the kiddos playing in the backyard and what all is going on back there.

You can still see the television in the great room if you turn your head slightly to the lift, but it overlooks that gorgeous nook and the nook is large. It’s large enough to accommodate most dining room furniture with a, with a large hedge like a China cabinet in there as well as a nice size table and chairs. Edmond New Homes, when I say nice size, it’s almost 16 feet by 12 feet, five inches. So it’s a huge nook for formal dining room furniture just for big farmhouse table for a large family. The stone, the stone brook actually offers a, a very large notebook. Um, which is great. It also comes with a three car garage as well as all of our standard features. Oh. And the cutest powder bath you’ve ever. Never seen his adorable. And it’s nice and private, which I like. So when you pull it, when you walk in the entryway and the stonebrook, there’s a open study with a vaulted ceiling in it. And then right around the corner, a beautiful powder bath.

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