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Edmond New Homes | Making A Difference

Edmond New Homes | Southern Trails

That shaw homes, we build custom homes and broken Arrow and I just wanted to continue telling you about some of the beautiful homes that we currently have for sale in the Baroque, a narrow area in the beautiful village at southern trails. That’s the located off of 101st street between Lynn Lane and county line road. It’s a gorgeous neighborhood with a real, pretty. A pool. Clubhouse area also has a gorgeous. I’m a really nice playground, uh, for the kiddos upfront. It’s real colorful and cute. A lot of fun Edmond New Homes. There are some nice size home sites still available for custom built, but we have already got one built for you. That is our former model home in the village at southern trails. It’s 3,448 square feet. It’s our gorgeous Monterey model. Um, beautiful hardwood, a walnut floors in that home. And um, it’s located at three six. Oh, six south for boulevard.

And um, this home at 348 or 3,448 square feet is pretty incredible. It’s got four bedrooms. It has three full baths. The master shower, you just wouldn’t believe it. It’s like an eight foot shower. It’s huge. We call it the human car wash. It’s one of those walk through shower. So it’s just open no door to contend with no door to keep clean, nothing like that. Plus it also has a rain head in there. So you are um, getting a beautiful shower experience when you shower in that, in that, uh, in that master shower. The master suite is incredible. The Bat, the bedroom is really large with a small, like a nook sitting area off the master suite. The thing that makes this how so special, I sell it a lot to medical professionals, people, Edmond New Homes professionals, people who do shift work because as you go down a long l-shaped a haul to get to the master, the master is so private that a lot of things can be going on in the rest of the home.

Cooking kids watching TV, doing homework, things like that. And um, and mom or dad who worked the night shift could still be sleeping. It’s just nice and quiet as a very private master retreat. So it has a two bedrooms down, two bedrooms, up, a very, very large game room. This game room is, is huge with a large walk in closet inside the game room that can act as you know, to hold all your games, all your media, things like that. So the Monterey model for sale in the village at southern trails is beautiful. I’m also in the village at southern trails. We have a Redford single story for home for sale at 2,349 square feet. It is located at three, six, one eight south court. Edmond New Homes, as I said, we build custom homes and broken arrow. And this is uh, one of the SPEC homes that we have that we have built for you that is nearly ready for you to move in.

It is in the trim stage also among our customer homes in broken Arrow in the village at southern trails at a flat 2,700 square feet. We had the monroe, m to p at 3,725 south elder boulevard. It is priced at only three, 10, nine, 26. It is currently in the paint stage, so it is being painted, uh, the Monroe MTP is just beautiful and also in that same neighborhood, the villages, southern trails, we have a beautifully finished and furnished and decorated Monroe mtp. So it’s nice that I’m not only do we have the homes that are empty that are for sale in broken Arrow, but we can take you into a fully furnished and decorated model homes so that you can see exactly what your home would look like with your furniture in it. Edmond New Homes, we do build custom homes in broken Arrow here at shaw homes and those homes that, uh, in the village at southern trails might be just perfect for you and your family.

I’m also in broken Arrow among our custom homes. We have the beautiful Spring Creek neighborhood now spring creek is located off of 121st street, just very, very close to the creek turnpike and to, uh, the big, uh, the big theater there. So, um, it’s a great area of town to live in. It’s close to close to everything. And that broken Arrow and Tulsa have to offer heck, you could be at the airport, the Tulsa International Airport in a matter of, you know, I’d say 15 to 18 minutes Max. I’m in Spring Creek. We also have one of our crescents I’m going in that’s for sale. It’s actually just during the design phase. Now with the things that we have planned to put in there, it’s going to be priced at $326,600 and it’s only 2,946 square feet. So Edmond New Homes it’s a perfect size for you and your family and it’s at that phase where you could actually pick some of the finishes.

So, um, you know, as a custom homes builder in broken Arrow, we actually have preprogrammed into our system not only 70 different floor plans, but over 400,000 different options that our clients can choose from on the many different finishes for their home. Whether you want Stucco, stone, brick paint on the exterior, uh, you can really customize your home a lot. And then on the Interior, oh my goodness. So many cabinet options. A door options. Just so many different finishes for sale, like I said, or for, for you, Edmond New Homes, to take advantage of, like I said in our system, we currently have over 400,000 options for our custom homes, broken Arrow clients to choose from. So, um, we would love for you to come see some of our custom homes in broken Arrow and to find out more about us, you can always log onto our website@www.shaw homes.com.

That’s www.shaw homes.com. Or you can call our main office at nine. One eight two five eight six one six, one that is the phone number of the main, uh, shaw homes office there. And show homes. Office is located at a one four two. Oh, west Kanosha in broken arrow. That is, I’m kind of across from Rhema Bible College. It’s between, Edmond New Homes, east of 145th street off of Kenosha, which is 71st street in Baroque and Arrow. Or you can always call me. I’m the senior sales manager. My name is candice matter. I’ve worked for a shallow homes for nearly 12 years now. And um, I have certainly enjoyed all the thousands of customers and families that I’ve been able to work with over the years and help them building their dream home or finding their dream home and putting it together. You know, there’s something really special about living in new construction.

I mean, it is no maintenance. You have lower insurance costs because everything is current and up to code. And as a custom homes broken arrow builder, we offer nearly 70 different floor plans that we can build in Jake’s Bixby, broken Arrow, I know law as well as offsite on your own property. So if you have a lot in Sapulpa, call me my cell phone number is nine one eight, seven, two, four, two, two eight, zero. And I would be happy to talk with you about how we at Shaw homes, can, um, can help build your dream home on your lot there in Sapulpa or any other location in the Greater Tulsa area. Let’s say you own a, a lot in a neighborhood and established neighborhood or you bought a lot years ago. Edmond New Homes, and we’re no longer currently building in that neighborhood. That doesn’t mean that we can’t. We certainly can. So just give us a call at shaw homes at nine. One, eight, two, five, eight, six, one six, one or nine. One Eight, seven, two, four, two, two, eight, zero.

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