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Edmond new Homes | Making The Right Decisions

Edmond new Homes | Making The Right Decisions

When building a home with custom homes, broken Arrow, it’s important to have a idea of what is going. It’s important to have an idea of how the process will occur. Shaw homes has an excellent process that we go over thoroughly with our customers from the moment that they tour our model homes and step through the door. Uh, we like to offer our customers a thorough explanation of everything that they are going to be seeing throughout the building process. We know it’s important for customers to be comfortable with the process from start to finish. Um, and every part of the build that they are going to see when are building, we know that one of the reasons why some people are timid when it comes to building a new home and going through the buying process, um, is because they aren’t comfortable with, Edmond new Homes, they don’t have the knowledge of what is going to happen next.

And when someone’s unsure, it’s very hard for them to make a decision and go forward. And that’s something that we like to be able to assure clients have. That there is a thorough process and you can trust your advisor or the entire way through the build. Um, so all the way from the model home tour to the price out to talking about financing and a homesite reservation. We also want our customers to be in the know during the building process as well. Edmond new Homes, we want them to be comfortable when the home is being built and what to expect during that time. Um, it can be a lengthy process. It will take about six months from groundbreaking, um, until you get the keys to your new home. And during that time we really like to have our customers be comfortable with and asking any questions and being confident about what to expect during that time.

Um, once you walk in the door with, into one of our show homes models, you will speak to one of our representatives. They will go over with you, not only the floorplan of the home that you were in, um, but talk about some of the other floor plans that we have available as well. If you are considering a move in ready home, um, because you don’t have the time to build or need something immediately, that’s also something that our representatives can get you in touch with. Edmond new Homes, we have several move in ready homes in all of our communities across the Greater Tulsa area and that’s something that they can help you with as well. Um, a lot of our realtor contacts let us know that that’s something that’s very important to a lot of our customers because not everyone has the ability to build. Um, and so that’s why we wanted to make that opportunity available to all of our clients so that they can have the opportunity to be in a Sha home and have the opportunity to, um, enjoy the structural integrity of our homes without going through the process of building.

That being said, when considering building Sha homes is the number one choice of builders with all Edmond new Homes, because we have the best warranty, um, out of all the builders and the Greater Tulsa area, we’re going to give you that integrity that the other builders maybe won’t. Maybe you won’t see with other builders. Um, it’s a really important for our customers to not only be comfortable with the process that also be comfortable with everyone that they are speaking with during that time. We know that it’s very important for us to feel secure and trust the salesperson that they’re dealing with, the trust, the construction manager, it’s building their home and everyone that, hey, we’ll work with throughout the process. Uh, we know that when you are building a home, you want to be able to feel like you are having all of your questions answered and that’s something that we want to be able to provide with custom homes, broken arrow. We know that all of our customers are very important to us and we want them to feel as if all of their questions are being answered and they know what is coming up next in the process. Um, so that’s really why we think it’s very important to go over such a strict process. Edmond new Homes, that’s why there are a central 10 essential steps with building and buying a new home

here in homebuying basics. This video will cover all the categories you see listed in the menu on the left side of this screen and if you want to know how to build a Sha home and stay tuned and watch this video, it’s going to be on our website, on Shaw homes.com for homebuying basics. Edmond new Homes, it just reviews some of the homebuying basics that and you will need to address, um, and that you will see when you are in the process of building a home. Um, and you can check that out on our website for custom homes, broken Arrow with shaw homes. Have you heard that home? That building a home can be difficult or stressful at shaw homes. We feel the process is simple and stress free. Maybe the person who told you that built with a company that doesn’t have the proven process and experienced team in place to do things.

The Shaw homes way. What we like to tell our customers is we’ve done this a few thousand times. So if it’s okay if you haven’t, you are out there on your own trying to figure it all out and you will have your shaw homes team are right there with you from contract to design studio to drafting, to construction to closing, to warranty. We have experienced experts in place to guide you and answer the questions we already know you will have. In fact, we probably can already tell you what questions you are going to have before you even have them and if you are unsure of what the processes, let’s walk through it right now. Um, as we watch this video, step one is going to be your model home tour, Edmond new Homes, because who doesn’t love to go look at beautifully decorated model homes and at Shaw homes we have more fully furnished and decorated model homes than any other builder in the Tulsa area.

So we invite you to join us on what will be one of the most information packed experiences in your home shopping process. The model home tour the tour allows you to see what would take a couple of weeks on your own and just two hours because time is something nobody ever has too much of these days. The second step in the process is going to be financing in order to help you focus in on the plans that will best fit your budget. We suggest applying for mortgage preapproval letter from one of our preferred lenders soon after your model home tour. This free application can be done online and only takes a few minutes. When finished with your application. You should have your approval within 24 hours or three preferred lenders are Juan Rodriguez with First Oklahoma mortgage, Edmond new Homes Lexi gains with Spirit Bank and Ethan Wagner with Bank of Oklahoma. All three of those preferred lenders. Well get you our full incentive, um, for that month.

And you will also receive $1,500 towards your closing costs that will be paid for by the lender. Step three will be the home site reservation. Now that you have selected your own one of a kind home, it’s time to find the one of a kind of piece of land to place it on the home site. Not every home fits on every home site. So now that we know the plan, we will show you what homesites your plan fits on. Once you select your home site, it’s time to do a seven day refundable deposit called a homesite reservation. This will take your favorite one off the market for the next seven days. Then we will go over any other remaining questions you may have before moving forward to purchase agreement. Edmond new Homes Homesite reservations are important because we can always duplicate the home, but we can never duplicate the land.

It’s also very important to have that home site reservation because there are 12 new home specialists that are working around the clock with clients every day that are planning home sites as well. Um, they’re going on tours, they’re dealing with, um, they’re speaking with a lender about financing and they’re also looking at home sites as well. We would hate for any of our clients to fall in love with the home site, only to find out that it’s already been reserved by someone else, which is why the home site reservation is so important and so paramount in our process. We know that the home site reservation is something that can’t be duplicated, Edmond new Homes which is why we feel it’s so important.

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