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As a big SPI homebuilder at shaw homes, we um, know that sometimes our customers don’t have time to custom build a home and so they really like it when we have some brand new homes in our inventory that they could look at in the different neighborhoods. And realtors especially loved that are realtors love to call us about our move in ready homes. And in fact, I, I usually get a call a day, I’m asked from a realtor or asking what have you gotten? The big city school districts. So as a bixby home builder, we currently have move in ready homes in one, two, three, four, five, six, seven different communities in the big city school district. And they range in price from 259, Edmond New Homes nine, nine, nine all the way up to 599, nine, nine nine. So a wide variety. And, um, the big city school district and as a home builder here at Shaw homes, we like to have those in our inventory for you.

Um, so let me tell you about some of those today. In Quail Creek in big speed, which quail creek is very, very close to a big speed north elementary, so it’s on the south side of 121st street, about halfway between memorial and Sheridan. So Quail Creek is a really nice community, a nice neighborhood in a great location and literally you could walk to school, um, or the kids could ride their bike, they would have to cross 121st street, but there is a spot there where they can do that. Edmond New Homes um, so as a bixby home builder in Quail Creek, we’ve got one of our single story Monroe’s for sale of this home is very popular because it just, um, it just meets a lot of criteria for what families are looking for these days. The, uh, home is 2,274 square feet. It’s our m one, one by Shaw homes.

And the address is seven, three, eight, one east, 125th place south. So this home is actually in the pain stage. Was means it’s very close to being done just in time for someone who needs to get into the big ski school district. A big speed north elementary in particular to this is going to be done just in time for you to purchase this home and then get that address that you need to get your kiddos enrolled in school. So, um, this home is three bedroom, two bath, three car garage. It also has a large, a formal dining room with a vaulted ceiling and it has an office in it or a study. Um, this home is, has huge master bedroom. It can accommodate a king size bed, several tables, you know, Edmond New Homes trusted drawers and it also has a sitting area off of the master bedroom that’s very popular with this monroe floor plan.

And then two other bedrooms downstairs that share a hall bath and the utility slash mudroom area. Um, this home has got a one of the largest islands of any homes that we built. It’s almost 10 feet long and the outdoor covered patio is 26 feet long, so it’s huge. Um, so if outdoor living is your thing, I’m this beautiful monroe and Quail Creek, it might just be the home for you for 315,000, $129. Like I said, it’s almost done. I’m also as a bixby home builder in seven lakes. We have our former model home for sale. Edmond New Homes, our model home backs up to a very large pond. It’s one of the prettiest ponds in seven lakes and in fact it backs up to the, the long view of the pond. So if you’re sitting on the patio of the model home, the, uh, your eye goes to the clear to the other end of the pond and it’s quite a ways down there. This, uh, this former model home is our Wyndham, the, it is at 3,561 square feet and it’s a, it’s a beautiful home. So I’ll try to describe it to you. There’s a three car garage on the front, um, you walk down and a really beautiful stacked stone, um, arched entryway that is arched. I’m in front of the front porch. And then you step in through the wood and glass eight foot tall, front door

into the entryway. Now once in the entryway, of course your eyes immediately go to the back of the home and that beautiful pond because there’s three windows in the great room, and then two additional windows in the nook that are overlooking that pond. So that’s where your eye’s going to go. But if you look to the left, you will see a nice, a nice sized steady or office there. Then also as a bixby homebuilder, we’re going to have to the right your formal dining room. Now your formal dining rooms going to have a high vaulted ceiling in it. And you can actually, it has a walkthrough that goes from formal dining room through a Butler’s pantry and a large walk in Pantry area on, through, into the kitchen. So Edmond New Homes if you’re bringing your groceries in through the front door, it’s a very quick walk to put all your groceries away in the pantry there.

Um, then additionally, the great room is a very large size, kind of a rectangle, shape, a great room. So that over by the windows that overlook that beautiful patio and pond area, you have got room for a couple of club chairs over there with maybe a table in between. It’s just a beautiful home. The cabinets in this home are dark stain and the island is a nice size, big, big, big island. The finishes in this home, of course they’re all gorgeous because it was our model home there in seven lakes are shaw homes model there in seven legs as a bixby home builder. We like to have as many different floor plans and models as we can to show um, fact at shaw homes we had the largest number of furnished and decorated model homes have any builder in the Greater Tulsa area. So we take a lot of pride in that, that we don’t sell you a hoe accustomed home from, Edmond New Homes, just lines on a page and a floor plan.

But we actually have a model that you can walk in, see, feel, and touch and tell ’em if you’re furniture will fit in that room or not. Edmond New Homes just tag exactly how the space is going to feel. Then I’m in the model home, it’s a four bedroom, three bath, three car garage, but I’m upstairs. There’s actually a huge game room that has windows overlooking the pond area and in addition to that, it has an extra bonus room that’s a very large room that could just be a, a toy room or it could be a media room or hey, you could actually use it as another bedroom.

So the Wyndham is for sale and we would love to see your family move into it just in time for school to start the price on the Wyndham is three 99, 900. And believe me for seven legs for that big a home for that much square footage. That’s an incredible prize. Um, so you can give us a call at nine. One, eight, seven, two, four, two, two eight. Edmond New Homes, about this home. And I would be glad to tell you more about it. Also as a bixby home builder in seven lakes, we have one of our beautiful stone brook bees. Now this home is great and it’s on a really great lot, which is one of the best things about it. This if is your thing, this is where you want to be. It’s, I’m in a culdesac lot on the far northeast corner of the seven lakes property, so it backs to woods and then, uh, you have a neighbor on one side, but on the other side you actually have a reserve that will never be built on. So like I said, if privacy is your thing, this is where you’re going to want to be a to get this much privacy in big speed is just literally unheard of. Um, so the stonebrook the is 2,619 square feet. This home is located at 70, 95 east 124th street south and is for sale for $327,970. This home is complete. It is four bedrooms, it’s two and a half bath and it’s three car garage. Uh, give us a call at shaw homes.

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