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    Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | A Beautiful Gated Community

    Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | A Beautiful Gated Community

    At Shaw homes as a Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, we have, um, move in ready homes actually all over the Greater Tulsa area as well as our add a custom id floor plans of custom homes that we can build either in our 25, 30 different neighborhoods that we normally build in or on your own land. So there’s a lot of different ways that we can take care of you here at Shaw homes. Um, as a bixby home builder, of course we have a number of move in ready homes, had the big Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, but we also have move in ready homes in the union school district in the Tulsa area. The first one I’m going to tell you about today’s our Cedar Hills waterstone former model. Now this home is just gorgeous. It’s special and um, it’s a very large home so it would accommodate a large family. It’s 3,940 square feet.

    This is our avery floorplan that used to be our model in a gated hill, a gated community of Cedar Hills, which is just on the north side of 101st street, about halfway between Garnette and 120 nights. So you’ve got easy access to the creek turnpike. I’m easy access to one 69 highway, um, you can just get anywhere in a very short amount of time from this location and have the great union school system as well as a beautiful gated community. This community is small, but it is a, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, it is full of luxury, very expensive homes. It has two gates to it and it basically is just a horseshoe shape. So you pull in one gate, you drive on one street and you exit out the other side. It’s a small community, so it’s a great community. Um, this home that we have for sale is, like I said, our former eva remodel for waterstone homes.

    It’s four bedrooms, three and a half baths and three car garage. This home is beautiful. It has a stone and stucco exterior. Um, that’s just very attractive with a lot of really pretty landscaping in the front of this home as well as a would overlay in a garage door on the garage. When you pull up the door is a very heavy eight foot rod, iron and glass front door. So you know, you’re opening an unexpensive door when you open the front door. And then in the entry hall, which is quite long, has to, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, well first of all it has a super high injury where I want to, I think it’s about probably 16 feet high. And then in addition to being super tall, there are two chandelier’s suspended from a box and set accent, a ceiling accents in this entryway. The first door you see on your right is a pair of French doors to the study with a built in bench seat in this study, a couple of steps forward and you are in the formal dining room on your right, that has beautiful Wayne’s coating through it a throughout and then a textured, um, hand glazed painting technique on the upper portion of the walls.

    In addition, the dining room has a walkthrough with a Butler’s pantry that leads into the kitchen area and just opposite the Butler’s Pantry is a huge walk in pantry with all kinds of custom shelves in there, uh, and in the Butler’s pantry even, it has a custom designed, a wine rack for you there as a big ski home builder. We at Waterstone Emmett Shaw homes, uh, like to put a lot of pretty in our homes. And this avery certain delivered certainly delivers with a lot of the pretty options. The kitchen. Let me tell you about the kitchen in this avery. Well, the kitchen is just huge and awesome and it has a two story ceiling in it. So the ceiling goes up very high in the kitchen. I’m so high that the vent hood, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma the beautiful decorative stucco front vent hood goes all the way up to the ceiling.

    And then there is a transom window window on either side of this, a beautiful cooktop. There are two big rows of walls of cabinets in this kitchen with a beautiful back splash on it. And I’m really pretty island. The island is very large and has just gorgeous a granite countertops on it. And then of course the kitchen overlooks the large great room and the new look, the very large Nook, I’ll just off of the. So the vaulted ceiling from the kitchen continues in the nook. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, in fact, there is a large arch top transom window on the outside wall that overlooks the backyard. And then, uh, the great room has a four windows also overlooking the backyard and a little galley way that’s so pretty off the great room with a couple of chandelier hanging in it that leads a fuck. A private hallway to the master was not private because it’s open, but, um, that leads to the master bedroom.

    And the thing that’s so cool about it is you place your furniture in front of this galley way and then no one will be walking in front of you while you’re there trying to get to the master bedroom. The master bedroom is quite large with a walkout door to the patio, um, as a, a custom homes, a big speed builder. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, we have learned from our many, many, many years of experience that um, well people just tell us what they want. They tell us they want a lot of bleeding in the homes and lots of pretty things to look at. And this avery certainly delivers. I always enjoyed showing it. The uh, master bathroom is wonderful with a walk in shower that’s a no door shower, a large master closet, and then it walks straight through to a huge utility room with tons of, built in a storage and cabinets in this utility room as well as a sink.

    It has both upper cabinets and lower cabinets. So there’s just tons of storage pull out. I’m a little clothes hampers that are hidden behind cabinet doors. It’s just a, well, it’s just wonderful. Then coming in the garage from the garage into the home, you are landing in the mud room where there’s a beautiful med bench and a guest powder bath or a half bath. I’m just right off of the Med bench area. I liked the location of that powder bath because it is so nice and private. If you entertaining in the dining room or in the great room, you don’t want to have your guests go to a bathroom that’s just right there off of the dining room. So this one is tucked nicely around the corner, down the hall, and is an offers your guests lots of privacy. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Then upstairs there is a huge, well they’re a large lighting at the top of the stairs that leads to two bedrooms and then they share a very large Jack and jill bathroom.

    The both, both of those rooms have walk in closets and then up two more steps. And you are in the very, very, very large great room with windows overlooking the, um, the, the big backyard with all the big trees in it. Um, the great room. Yeah, the game room even has a little kitchenette area in it with a microwave and a spot for a refrigerator and a sink even for cleanup. So who wants to run up and down the stairs every time? Up and down the stairs. Every time you need a new glass of tea, come on. And um, and there’s a microwave right there to pop popcorn in and all kinds of fun things because are right around the corner, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma right across the hall from the Game Room is a theater room with built in speakers as a big speed homebuilder we started hearing from customers, oh, I’d say maybe about 10 years ago.

    How, uh, how much they enjoyed having a separate theater room separate from the game room. So this home really packs a lot in a, it has all of those features and much, much more in addition to, um, additional landscaping in the backyard. Like we, we pan it, planted some huge trees back there. So they look like they’d been back there for a good long time. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma This end, the union school district as a big speed home builder, you want to learn more about us. You can contact us at Shaw, www.shaw homes.com. That’s s h a w h o m e s Dot Com. You can also call us for more information at nine. One eight two five eight 61 61 there at our corporate office in Baroque and Arrow.

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