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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | A Big Backyard

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Large Open Areas

At Shaw homes, a custom home builder in broken Arrow, we have a number of moving ready homes available that I would love to show you. I’m candice meter, a senior sales manager for [inaudible] homes and a waterstone homes by Shaw. But today I’m going to be telling you about some of our homes that are a move in ready or under construction in nearly move in ready. And um, as a broken arrow, custom home builder in the Union School district and the city of broken arrow. We have our former water, so model home for sale, which is a beautiful, beautiful avery floorplan. This home is huge. It’s on a big yard with a, with a big backyard. It’s 3,940 square feet. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma So it’s almost 4,000 square feet and it is located at one. Oh, 709 east, 100th place south in Baroque and Arrow is a broken arrow. Custom home builder.

This is one of our custom waterstone homes. And we used it as a model for a number of years and now that neighborhood is sold out. And so we are going to sell the model and build additional new waterstone models in another neighborhood. This home is for sale for a very low price of only $439,900. Nine hundred dollars dollars. The reason why I say that’s such a low price, it’s because if it, if we had to build that same exact home over today, it would cost quite a bit more than that. Um, so that’s only $111 and sixty five cents a square foot. So for a gated, a small Cedar Hills Community, um, that’s going to be one of the lowest cost per square foot homes in that neighborhood. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma boy, is it beautiful? It is so gorgeous. The two story entryway, well first of all, the landscaping outside is beautiful. The home, it’s exterior stone and brick and Stucco is beautiful.

And then the very, very, very high ceilings that greet you when you first walk in to the, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, the, the entryway, there are two large recessed areas with recessed lights in them that have big, huge chandelier was hanging down out of them. And then a right on, you’re right at the entry, there is a study with some, a builtin but a bench seat in there. And then just beyond that I’m on your ride is going to be the open dining room. It’s open on one side and then it has a walkthrough to the Butler’s pantry on another wall. But I liked that dining room because you do basically have three walls that you can put artwork and furnishings on. Uh, which I think is really, really cool. There’s also a nice wainscoting in their beautiful light fixtures. And then I’m back in the entryway on immediately to your left.

There is a long haul that leads basically to the entrance from the garage and on down to the guest on sweet. I’m the downstairs guest on Suede. That has, of course, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma it’s a private bath and closet. And then you can enter the master through the utility, which is such a popular feature when you’re pulling into the garage from coming home from work, you are walking in from the garage. First of all there’s a half bathroom just right there immediately on your right med bench. On your left and then if you turn left on that hall, you are in your utility room, which leads straight into your master bathroom.

Master closet, master bedroom area. Beautiful home. Now let’s talk about the kitchen. Okay. This kitchen is phenomenal. Has a two story high ceiling in it. The vented goes all the way up the whole two stories all the way up to the top. And then a pie. There’s a transom window on either side just to let an extra light. This kitchen is impressive. The pendant lights are beautiful. The backsplashes beautiful. There’s two walls of cabinetry. Um, so lots of storage in this kitchen as well as, uh, the backsplashes and a waterstone home just so pretty. We don’t want to junk him up with electric reset. So the electric resets are actually built underneath the cabinet real close to where the under cabinet lights are going to go. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, the appliances are of course, custom stainless steel built in appliances. This home is gorgeous. I’m then upstairs. There’s a very large game room with A.

I’m a wet bar area in it and microwave, um, area. And um, there’s also a jack and Jill, a two bedrooms with a jack and jill bath in between, which is a very popular feature. And then in addition to that game room, there’s also a nice size theater room upstairs. So it’s beautiful. Our waterstone avery, I would be honored to show it to you. So it’s total four bedroom, three and a half bath, three car garage. It is complete former model home with all the hardwood floors and all the pretty for only $439,900. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma as a broken arrow, custom home builder, that home is located in the gated Cedar Hills Community of one. Oh seven. Oh, nine east, 100th place south in Baroque and arrows. So call me candace at nine. One Eight, seven, two, four, two, two, eight, zero if you’d like to see this home or any of our other, uh, waterstone homes or shaw homes.

And speaking of Shaw homes also in the Union school district we have in Melyssa pond wanting one of our nottinghill els. This home is just great. The way that it’s laid out, it is laid out for families. It is wonderful at 2,805 square feet, but it functions like it’s a home that’s much bigger than that. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, it’s four bedrooms, three bath, three car garage. It is for sale at nine, one seven South Kalanchoe avenue for only 354,000. One hundred and $74 in this home is complete. So you could move in in about 30 days. I think I’m just in time to get your kiddos enrolled, enrolled in the union school district. So this is a great time of year to buy a new home. Not only that, but prices are going up, there’s just no doubt about it. And it’s not just us, it’s everybody in the country, every builder in the country, our supplies, um, because of tariffs and because of short supplies are going up, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma lumbers harder to get and it’s more costly to get.

And as the interest rates go up. So do the prices on everything else. Steel and everything else that goes into our homes. So, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, this is a great time to buy your home buying dollar will buy you more home today than it will even next month, let alone in the coming years. Um, so I’m really strongly encouraging everyone to, to take advantage of today’s relatively low interest rates and are still low prices. Our homes are beautiful. They carried longer warranties than anybody else has. We have not only the one your builder’s warranty that every builder in town we’ll offer you, but we also have a second year on all your mechanicals, a second year mechanicals warranty, which is just completely unheard of in our business, in our industry. Um, and then in addition to that, the real mind blower is we offer a 10 year structural warranty that’s actually backed by liberty mutual.

So there’s not another builder and the Greater Tulsa area that has more move in ready homes than us, more model homes than us and better warranties than right here at shaw homes. We’re proud of our product and we would be proud to have you. I’m living in a beautiful new home. Um, if you’d like to see these homes have talked about today or any other homes as a broken arrow, custom homebuilder, I would be honored to show them to you. And you can email me anytime at sea matter. That’s c m e a d o r@shawhomes.com. That’s shaw s h a w a h o m e s Dot Com. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Or feel free to text me or give me a call anytime. My phone number is nine one eight seven two four. Two to a zero. Again, this is candice metter with Shaw homes and waterstone homes by Shaw. And as a broken Arrow custom home builder, we would love to show you our beautiful model homes and tell you more about the shaw homes experience and how soon we could get you in your new home.

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