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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | A Covered Patio

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Upgrading Fixtures

Chase scott shot home session five, July 25th, broken Arrow custom,

uh, we’re going over the steps and all the different things and uh, I just need to find out what the word is again because it just slipped my mind, but we’re going to go over a different included features that we have that our competition does not have. So that’s a really important that you can figure out what all of the different features that come included in. We actually, I have a sheet so I can kind of go over all those things with you so we will go through that sheet, make sure you understand everything that goes on and what it entails. So broken Arrow, homebuilders, that is what it is. So, uh, we’re going to go through this sheet and figure it out from there. So first of all, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma the undisputed master of included features would be shell homes. So broken Arrow, homebuilders, hardwood floors available with us, not offered with our competition.

Quartz countertops in the kitchen included with us $6,000 upgrade with competition. Granite countertops in kitchen is included with us. $1,500 upgrade with competitors. Crown Molding on cabinets included with us upgrade, uh, with competitors. Five burner stove included with esport burner with competitor cabinet. Door styles to choose from is three with us, one with competitors stained or painted cabinets both included with us a competitor saying only 900 from a painted kitchen. Backsplash for a integrated or courts included with us not included. Four hundred to $2,500. Upgrade with competitor cabinet doors above. Microwave included with us upgrade charge with competitor. But Dennis, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma we have notes in utility room and 30 with us not offered with competitor pockets. Study, uh, cabinets and planning desk included with us not offered with competitors. Separate laundry room and utility room included per plan with us not offered with competitor covered patio included with us upgrade charge of uh, 2000 to 6,000 with competitor

broken Arrow homebuilder a. Then we have a car. Then we have covered patio included with us upgrade charge of 2000 to $60,000 with the upgrade or with competitor garage door hardware included with us upgrade charge of $400 with competitor, broken Arrow home builder. Then we have bull nose drive, drywall corners included with us not offered with competitor, window sills included with us upgrade charge with competitor lightened packages to choose from to styles and three colors with best one style, two colors with competitor interior door styles to choose from. Five with us too with competitor cultured marble countertop choices for with us too. We competitor bath hardware colors to choose from three with us, one with competitors, six by 24 woods style tiles included in wet areas with us. Upgrade charge with competitor with $8 per square foot, a broken Arrow homebuilders. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Then we have window colors to choose from.

Three with us, white only with competitor type of included media. Jack’s combination. Cat Five, cable with us cable only with competitor vaulted ceilings. It master bedroom included with us not offer we competitor vaulted ceilings and great room included per planet that’s not offered with competitor. 15, high ceiling and foyer with daylight window included with us on opera with competitor extended foot ceiling with crown molding included with us not offered with competitor. Thirty five years of building that is with us and not what the competitor, broken Arrow homebuilders. And so those are just some of the advantages of building with us. So I hope you choose to build the past in the future. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma we have tons of options and included feature. So always remember that broken Arrow home builders.

I saw you’re looking to schedule a model home to. I just wanted to ask you, what made you decide to look at building a new home? Have you shopped around and looked at other gloves yet, or your group or outside of fighting setting? What are your monthly payment or you come forward with? Just to clarify the way it surprised you in your home that you’re looking for a fixed behind boulder benefits. Let me take a minute, give you a quick overview of the three things that make [inaudible] different from any other builder in Oklahoma for a few have been around since 1985 and we typically build more quality homes in either butter, the wholesale and the Tulsa area being oh, basis because we aren’t better. Second, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma we have found more furnished and decorated. We have more furniture and decorative model homes for you in your tour than any other building or Tulsa period.

Finally, we actually give you a January and February special of the week just coming for a model home tour with us clothes. Which of these works best for you to schedule? A little home tour. Okay, great. So have you for the books, read secondary second at 9:00 AM, so we’ll meet you at a model home with two, four, zero, six, eight east, Ninety Fifth Street in south broken arrow. It makes me feel better. What is your email address? You want me to send the confirmation to you? I strongly encourage you now to strongly encourage you through to reviews. Play now and then I’m super excited to see the model home tours and now you’re going to learn a lot, learn a lot, and have a fun time. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma I know that you’re going to have a lot of fun and you’re going to learn a lot about the home building process.

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