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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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At Shaw homes being a custom homes and broken Arrow, um, we’ve got a lot of different communities all over the Greater Tulsa area. I’m also custom homes, broken arrow. We’ve got a lot of different things going on from our standard floor plans to way we can also modify certain rooms or aspects of the house to customize it to your likings. I’m. One of the things that we do is that we will first take you out on a model home tour. Typically these model home tours range for about 90 minutes. You’re going to take a look at six to 12 homes. Those six to 12 homes. We can talk about the different options if you would like to, um, customize it because custom homes, broken arrow, that’s kind of the way that it works. They’re fully furnished and decorated. You will drive your own car. There’s no pricing, no pressure. This is solely just information only. We’re going to focus on the functionality of the homes and why they were created the way that they were. There’s always something for everyone. And our plans are so versatile. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma We have about 64 different floor plans and one and two stories available.

Custom homes, broken arrow. The financing will be step number two. Um, our preferred lenders are Bank of Oklahoma, first Oklahoma Bank and spirit. They have closing costs, matching conventional loans, fha loans, va loans, native American loans. There’s a monthly payment quotes. It’s about a five minute application in a 24 hour approval process. And the interest rate matching custom homes, broken Arrow, we’ve got our home site reservation. This is going to take a thousand dollar deposit. It’s refundable for seven days. There’s no rush decisions. You are allowed to switch home sites. You can take your time, get all your questions answered. We don’t cash the check. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma The best thing about it is competing customers are blocked from this site and one thing as well as homesites are always one of a kind at shaw homes. Custom homes, broken arrow. You’ve got your price out. This is priced to the way that you want down to the dollar total price printout on the spot. Tons of options to choose from. You’ll be working with a knowledgeable staff. We’ll meet back at my office. There will be a, it’s approximately a 45 minute meeting. It’s an itemized pricing, so there’s no question that all.

And um, during this time we’re going to answer all the questions that you may have, custom homes, broken arrow. Step number five would be the purchase agreement. You’re going to watch it. Very informative video. It’s a one hour meeting. We’re going to have our structural options. Final home site selection. Final colors are not. Final finishes, are not final. Additional deposits will be do your mortgage approval, will be. Do we need to know whether this is a contingent or noncontingent a delay of bill. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma then congratulations on the contract of your new Shaw Helms. And it’s about as easy as I just said it. Another thing that a lot of our customers absolutely love about working with the sharp representative is the fact that, um, we make the process extremely smooth and you’re working with just nonstop. I’m knowledgeable staff members at Shaw homes to build your house the way that you want it built. After you do your purchase a purchase agreement, you will get a phone call from our Home Office about three business days later, and they’re going to schedule your design studio appointments. You’re going to be working with award winning. It’s the largest design studio. There’s tons of options offered. It’s a simple process. No children are allowed in the studio, especially under the age of 12.

You’ve got three easy meetings, one for your interior to, for your exterior, and three for your final signature. You will also have another meeting at our lighting studio, um, which is going to be at Andrew’s lighting to pick out all of your lights for your house. Now, it doesn’t mean that you only get one meeting for each of these events. If you do need a little bit more, you know, we’re going to, um, we’re going to get that to you also. Um, once you were done selecting everything at the design studio, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma then you’re going to meet with a construction manager for your community to do your plan, review your review. You will review your selections. You guys will discuss the timeline. You will discuss how you get your weekly updates with your construction manager. You guys will discuss the homeowner orientation. You will meet at our Home Office. You’re gonna, meet your builder. You’re going to review your blueprints, review your site plan, and discuss the grade of land custom homes, broken Arrow, um, then the building piece, meet at your home, enjoy the entire progress, get your weekly updates. We encourage you to visit your home site as often as you like. The construction manager welcomes all questions and your home home owner orientation will be done on site.

You’re going to have. Then you’re closing. Once your house has done, the keys are given to you, you’re going to meet at the title company, the downpayment will be fulfilled. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma You’re going to pay for the closing costs, the mortgage will be signed for and the title will be transferred over into your name and then it’s time for you to move in.

Okay, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma so from the moment that we break ground to when you move in will be approximately six months, weather permitting, and then the final piece is going to be the warranty. We have the best Tulsa warranty in town. You’re going to have a 10 year structural warranty backed by Liberty Mutual, a two year mechanical warranty, a one year limited warranty. We also provide a 24 hour emergency line, full time warranty coordinators on staff. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma We’re going to go ahead and give you a call at 60 days just to make sure everything is okay, so even if you don’t contact us, we’re going to go ahead and contact you. Then we’re going to contact you again at the 11 month followup call and at the end of all of that, you know, we want to provide that excellent service to our new homeowners. Have a shaw home and just like that.

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