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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | A Pocket Office

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | A Pocket Office

Okay, now about the custom homes, broken arrow, shaw homes builds Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, the manchesters series ranging from about 1300 square feet to just over 2100 square feet. There are 10 floor plans to choose from. He asked him, the amber, the bay one, Dale the Cambridge, the dewberry, the Ellington, the liberty, the newport, the Remington is three neighborhoods. You can build a Manchester home in silver leaf off of 51st and one 93rd Tucson village off of 121st and one 93rd and Crystal Creek 129 and 41st. Crystal Creek is in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Silver Leaf is in broken Arrow and told Tucson village is in broken arrow. Those are the neighborhoods for the broken arrow. Custom homes. Our floorplans feature three and four bedrooms, um, many four bedroom plans can be which two flex room. The fourth bedroom can be, um, most of our plans can, um, the fireplace added and a optional in large patio. The Aston has sport 1,099 square feet, three bedroom with the porch separate laundry room. Great Room is bolted. The master bedroom is voltage. There’s a covered patio with an auction, one large patio, no fireplace option. The Ashton, you can also rearrange the master bath to accommodate your needs with either a linen closet or a stand up shower, and a bath is a bath tub, is included Edmond New Homes Oklahoma.

The amber for a plan has three bedrooms and a dining. There’s an optional study in lieu of dining that you can choose. Optional master bath configuration, standup shower or linen closet in place of the standup shower. Laundry room can be accessed through the garage master closet in the master back covered patio with an optional in large patio and optional fireplace in the great room is allowed. The amber is 1,683 square feet. He would is 1,323 square feet. Three bedroom, two full bath home master bath can be configured with a winning closet or a stand up shower. Also, you have the option of dual vanities or a single vanity includes 10 foot ceilings and entry. What crown molding? Optional Large Patio, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma no fireplace can be put in the bay. Would opens up to the master closet, the laundry room does, and into the master bedroom in the master bath, and the master closet are separate from one another. Be Dale features three bedrooms, two full baths. Birkdale is 1,424 square feet. Enter through the front entry way and you enter into the great room to the right

is enough

to the back of the house with the covered patio master bedroom, master bath master closet, separate from the master bath bedroom two bedroom three or at the front of the House with bathroom number two. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma You have the optional master bath configuration that you can change, and a pocket office which is a desk, two cabinets in the great room. It has doors that you can open and shut for easy access became bread.


The Cambridge has a beautiful porch on the outside of the home and as you enter into the home, there’s enough to go left and the kitchen is right past the enough. Also on the left and that enters into the Baltic. Great Room with the optional fireplace. Master bedroom is bolted and has access for outside the master bedroom door to the covered patio. Master closet can be accessed through the master bath and you can optionally, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma you can change the configuration of the master bath to a linen closet instead of a standup shower bedroom, two bedroom three on the farming side of the home and across the bedroom is on the left side of the home. Laundry Room right next to the bedroom, four bath number two down the hallway into banking


Cambridge is 1,662 square feet. The very 1,806 square feet from courts enter in the entry and entry hall features 10 foot ceilings with crown moldings as a bonus included feature laundry features a 39 inch mud band was a shelf in bonus and bonus included feature instead of the fourth bedroom. You do have the option of me well having a flex room in lieu of bedroom. Number four. Enter the great room and you have the optional fireplace with the vault in the great room that extends through the kitchen out towards the back of the home. You have the nook and covered patio, the option on large patio, enter into the master bedroom and you have the vaulted ceilings with four windows in the master bedroom, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma and as you walk into the master bath, you entered closet in there. You do have the opportunity to access the laundry room through the garage, dewberry, 1,806 square. The Ellington

four bedroom, two full bath. You enter into the entryway and it features a 15 foot ceilings to open window above bath. Number two is to the left and bedroom number two, still left in bedroom. Number four is to the left also, if the actual flex room in lieu of bedroom number four, laundry is off to the right from the entryway. And also bedroom number three is off to the right from the entryway. You can access the master closet through the laundry room. We’re going to continue through the entry hall though with the storage closet to the right upon entrance. Enter into the great room and you have a vaulted great room with an optional fireplace. Uh, the vault ends at the kitchen and the nook and the kitchen features a walk in Pantry, enter into the master bedroom and master bath and master closet, which then goes right back through to the laundry and to the entry way. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma You do also have the actual master bath reconfiguration, and if you so desire, the Ellington is 1,876 square

the liberty. They enter into the liberty and to the left you have bedroom number two, a linen closet, bath number two in bedroom number three and you’re back into the entryway and go down the hall. And to the right is the utility room and continue going. And there’s a laundry room. The laundry room does go into the master closet and threw the master bath and into the master bedroom, exit out of the master bedroom into the great room. And the kitchen. The kitchen and the great room extends throughout with an optional fireplace in the great room. Optional in large patio. The entryway of this floor plan features in nine foot ceiling with crown moldings and then features a pocket office as a bone. Some inclusion feature, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma which if you notice the pocket offices across from the Pantry, once you enter into the utility room from the garage, keep going straight through where the pocket offices in the pantry in the kitchen, liberty is 1,932 square feet.

In new port entry features a 15 foot ceilings open to the window above features a 60 inch. My bench was shelves as a bonus included feature. Enter into the entryway, into the left to a bedroom number two, Beth number two and bedroom number four, which can be the optional flex room. Enter back into the hallway and to the right you have the utility room and the laundry room straight back. You have the bedroom number three, x is out back into the hallway into the great room and to the left you have your kitchen and exit back into the great room and then you go into the master bedroom and the master bath and master closet and it goes straight back to laundry until the room and out towards the garage. Like this plan, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma the Newport is 2048 square feet and keep reminding of the actual master bath configuration, which includes a stand up shower or a closet in lieu of.

The last floor plan is the Remington 2,207 square feet. Bottom level, he walk in the entryway. To the right is the study the stairs or to the left one should open up the entryway door, go through the entry hall and there was a powder bath downstairs to the right, right when you walked into the entryway door, enter into the kitchen and great room is towards the back of the home. Go down a hallway and the master bedroom is there. And then master Bath and master closet. That extends to the laundry room. Laundry Room, exit back out to the entryway hall. Bedroom number two, three and four upstairs with an open stairwell. Another bathroom is upstairs as well. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma That concludes all of our floor plans. We have broken Arrow custom home prices.

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma is the Ashton 1,499 square feet. Face Price, $180,400 custom homes. Broken Arrow. So we have a custom homes broken arrow, crystal. Oh, that’s not. Okay. We have the amber base price one 89 800 and Crystal Creek. The Ashton base price one 8,400 Crystal Creek Baywood Crystal Creek base price one 71 900. Both of through homes broken homes. The Cambridge. Why don’t you just have $100? The Ellington one 96 five. The liberty one 98. $300.


The Newport two. Oh, two $700. So in the custom homes broken arrows subdivision was silverleaf. We have the amber that’s based. Price is one 83 600 custom homes broken Arrow, Ashton one 74, 200 custom home homes. Broken Arrow. The Bay would one 65 700 custom homes. Broken Arrow Birkdale one 71, 300. All of these are in silver leaf and these are all the base prices. Cambridge, 1,642 square feet, 1008 80 $180,900. The dewberry and Silverleaf 1,876 square feet. One thousand 192,400. So really liberty 1,932 feet. Oh, one 94. $100. The Newport or the custom home home is broken Arrow one, I need $700 or 2048 square feet. The remington new custom home custom homes, broken Arrow, Remington, you 2100 square feet and $210,700. The amber ones succeed. Three one nine to $500.

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