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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Backing At All Up

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Move In Today

At Shaw homes as a big home builders, we have over 80 floor plans that we can build and 25, 30 different communities as well as on your own lid. Um, so if you have some land that you need a home built on, we’re the people to talk. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, we also like to have a lot of moving ready homes available for folks who might be a moving quickly. Maybe you just sold your home and you don’t have time for us to build or maybe maybe you’re being transferred to the area and your boss wants you to get settled real quickly into something or may be, um, you have been renting an apartment and all of a sudden you decided you’ve got to get a home because, uh, and get it quick so you can get your kiddos enrolled for school. Um, well we’ve got a lot of market ready homes and I’ll tell you about some of those today in beautiful seven lakes.

Um, seven lakes is a community I’m extremely familiar, familiar with as I sat in the model home there for. Oh my gosh, I don’t even remember how many years, five years, something like that. Seven lakes, the name indicates what it is. It’s got seven while we really like to call them lakes, but they’re really throughout, as scattered throughout the neighborhood. And we did that so that the neighbors who lived there can have homes backing to ponds because who doesn’t love that? That’s beautiful. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, our model. Well, we’re nearly finished with the neighborhood now. Uh, in fact I sold our last Spec home just a week ago that we had built in there in seven lakes. But now we’ve got our former model home for sale. So this is a, this is a rare opportunity for people to get the home of their dreams, um, and get it very competitively priced because we have used it as a model for a number of years.

So this, Wyndham is a big home. It’s 3,561 square feet. Um, it is located at six, six, seven, two east, 125th street, south four bedroom, three bathroom, three car garage. And the cool thing about buying a former model home is, hey, guess what, the garage is a, has an air conditioner and a heater in it. So I have a lot of guys who really liked that in the winter time. If you want to do work on your car inside your garage and you don’t want to freeze to death or burn up in the summertime, you can just turn on that ac and go to town. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, this model home is um, uh, well, when you walk in the front door, it has a beautiful elevation, first of all, from the front. It’s gorgeous. It’s brick with a dry stack stone arched entryway over the, um, the, the, uh, with the opening to the front porch area.

And then in the front door to the left is a nice size study. And then to the right is a beautiful formal dining room with a vaulted ceiling in it. And the dining room has a walkthrough that goes straight into the Butler’s pantry slash pantry area. And then straight into the kitchen. The kitchen is a nice, long kitchen. Lots of cabinets in this windom. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, as I said, a beautiful walk in Pantry and then, um, it has a nook just off of the kitchen that has a two windows and a door that actually overlooked one of the prettiest ponds in seven lakes and it’s actually one of the biggest ones too. It’s, and you’ve got the long view of the pond from, from our former model there. So, um, this home is gorgeous, has um, the course of the kitchen is open to the room and then the master suite has a landing kind of a little hallway off of the great room.

Um, as a big, big home builders this home, it has been finished with a lot of custom beautiful finishes in it and I’m, the master suite is no exception with a crown molding and special paint treatments, uh, walking you right from the master bedroom, a beautiful sitting area off the master bedroom, walking you right into the master bathroom. The master bathroom in the Wyndham is really pretty spectacular. It’s very large. Um, of course a, his and her sinks and a lot of vanity space as well as a beautiful, a glassed in shower, a six foot soaker tub and a linen closet for your child’s just outside your shower. Then of course, the private toilet closet. And then, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, you walk straight through into your walk in master closet, which is very large in the Wyndham. It will just accommodate whatever kind of clothes you have very nicely.

And it walked straight through the master closet into the utility room. Um, so that’s a real popular feature as a big speed home builders. We listen when you tell us what you want us to build and you’ve told us many, many times over that you want that master a, you want that utility room right off that master closet so that you can enter the master bedroom from two different ways. Um, and this also allows you, because there’s a whole bedroom, this also allows you, if that’s the baby’s room or the youngest child’s room instead of around through the great room to get to your child when they cry in the middle of the night, you can just walk straight through your closet, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma a utility room and be at the front door of your child’s bedroom and just a matter of seconds. So that setup also is great for when you come home from work and you pull into your garage and you get out of your car and you step into your home, into that door.

You are basically really just a few steps away from kicking your shoes off right there in your master closet. So again, you don’t have to walk through the whole house to get to your master closet and bathroom area. Then upstairs, this big window model as a big SPI homebuilder has a huge game room and two bedrooms and another bathroom. And then it also has a bonus room that you can use as just a toy room, a storage area, a, I’m a theater room. Lots of different options in this big a Wyndham for sale. So I would love for you to give us a call and let us take you out and tour the wind model in seven lakes. And, uh, you would reach us@www.shaw homes.com. And again is a big speed home builder. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma You can reach me anytime at nine. One, eight, seven, two, four, two, two, eight, zero.

Also in bixby at Yorktown, Covington. Um, we have a Stonebrook v that we’re starting to build now. This home is four bedroom, two and a half bath, three car garage. These stonebrook is only 2,619 square feet, but I swear it feels a whole lot bigger than that because it’s designed so smartly. This home is just adorable. We won all kinds of awards with it as a big home builder. We always compete in the parade of homes, a judging and um, well we’re just pretty consistent with knocking it out of the park every year and we have to thank all of the people who come into our model homes and all of our clients who build with us for those awards because we design our homes from what you tell us from what you tell us you want to buy and what we hear consistently over and over and over again. We’ll redesign that home and make it virgin, you know, version two point. Oh, or three point. Oh, of the same home. I know I’ve been around for 12 years, so I’ve seen the monroe floor plan built just a crazy number of ways. I think we offer that one floor plan now. 16 different ways. So, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, and that’s because we, we want to offer our clients what they want to live in.

Not to mention the best new home value out there, not to mention the best warranties in the business out there are warranties not only come with a unprecedented 10 year structural warranty that’s actually backed by liberty mutual, but they also come with a second year mechanicals warranty and then a one year everything warranty. So, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, most builders just offer you that one year limited warranty, but not at Shaw homes. We, um, we’ve heard you when you said, Gosh, I wish you all offered to structural warranty. Well, you know, we do. And it’s 10 years. My goodness. In today’s climate of Oklahoma earthquakes, that’s kind of a big deal. I’m not having to worry about having any foundation failures or when you sell your home, having to some inspector tell you that you need some foundation period. That’s just not going to happen. In our post-tension engineered a foundations and with our structural warranty here at Shaw homes.

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