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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Building The House Right

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Building The House Right

Nigel arnold here was shaw homes, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma. We were discussing warranty last time we got off our podcast and so I wanted to continue in that, but I wanted it to even branch into another subject that kind of find something that is something I deal with. Um, it’s something that I deal with every buyer that I worked with, almost every single buyer. It’s something that I deal with. And so this would be helpful for all the other custom home broken Arrow agents that are working with buyers on the new side of things. And this is, I’m going to give you my experiences and how I’ve handled the situation has gotten a lot better because of it because I’ve been really focusing on how to handle the situation. But let me branch off into that for a moment and then we’ll come back to a lot of our customers talk that we’ve been doing for this series of podcasts.

So again, work with shell homes. My name is Andrea Arnold. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma My number’s nine. One eight five, one eight, one, two, six, six. Um, our work in these seven south community which is on 101st, which is New Orleans and when it’s in between county line and Lynn Lane, um, which are the cross streets for it. So come on by and see me. I’d love to meet you. It’s my favorite part of what I do is meeting people, working with people, helping people to make good decisions, kind of steering them the right way. So not out for the cash or the paycheck. I’m just out to help you make good decisions. And I loved it. The business because of that. So anyways, um, what I wanted to branch off into today’s topic of a new home is not a perfect tone and this is something that I really have struggled with and it’s not necessarily that I struggled with it, but my buyers struggle with that concept a whole bunch.

And so I get buyers who, when they come in they’re saying we want to build new. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma what they think is when they say that is that when they want to build new is they can get everything that they want and nothing. Nothing wrong or ever happened. Nothing will ever mess up. Everything will be perfect and we’re in this perfect place of perfection and everything will be just as I dream it and I want exactly what I dream. And so what happens is you don’t get what you dream your dream about. Even though you can make it a dream home. Things mess up all the time and it’s confusing and concerning to you as the buyer because you’re thinking since this is a new home, it should be perfect, but when you know the plumbing backs up from sediment that’s been poor, poor down at or from the build which got into the plumbing pipes and you got a water leak, then you get super frustrated or over frustrated about something.

When your wood floors shrink and there’s crevices in between the boards, you get super frustrated because it’s a new home and it shouldn’t be like this. And I’m dealing with one right now who I’m the developer, have put a fence up and they bought the home site. A lot of reason was because of this big stone finance, um, because the home site was comparable, actually much deeper than some of the other home sites. And um, so, and the developer put up with a fancy, put it a foot too far in. So Edmond New Homes Oklahoma it’s inside the buyer’s property. Well, he’s kind of hot about it, but again, it’s new construction, you know, it’s, it’s, uh, people make mistakes. We’re dealing with, you know, 12 superintendents who have, you know, 40 subcontractors who are all humans. Um, and then you’re working with to design agents and me and, and I’m construction manager who all humans who got 476,000 things to talk about all humans.

And then you have a budget in mind that you don’t want to go over, but you want to buy this. They cost more, you’re a human. And so what I’ve been telling people, you know, as a customer on broken Arrow agent, I’ve been telling people, hey, a new home, it’s not a perfect home, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, we, we guarantee will make at least three mistakes on your home and I probably don’t make a mistake in pricing your home. And so I’ve been really telling them that and people, something, it’s kind of a weird that you would think that right off the bat you tell people you’re making mistakes. But what it does do is it eases the confusion and puts realistic expectations on the build of a home. When you tell people that they automatically either a get upset and won’t count, which usually doesn’t happen, but b, then they say when a mistake does happen and they don’t blow up about it.

And so, you know what I’ve been, you know what I try to get across to people as a new home. It’s not a perfect home. There will be mistakes, there will be things that will break, but that’s okay because they will fix it. I was meeting with a realtor the other day and we were talking about this very subject and he had actually been in new construction. I’m building some homes and he was talking about how he handles it with the client, which I thought was very good. It’s Carlos Garcia, the realtor, and he was talking about, you know, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma he’d have buyers that were blow up. Something would mess up. I mean, and it’s, that’s, that happens. You wouldn’t even believe if you’re not building a new home or even in the housing market, you wouldn’t even believe how much this happens, but he would also tell them just like me, that hey, it’s okay.

The builder got it wrong. They will fix it. You don’t have to get super frustrated about it. So same thing. I’m trying to tell my buyers, you know, just if you’re out there in the market, you’re looking for a custom home, broken arrow builder or even a custom home. Maybe it’s not broken arrow but exchanged or big speed. No. If it’s a new construction that mistakes are gonna happen. So do your research. I do suggest, you know, even though I worked for Shaw homes, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma I do suggest that people come in, you know, educated and that they do their research ahead of time, that they compare us to other builders or they shop us because if you’re looking at quality when you walk in on home versus our competition there, there’s no comparison. We actually out qualify almost every other custom home broken Arabic or there might be one or two that do a really good job.

Um, but even then were on their level with better price points. At Shaw homes, we own our own lumber meal. So lumber consists of the house, consists 30 percent of lumber. If we own our own lumber bill, what do you think is happening to our competition as far as price point is concerned or either matching them or beating them on price. And so because there are quality, because of our price, because of the customability that I went into earlier, the 77 floor plans, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma the 476,000 things you can do to our home in our design studio, our design experts who are personal consultants to you at no cost. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma I’m 77 floor plans, but all kinds of different styles as far as one stories, two stories, those kinds of things. All of those things we’ve offered accustomed mobility perspective. We’ve got the best warranties in town, which we are audited every year with these warranties to make sure that we’re still building quality homes and we, we could lose those warranties.

Now. I’ve been talking about how um, we’re, we’re guaranteed to make mistakes. But then we also fix everything. So you know, and, and not only that, but you’re looking at the inventory on the used market and it’s low and it doesn’t compare to all the new construction as far as what you can do with elevated ceilings and those kinds of things. The beauty of the new construction homes versus the used market is substantially comparable, if not a whole bunch more of those kinds of things are what make a new construction or custom home broken Arrow and builders very profitable. It’s super exciting to build a new home and what you get in a new home is very is just wonderful and so I just truly believe in the process all together as a new home expert and as a custom home broken Arrow builder and agent, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma I truly believe that we are doing an outstanding job just dominating the market with the custom ability.

What’s next is I want to get into a little bit about our process and resonance to the end of this podcast, so I’ll probably start it with the next podcast, but I want to talk a little bit more about the 10 steps that will come more will complete from the thought of building a new home to turning the key at the front door. What 10 steps you need to be prepared for when you’re building a new home. With shaw homes, the easily the most customability customizable home, I’m broken, Arrow, custom home builders have all broken here. Custom home builders in the area. These 10 steps is what I believe separates us from the competition. I’ve already discussed about how more and more customizable, customizable, uh, have already discussed how our quality is quite a bit more. I’ve discussed how our prices are at least competitive, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma not beating all of our competitors, and I’ve discussed the different amounts of floor plans and what we offer. Now I’m going to break it down into the 10 easy steps that you can expect when working with shaw homes, custom homes, broken Arrow builders, excited or talk about it. I hope you dig in and grab a coffee and sit down with me for the next, you know, 10 minutes as we talk more about these 10 steps in nondual arnold. My number’s nine. One eight, five, one eight, one, two, $6 even. It’s inArnold@Shawhomes.com. Look forward to talking with you again in a minute.

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