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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Building The House

So one of the things that really surprises me about shaw homes.com and just broken Arrow custom homes is you’re able to drive around and see what we have and you’re able to just do a lot of things with your, your homes and just able to do all kinds of stuff you wanted. But one of the things that I love is that there are a lot of builders out there, but if you’re looking for a custom, her broken Arrow, customer Po, what are the things you’ll be on phone? Everything that you’re looking for. So broken Arrow, custom homes, shaw homes.com, where the home of the 10 year structural warranty, uh, two years on plumbing and electric and lifetime on the roof. So Edmond New Homes Oklahoma one of the things that I love to do is just show people what they can do in a new home and just show them around.

It’s usually about an hour and a half tour time that we’re able to just kind of look around and see some amazing things. So one of the things that I really love about shaw homes is they have a lot of different plans to choose and a well, so oh, one design center where you pick everything else out and, and Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, once our people sign a contract and a list their house, typically their house is gonna sell pretty quick where they’re able to build the house that they want and move forward with their dream home. So out of all the homes that we have out of all the broken Arrow custom homes, we’re just going to be able to show you everything we could possibly do. I just, I would advise you to go online and check out, show homes calm, just see all the things that we’re doing.

Shit, great idea to do those things and be able to find a plan that you like. And one of the things that I love doing is our model home tours because a lot of our buyers, you know, they want to be able to walk through and see it first and just see what it is or looking at. So broken Arrow, custom homes where the home of the shaw home builder and one of the things that we just absolutely love to and it’s just showing everybody what we can do. Out of the 28 years we’ve been building, so Edmond New Homes Oklahoma hove show homes and we’re just helping the 10 year warranty. We always stand behind our product. We’ve been doing business for 28 years and a lot of people kind of wonder what we have to offer a new home construction and so we’re able to offer just about anything people could do in a new home. So if you’re looking for shaw homes or you just kind of sticking around but you don’t really know what you’re looking for, you definitely want to check us out. Let us show you around and let us show you. Well his name. So when people are looking for a new home and don’t really know what to find you wanting to check this out, go on our website. They’ll be able to see all the things that they’re looking for.

And new customer hub. One of the things that I love is showing people model home tours, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma I guess I should say, taking them on model home tours because I would say everything that they’re searching for ob in one of our homes, maybe they’re not going to find everything they’re looking for, but no fine. All the things that they’re liking, I would say out of all the homes that we do, everything is going to be in one place, so if you’re looking for shell homes and you just don’t know what to look for in a new home, you’re going to want to try to seem well. Things you can do. What are the things that we pride ourself in is how we build our homes. Having a process in place. What? So if you’re looking for new homes and you don’t know what you’re going to be able to find. Yeah, and then be able to find all the home that you’re wanting. Everything you’ve ever wanted in a home. I was going to be there. We love our homes and we love to be able to show you what you’re looking for in a new home.

One of the things I would suggest is for you to come in, sign up on a model home tour Edmond New Homes Oklahoma and get everything that you’re wanting in a home terror thing that you could possibly want Edmond New Homes Oklahoma because it’s going to be in that new home. And I’m. One of the things that I love doing is when you’re looking for a new home, is just to be able to show you what makes sure homes the builder of choice. There’s just a lot of builders out there and there’s a lot of things that you can and can’t do with the builder, but one thing that we pride ourself on is being able to offer people all the different floor plans and everything they could possibly want. One of the things that I love to do is just, uh, be able to show on our 90 minute tore all the homes that you could possibly want. Now, a lot of people, one accustomize and they might ask us, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma you know, what could we do, what can we not do? And I always ask them first, what is it that you are needing to change?

And then find out why are they really needing to make that change and I’m one of the things that I like is being able to take a plan that someone loves and just let them make it their own. Whether that be to, you know, add a second prep scene, a kitchen or maybe they want to add beams onto a great room ceiling, maybe they want a volt, the neck so that it gives it some interest and gives it a different height compared to the kitchen. All of those things people are going to be able to do in a new home Edmond New Homes Oklahoma.


I’m. One of the things that I love about new home construction is just being in that Edmond New Homes Oklahoma position to be able to take them on tours and show them everything that shaw homes could possibly do for them at home. A lot of people, they’ve searched all around and they’ve been looking for broken Arrow custom home, but they just haven’t found the builder yet. So we always try to help them in that area. Helping them. Everything there possibly looking for in your home. So I would just come and check us out, show homes.com, the home of the 10 year warranty. Let us show you what it is that make sure home separate from the rest and let us show you what it is to being a new homeowner and show you what you can do in a new home but broken Arrow custom homes or the home builder of choice home of the 10 year warranty. And we’re going to be able to show you around and show you what makes us the number one builder of choice. So Shaw, homestuck come Edmond New Homes Oklahoma. We are home of the structural warranty 10 years. So come check us out. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma We would love to see. Thank you so much for listening. And next we’ll talk about shaw homes. So broken Arrow, custom homes.

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