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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Built From Scratch

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Wasting No Time

Custom homes, broken Arrow is shaw homes, so the highlands that forest ridge is a golf community. There’s a lot of different amenities that you can find out at Forest Ridge, um, tons of shopping. They have a, this is a master plan community. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, the 2013 to 2014 school year was the first for the new Oneda middle school that’s located just south of highlands at Forest Ridge. So walking distance, if you’re inside the highlands at Forest Ridge, some of the amenities is going to be a catch and release. Pon over 10 miles of paved, walking and biking trails. You’ve got the Forest Ridge Park and a basketball court, softball, diamond soccer field and rainbow play system swings. Very large common area. You have the forest ridge swimming and tennis. Um, golf course, Cafe Savannah and they are remodeling, um, a lot of the different amenities available at the clubhouse. I know that they started a lot of those modifications the end of summer. And so they’ve completed a lot of different things in there aren’t they are adding in, working on more custom homes, broken arrow. The highlands of force fridge is going to be more at your mid 200 price point. We currently do not have any move in ready homes at the highlands of Forest Ridge. Um, and I do believe we have maybe be just a couple of home sites left, but the thing about custom homes, broken Arrow to customize, you would have to build from the ground up anyways. The score footage, price point is gonna or square footage range is going to be 18. Oh, two to 37, 12.

The next community for custom homes, broken Arrow is going to be. I’m actually millicent pond. So millicent Pon is considered broken arrow. This is union school district. I’m the elementary will be Anderson. And then you’ve got all of your union. Sixth and seventh grade centers and seventh grade centers. Eighth grade centers I high. And then the high school. Um, you have playground pond with Gazebo and sand volleyball court. We’ve got to move in ready homes. One of them is completely done. That one is called the stone, but Stone Brook v, this one is 2,800 square feet. So I do apologize online, it shows 25, 32, but it’s actually 2,800 square feet. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, this particular home has four bedrooms, two and a half back, three car garage with a game room and a bonus room off of this side of the game room. We also have a. Now this one is a Edmond New Homes Oklahoma era. Um, this is called the notting hill l. This one is on the ground, I believe we have framing up. This one’s going to be listed for 350, 2,930. We had to modify this house or this home due to the configuration of the home site. So this particular home will have a side entry garage and it’s going to be a very large oversized and side entry garage. We are completely built out and millicent pond. So these are the two that we have left

custom homes, broken Arrow, another community that you can build in and possibly customize is going to be our community called north. We have a lot of different options when it comes to home sites in this particular community. We even have some home sites where you can receive a little over $14,000 off because there’s a credit on the home site. The starting price point will be high 200,000, but due to our incentives that we have going on with north currently, um, and pending on what it is that you pick, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma it could actually be mid 200,000 for a one story. Their square footage range is going to be 2095 to 30 7:12 rush. Sprit north is conveniently located on 129th between 90 and 101st.


You’re going to be close to the Creek Turnpike and the new Warren Theater shopping. You’re also just minutes away from everything all memorial and minutes away from downtown. Broken Arrow. This is broken Arrow schools. The elementary will be Wolf Creek elementary, Oliver Middle School, and then the Edmond New Homes Oklahoma highschool currently available homes that we have in respite. North is going to be our one story. Monroe to this home is listed for $269,900. Two thousand, 172 square feet, three bedrooms, two bath, three car garage. Now custom homes, broken euro for this particular floor plan. And this is a one story. You’ve got your break on all four sides with a stone entry, hardwood floors throughout your entry and great room, an office. Um, you’ve got your darker stain, kitchen cabinets with a white island, the kitchen and Nerc. The ceiling is vaulted with your recess lighting in three pendant lights above the island. Um, we also went ahead and added French drains in the backyard. You’ve got your corner fireplace with stone and brick and a stain mantle. The fireplace hearth has a heart. The window also has headers. I’m all clear glass in your master shower. And we framed up the mirrors. You’ve got your corner drop in Tub, beautiful tile in the master shower in granite countertops in the master with the wave sink,

a generous size master closet that leads you directly into the laundry room. You also have your mud bench that’s painted white and a laundry room that matches that custom homes. Broken Arrow. You’ve got your door header on your front door. And once again, for Edmond New Homes Oklahoma with rush, Brit, nor we do have lots of home sites available for you to build from the ground up, especially when we are dealing with any type of customers that you would like to put in the next community. For custom homes. Broken Arrow at shaw homes is going to be seven oak south seven south. You are going to start out at your low to forties. The square footage will be 18. Oh, two to 37, 12. This wonderful community is located on 101st and Lynn Lane. It features a gorgeous clubhouse and pool with a sand volleyball court.


Leisure Park will be the elementary Oliver Middle School in Edmond New Homes Oklahoma high school.

You’re about five miles away from everything that you need. For instance, the Warren Theater, Walmart, target, Marshall’s Fastpro, tons of restaurants like Los Cabos and Charleston and um, researchers. You’re close to everything. Broken Arrow, downtown, broken Arrow, uh, Nsu campus as around the corner. Also. You’re once again close to the creek turnpike park, which is called Chisholm trail south park. That’s going to have about approximately 200 acres for that part. And once again, the dark dog park that’s being put in right next to that park. Um, so this particular community, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma you are close to everything that you need, but yet you’re still far enough away from everything where you don’t feel like you’re on top of all of your neighbors. You’re not surrounded by a bunch of.

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