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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Customizability Your Fingers

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Fully Customizable

Well, good morning, we are talking about shaw homes this morning and it is going to be an awesome time together just talking about shaw homes and we’re really focusing on custom homes, broken Arrow because we are getting a lot of people that are asking about Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, so we felt it was best to go about talking about the day are the builder and the whole area you mean by that is through my time. We spend a lot of time getting to know the other doers and what they offer and what the other builders are offering. Zero. It all brings a different way. So back home. So there’s no customizability in that situation you are with would they designed what they put together? You’re buying off the ground that has a certain price come to conclusion that something you actually like that idea build a home that’s a great deal of fault. It’s needed and he got the home and the selections.

All of those things. No, we take appointments. I’ve gone through with you guys in the amount of courses we do and so you guys understand that we take that amount of work there, but what we like to do it the reason we think other, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma we’d been a great deal.

People to customize what they want their house to look like when you’re talking about it. Walnut, oh Lord. Three, 400 different tiles and flooring, you know, 15 different things is a lot of options and just lowering. And so when you’re working with another builder and they’ve already selected the Lord’s takes, you know, a big question out of the way. So I could name off several builders right now that do it just like that. And then on the other meaning you have these other builders don’t do that, let you build the home, but they don’t have a design studio, meaning that they don’t have the ability to let you go somewhere and select, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, they don’t have the ability to let you go somewhere and select what you want to put in the home. So we have a physical design studio. That design studio is a completely different place where you go and see polling kitchens and full bathrooms and that’s where things, so you’re not just picking, you know

things on a wall, you’re actually picking things from a whole idea and so there’s not another builder or custom home broken Arrow builder in town that offers that kind of selection. There’s not another builder that puts 12. We have 12 models are all furnished and decorated the on the ground with different types of different types of cabinets, different types of grants,

all those other things that has that much capital. Now these are just relax. You walked through those over and over and over again to get an idea before you ever go into the video of how you want to design it. So we we really feel that we are easily and less Edmond New Homes Oklahoma builder in the area and our desire appointments. When you go to the design appointment, appointments are made so that you can go and have luxury of spending as much time as you need. The way the design studio works is there’s three appointments and there’s a fourth lighting appointment, but on the first appointment they talked about the interior

and on the second appointment they talk about the exterior. On the third appointment they solidify everything and usually people sign off. So when we did our design studio appointment for a custom home broken Arrow builder, um, we actually on our exterior appointment was probably the hardest one because we couldn’t come to agreement on the outside of the home. Um, we finally did come to the agreement that the. They took us awhile to change things. But that’s the whole thing about accustomed home, broken Arrow builders that you do that. And so we actually, because what they do is they have 30 or so different. We chose two that we really liked and then they gave it the address to those homes to go and choose and see the brick on the house. Because when you choose a brick, it can look different on, on a house.

And there’s lights showing because light will change, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma the color changes, the color of walls, changes, changes the color of a lot of things. And so it’s really good to be able to see on the, on the house and not just running at sample on a wall out. There’s not another builder in town that does, that gives you that kind of attention to detail and let you see it on the house one. And so, um, you know, we feel like we have a huge advantage as a custom home broken arrow builder in this department. We feel like we are able to really, really, really give you the opportunity to really be really defining your home, really be flexible and how that’s going to vote and really go after the really the truth for us to have a component of building a home. I mean, if you’re not going to customize a home, then why even think about building?

We haven’t built a look at it at all. You’re not going to testify. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma I was talking with another builder the other day and a friend of mine that works at a different builder won’t name the name that he just said that they just got an owning it, which is around over windows and doors and we’d been doing that for years now and that, you know, that just goes to show you how lack the lack of customer options to choose from. The other builders will give you. We have 467 pounds options in our system alone that you can do to the home. There’s actually no way that I could ever go through or even the design studio could ever go through and show you every option that you can do. So when you’re building a home, it’s even hard to build the perfect home. I mean, I know people always have him come in and say, well, we’re building because we can’t find one. We like, well, even building, it’s hard to find the perfect home. And so, uh, uh, you know, I do it for a living. We just finished a home, I guess maybe a month ago.

I do for a living. And that’s still two or three things that I would have did differently and now living in the home for a little bit of looking back on it that I didn’t do because there’s so many options that you still won’t be able to get everything that you want or even be able to figure it out and see you actually live in the home. Um, so take the stress off of yourself. Don’t put the pressure on yourself or trying to build the perfect home, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma but the depression is customize and build a great home. The custom home broken Arrow builder does or should do, I don’t think they should call themselves. You don’t have that option in doing that.

So, uh, we really enjoyed that, that, that component of who we are, we spend a great deal of time allowing you to customize homes. I mean, to be honest, I’m sitting here working on a deal for a lady that is trying to turn a room into storage and a half bath. There’s, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma and a part of it. They want to make him too,


garage storage.

So that’s making that one room three different purposes. And we’re trying to make it worse for him. So imagine that there’s not another custom home broken Arrow builder that will do that to her. They wouldn’t even think about it, they won’t even consider it, but we are willing to consider it because we have an in house architect who can go and design from, from our platform. Chief architect would design these homes, have different criteria for people. So there’s another big advantage for us as a custom home broken Arrow, um, other, other companies, they won’t even entertain the idea. We will entertain the idea and see if we can make it work for you. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma So thanks for letting me talk to you this morning and we’ll talk again in a bit.

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