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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Different Ways To Move Forward

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Moving Forward

New Construction homes, broken Arrow, you can get that at shaw homes. Um, we are Tulsa’s largest builder. So if you go on our website at [inaudible] dot com, you can find a lot of different options to go ahead and start looking, uh, before maybe join us on a model home tour or if you would like to take a look at any of our move in ready homes. Now at the top of your screen, you’re gonna. See a toolbar. One of them will say, find your home. If you select the drop down Arrow box, you can click on communities and this will show you all of our current communities that we’re building in new construction homes. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Um, we have a community called Ashbrook ashbrook. The starting price point is going to be your mid 200,000 square foot range will be from 18. Oh, two to 37, 12. The Community Ashbrook. We’ll also have our half acre lots. This is located in broken Arrow and this is also wagner county. Um, you’re going to be very close to forest ridge golf course, the Muskogee turnpike highway 51 or the broken Arrow expressway you’ve got, let’s see her. The available homes that we currently have, um,

our model which is called the Prescott. He, this one is 3000, 152 square feet, four bedrooms, three bath. So two story three car garage. This community is also broken Arrow schools, highland park elementary. Oh, need a ridge middle school. And then the broken Arrow high school, we have one floor plan that is going up. So unfortunately since this one is already being started, you couldn’t really do a whole lot of customization on this because it is on the ground. Um, but the great thing about new constructions, broken Arrow is that if you are building from the ground up, there might be certain floor plans that we could modify certain things. It’s all pending on what it is that you’re looking for and wanting to do. Now the move in ready home is called the Addison p. This is listed for $292,400. This square footage is 2,434 bedrooms, three bathrooms, two car garage, or sorry, two stories, three car garage. This does sit on a half acre lot. Now, the different floor plans, you know, once again when you are building the new construction, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, um, or I’m sorry, custom homes, broken Arrow, you can customize some different items. Just painting on the floor plan and what exactly we’re customizing. This is where you really want to talk to a shawl home sells manager and let them know what it is that you’re looking for and wanting to modify on a floor plan.

We’ve got a lot of variety of options for this community when it comes to our one story, two stories, um, different floor plans Edmond New Homes Oklahoma

based off of where the room is sitting, you know, some floor plans, you can bump out a room or we might be able to make specific little modifications. So currently I’ve got a customer that is doing a custom option, have pocket doors. I’ve had customers, for instance, one of my wheelchair bound customers. We had to modify and customize his home to make it a wheelchair friendly, so we installed ramps and the shower handle bar, making sure that the doors were wide enough per ada. So typically all the doors on homes are going to be wide enough for standard wheelchairs, but depending on, um, whether you might be getting like an Ada grant, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma they may have some specific modification that you need to do. And that’s what we did for my customer. Custom homes, broken Arrow, um, we can also look at the different things and put in a request to see what we can get modified for you. But once again, this is where you really want to stop in and talk to a shaw homes manager and discuss your options and your needs.

So the next community that we’re going to take a look at is also another broken Arrow community. Oh, and to backtrack with the Ashbrook, since you are on half Acre lots, there’s definitely a lot of room to do certain customizations. So custom homes, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, ashbrook that might be, um, something that you may like, which it’s all pending on what it is of course that you need, but for instance, a fourth car garage, you’ve got this space for that in Ashbrook that you may not be able to have the within for other communities. So brightened villages. Our necks, broken Arrow community, the starting price point in Brighton village is going to be low. Two hundred thousand square foot will range from 1800 1,802 to three 3,700. Twelve Brighton village is located less than a mile from the creek turnpike. Um, you’re very close to the new Warren Theater. Once they complete everything with the Warren Theater, it’s going to be 45 to 50,000 square feet of shopping and dining. You’ve got walmart just less than two miles away, um, a lot of little shops and dining. But most importantly you are very close to that creek turnpike in that creek turnpike will pretty much take you anywhere. The schools for Brighton village or elementary is going to be Spring Creek Elementary.

The middle school will be childers. And then broken Arrow highschool, we have two floor plans that are moving ready. One of them is called the Finley. It’s priced at $227,005. 18. Oh, two square feet, three bedroom, two bath. This is a one story. Three car garage. You can find additional pictures online. It’s got an open layout between the kitchen and the great room. Light color tiles. Carpet in the great room. Your kitchen cabinets is gonna. Be stained, a darker Brown. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma the island is white. A brick fireplace, a generous size vaulted nook. Blinds on the windows. The kitchen is also vaulted. A great size pantry. The fireplace does have a hearth three large windows in your great room. A ceiling fan in the great room with recessed lighting. You have a separate room in the front of the House that can be utilized as either an office, um, or maybe even a dining. The exterior is brick on all four sides. It looks like that there’s fencing on the back and one side of the home. So ultimately if you wanted fencing, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma it just needs to be done on the left side. And the front of the home, it’s painted a light gray. Your bathroom has the same color tile as the kitchen, and the cabinets are the same as the kitchen cultured marble sink with the wave scene, which is going to be your rectangle scene, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma

a very neutral wall color and French doors in the closet for bedroom number two and three.

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