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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Discussing Functionality

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Making it Functional

Shaw homes, custom homes, broken Arrow, um, the first thing that we’re going to do is a model home tour now, custom homes, broken arrow. The great thing about the model home tour is that based off of what it is that you’re looking for and the budget that you would like to say within maybe you already know what location you would like to be in. We’re going to show you our model homes that are fully furnished and decorated. We’re going to discuss the functionality of the home, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma so why the rooms are laid out the way that they were. Each floor plan has different, um, different features. They all showcase something completely different and that’s why we have so many. Plus all of our model homes are fully furnished and decorated and they are decorated completely different. So Edmond New Homes Oklahoma that way you can also get different styles and different ideas for your future home.

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma at shaw. There’s a lot of different options that you can get. And the great thing about that is you couldn’t also customize certain rooms,


and possibly modified different things. It’s all pending on what it is that you need and where it’s placed in the room, so the best thing for you to do is to get in touch with a shaw home sells manager and we can go over those customizations, custom homes, broken arrow, custom customizing different things, you know, honestly, until we’re able to actually see what it is that you want and where it’s located. It’s a little bit harder to say whether that is something that can or cannot be done.

The model home tours are fun in general, so across some homes, broken Arrow, a lot of our families, they absolutely love the fact that our model homes are fully furnished, decorated. They are decorated by our, um, interior designers. We have two interior designers that are award winning interior designers. During your, the build process, you will be assigned to one of our interior designers to help you pick out your items. They will help you out as much as you would like or completely bought out. It’s completely up to. And then your second appointment will be the price out where we meet back at your favorite floor plan. And we completely priced out that floor plan for you. You will know to the dollar how much it’s going to cost to build whatever house with whatever options that you pick the deductions of any of our incentives that’s going on at the time, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma and then we can reserve the lot when we reserved a lot, it’s going to be a thousand dollar check. We do not deposit this check. This check is to solely tell Mr Shaw that we have a serious buyer and because we have a serious buyer and we want to make sure that you are not rushed and making any kind of decision, I am able to pull that home site out of our system and none of the other 13 managers and their customers can even see this home site anymore. It’s completely blocked from everybody.

Custom homes, broken arrow. Once you reserve your home site, that allows you seven days to think about whether or not you would like to move forward with your contract. This way you actually have some time to think you’re not being rushed or pressured. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma You can make any type of adjustments to your price out and then keep in mind if you do go into contract, those adjustments can be made. Again at the design studio, the only thing that we will need to know that cannot be changed is which homesite you want, which floor plan you want, and any external structure, structural changes. All of that needs to be done before contract. So custom homes, broken Arrow, some the structural changes. For instance, I am currently working on a one story home and it will have stairs, um, from the garage into the attic. Um, it’s an older couple that would like those stairs so that way they don’t have to worry about a pool downstairs out in the garage and it will have a door that leads into the attic. So Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, you know, that’s definitely going to be a custom that we can do. I’m not gonna lie, there’s going to be customers that we may not be able to do, but the ones that we can do, we’ll definitely let you know now there will be fees to do those customs. And it’s gonna you’re paying for the fee for us to do the work to see whether or not something can or cannot be done.


that fee, if you do go through with a Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, it will be applied towards the fee for whatever that custom may be. Anything structural will be a $500 fee and anything internal will be a $200. Those are some of the things that we’re going to need to know before you go into contract is going to be anything external, anything internal can be done at the design studio. So if you already know that you’re going to have some customization that you want for internal, just be prepared that whatever price point you’re at when you go into contract, it will go up at the design studio, um, for those customs. Now granted, there may be options that you picked before contract that you may end up removing. So the price may even out, but I don’t know. So just keep that in mind that the price that you signed for at contract is subject to change based off of your decisions and choices. Not from Shaw. Once you go into a contract, a few days later, you will get a phone call to schedule out your design studio appointments here, design studio appointments are going to be,


for internal, external, and your final meet with your construction manager. It’s going to be your plan review. Once all of that is finalized and checked off, then a few days after that, they will get the permits ready and going and get everything ready to build. And then we will break ground. Once we break ground, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma we encourage you to visit your home site as much as you like. They are completely open to all questions that you may have the construction managers love hearing from our customers because we want to make sure that we’re building your home correctly.

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma you take a look at all of that and check out your progress, you will also get weekly updates from your construction manager. Some of the construction manager sends out pictures, um, with very thorough updates that will be done by email.

And then, um, once that is completed and your house is done, you will go into closing. They’re going to finish off the warranty certificate of acceptance and then you get a in. Now, whenever we close the warranty takes into place. You have a one year total warranty. Now you’re already in that first year. You’re going to have a 60 day checkup. The ladies from our warranty department will give you a call, see if everything is still going good, and then they will actually do a followup Edmond New Homes Oklahoma call on the 11th month mark. Now, keep in mind the first year of your home, it’s going to settle. There may be certain things that will happen such as the cabinet tree can kind of pull away from the wall. This is typical. That can be done. They typically don’t fix that until the very last month because they want your house to go through one summer season in one winter season because that’s when your house needs to settle and needs to get. All of that will settle into place once it’s been through. All of those different like summer seasons and winter season.

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