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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Discussing Ownership

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Discussing Ownership

Jay scott, session six, August eighth, broken Arrow home builder, and we’ve been going through the map and all the plans and all those things as well, so we’re going to continue to go through that. You have a step one, step two, step three, step four, step five, step six, step seven, step eight, step nine, step nine, that’s separate. That’s step seven. That’s step six. That’s set five. That’s set for that. Step three, that’s step two. Step one, number. Step one is model home tours. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Step two, number two is financing. Step three, number three is homesite reservation. Step number four is price out. Step five, number five is purchase agreement. Step six, number six is preconstruction seven. Number seven is building. Step eight, number eight is closing. Step nine. Number nine is warranty, broken Arrow home builders. So once again, that is model home tour. That is financing, that is homesite reservation.

That is priced out, that is purchase agreement. It was pretty construction. That is building, that is closing, that is warranty broke marrow homebuilders. So let’s go by the model and the tour of the model home tour takes about 60 minutes and it’s five to seven homes that are fully furnished and decorated. You drive your own car. So don’t worry, you’re just following us. There’s no pricing, no pressure on this meeting is really just looking at homes and for information really wants you to focus on the function of the home. So it’s something for everyone. Three to four bedrooms in, one to two story homes, broken Arrow, homebuilders. Next is financing. So we have spirit bank. Can we have bank of Oklahoma? And we have first Oklahoma, all preferred lenders. They will, uh, do closing cost matching conventional loans, fha loans, va loans, native American loans, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma monthly payment quotes, three preferred lenders, some of them have extra incentives, five minute application, 24, our approval process, interest rate matching broken Arrow homebuilders.

Number three is a homesite reservation. It’s a $250 deposit refundable for seven days. No rush decisions switching. Homesites is allowed to take your time, get all questions answered. We don’t cash that check. Competing customers are blocked from the site. Homesites are always one of a kind of broken arrow. Homebuilders the price out. Meet all your favorites. Forty five minute meeting, itemized pricing, no surprises. All questions answered. Priced out with a clipboard price the way you want it down to the dollar total price printed out on the spot. Tons of options to choose from. And knowledgeable staff. Broken Arrow homebuilders purchase screaming number five, and that’s a one hour meeting. The structural options. Final homeside sections. Final colors aren’t final finishes. Our final contingent delay of build. Congratulations marketing approval. Do mortgage approval. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Do additional deposit of 2,250 to broken Arrow and builders. Preconstruction ratification agreement. Our main office building permits, ordered construction loan application and closing for Shaw homes.

Construction manager. Play her view and scheduling those trades from construction and breaking ground five weeks broken Arrow homebuilders. Then you have number seven, which is the building break. Ground construction manager initiates contact with you to orientation 70 days prior to closing construction managers. Sending weekly progress update someone’s opening for your viewing. Discuss homeowner orientation written notice for closing issue 30 to 45 days prior to closing broken Arrow home. There is a number eight is closing. That’s meet at the title company down. Payment up, fulfilled pay, closing costs. Morgan signed for title transfer keys given time to move in. Number eight is a closing with the key number nine is a shield and its warranty Tulsa’s best warranty. Ten years structural warranty, two year mechanical warranty, one year limited warranty. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Twenty four hour emergency line, excellent customer service, 11 month followup calls. Sixty day follow up. Call Coordinator on staff. Full time warranty from groundbreakings. You move in. Date is five. Broken Arrow homebuilders probably saw this. Forty five minutes. Purchase agreement was one. Our model home tours, 60 minutes financing is five minutes. And those are all of the things that you need to know about. Uh, moving into a brand new chavo.

Custom homes, broken Arrow, sadly we’re were looking at schedule at the huddle right now. We’re standing, I know that you’re super busy, but with your schedule on February 22nd at 9:00 AM, um, would that work better for you to schedule a model home tour views online between now and then? I’m super excited for you to see the model homes. Third and final thought. I would actually finally like to give you our special of the week, which is a free starbucks gift card just for coming into our house because we are a custom homes broken arrow. We have the most furnished and decorated model homes for you to, to her than any other bills. Rent in the Tulsa area, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma where you had been around since 1935 when we typically and always will build more builders and more quality homes than any other butter until this area on a manual basis.

Let me give you a quick overview of the three things that make shaw who was different from every other builder on the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. Let me take him in and talk to you about our benefits. Just to clarify, what is the price of your home? You’re looking for a monthly payment. Are you comfortable with paying every month custom homes, broken Arrow, and when you look into him to a new home or you need to for your approval or outside financing at this point, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma where do you already have financing approved? Let me talk to you about the needs. Have you shopped around with any other builders yet? Custom homes, broken arrow.

I saw that you’re looking to schedule a model home tours, so I wanted to ask them and you decided to look into building a new home with us here at Shaw homes. Hey Kyle, this is tammy appear shot homes. How are you doing today? I love the immedion. Johnny, rapport online sales counselors, script blind copy, BCC hearing. Amal calendar invites that to counter once one for the day, before a month to the second, two hours before subject model home to her. Also going to be shocked. Homes custom homes broken. They’re going to create an event invite for them in the following parameters. Email confirmation. Let me talk to you for a minute while I will look forward to. We need face to face sooner Edmond New Homes Oklahoma. You’re going to have a lot of blasts, a model home tours, Susu and buy clothes, custom homes, broken arrow. I think I’ve everything I need to pray for the tour.

I look forward to seeing you on January 17th at 9:00 AM when we hang up and I’m in and I’ll send you a map and a pin that I mentioned earlier on the calendar invite so I can have it in my phone before I go to yet another questions for me based on my answers. Actually I have my three d printer printing your new home right now and it looks fantastic. It should be ready in about 15 minutes late. The last. No, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma I’m just kidding. Of course. Where’s your desired price for square footage that you want in you earning a one or two story? Did you want a formal dining room in your new home in addition to the bedroom count you mentioned that you want to study or is that included in all the rooms? How many cars garage did you join? Three or four or five, 600 veterans that you want in your new house.

How many bathrooms did you need? Do you currently rent or own your home? When did you expect to be into your new home? Please call your guest registration script. Have all the answers on custom homes, broken Arrow in order to tailor fit your needs. I’m going to get up and information on what you’re looking for. Okay. Means after my hand today, I’m going to text your Google maps pin the address smartphone. I can send this to solve that you booked a time for your model home to her and I just want to shoot myself, be specialist taking you on this gigantic epic tour and I absolutely cannot wait. Jeanette with location will be meeting you at. Hi Johnny. This is Greati having you on today, the amazing Jeremy Jesus just nutrition script filter. This will be a lead that comes from cold and realtors when you call rotary or when hungry, so he use open days. You walk in, you’re going to use a script to book. We’re walking. This is someone who walked to the model home on days when you’re on a food, their main office, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma call them. This will be for to you and you will call them and use the phone script book. You’re on tour all nights of counselor. This is the lead that either called her a online sales counselor.

Counselor will book a tour for you, then email you the pertinent information that we use, the online sales counselor script for booking your tour after they book your tour, and we you need to make an introduction using the guest registration script thrive. This has lead to Clifton or facebook after the Pearl Necklace, and then received a call from thrive scheduled the appointment when you be emailed the information for you already booked to wherever you need to call them and introduce yourself and make sure that they know you willing to meet them further, qualify them custom homes, broken Arrow folly guest registration script. Please enter coming to five times a hundred percent of the profit centers have been at the time I spend with people are out there and to present earlier chopstick customer. Get the same process every time we got out of off the cuff, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma what everyone’s talking about, whatever the customer was talked about.

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