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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Dont get Distracted

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Finding Variations

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma. I am Hunter Shaw. I went to welcome you to the show homes design studio. This is part of the process and probably the most excited about it started with. Before we get into the fun stuff, let me just review a couple of items. You probably heard the day you’re sending a purchase agreement. We’re burying the repeating here because sometimes broken Arrow, first of all, need to remind you that all the natural materials disclaimer that you signed with the purchase agreement, the document explain many of materials that we’ll use to build your home or not being made and many of the items that were going through your head are made from wood and stone and therefore vary from one another in color, texture, pattern, rain, and of course they are. This is something that we unfortunately don’t have any control over. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma When you solid granite stone or wood product, the samples that you’re seeing them, all the studios are far are from a particular street or slab of rock in the ground. I may not be hundreds of thousands of miles away from where the granite stone or wood product comes from. That gets installed into your new home and therefore you may see vinny variations in color. Green pattern to help, horst is different pieces of the same species of wood can receive a different stain and raise end up looking different than one another grant, so the same type have different types of using colors and then meeting them when they’re from the same slab. Custom homes, broken Arrow,

green. It also can have veins of color that are very blotchy. Looking at non uniform, this is just the nature of the material or as I like to say, the nature of nature because mom is broken here. After you’re very sensitive, these variations. I wanted to be sure that you get materials installed that look very similar to samples. Your song, your mom. Do you think you’ll need to go slug materials that are manmade and natural materials, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, for example. Instead of picking, granting, you’ll need to choose quartz. Quartz is man made. I will always have a consistent looked at the sample. Instead of stating cabinets, you need to go with the A and cabinet color that looks like the colors painted it always the same as the sample. Instead of stone backsplash. You’ll need to go with a ceramic tile backsplash. Customers are broken.

Arrow, we have found out their customers knowing the simple truth, keeping from experience and disappointment and materials after it’s installed and what’s your living material and color selections when they are installing your new custom homes. Broken Arrow. Now, let me discuss what we call our pinterest and house disclaimer, and the social media and Internet world we live in. There are days we’ve seen a big change our design, so you have expectations that customers have what it means to build new home, custom homes, broken arrow. We have found out that people try to bring us a lot of their pictures from various sources of Internet of cool ideas that they want us to incorporate into their new home design, custom homes, broken arrow. We appreciate that as a lawyer to make your home one of a kind with some new pictures idea, but went to customers. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Understand that what happens when these ideas are requested that are out of the norm.

First of all, let me start by explaining that our software system, we use price everything out of our homes, literally tens of thousands of pre priced materials and options built into it. We can quickly and accurately price out you your normal questions that customers are looking for, and I go home when the one of a kind custom requires it hasn’t five fold effects of the process. Custom homes, broken arrows, it means that we have like we have to contact one to five vendors and slash or trades to get accustomed price request for one item. You see a requests to actually mean changing the work that many of our trades will be doing. It could mean changing Edmond New Homes Oklahoma the framing insulation, drywall, trim, carpet or other wood floors, paint, heating and cooling, electrical, plumbing or slap, or all the above that we have to get them from the price and compare it to our standard custom homes.

Broken Arrow, let me take a minute and give you a quick overview of the process of your saw home since we have the largest number of fully furnished decorated model homes. Have any builder in the Tulsa area. We like to our customers on model home tours because who doesn’t love to go around and look at beautiful, fully a fire stick, right? A model homes, right. Many of our customers and fall into, even if they ended up buying a used, don’t worry about it with someone else. That moral harm home Edmond New Homes Oklahoma was the single most helpful tool in their home shopping experience. Custom homes broken or less because we really focus on the function behind the design of the home for planner planets come over. Thirty years of architectural experience, thousand customer comments walking through our model homes over the past few years. Customs broker there.

Custom homes, broken Arrow, 50 common buyer questions and objections. We’re just looking to sell my current home before I can buy a new one. We had just started looking for a new home in aren’t true what we need or want yet if I own land, but you bought on it. I’m selling my home now. Once I signed my contract. When will you begin building my own home? I keep building my land to construction loan. If I have a plan I found online, would you be willing to build it for me? Do you have. Do you build Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Where will you build my new home? How much is pmi? If I don’t have enough down payment, what kind of down payment do I need to buy a new construction home? What is the average interest rate today? How much should I expect to need for closing costs for a new home?

Who are your preferred lenders and what does it do? For me? If I used them over my current lender, I’m also trying to decide if I should keep my current home on the market or use it as a rental. What do you think? Custom homes, broken arrow. We are trying to figure out what we do to our home before I put it on the market. Do you have anything that tells us what we should expect to get for our return on investment? Do you have someone that will help me sell my current home quickly because yes, I do. David is the man. He’s our personal house realtor. Can you tell me what my current home is worth? What makes a home site less attractive than any other? We are trying to figure out what to do to her. Trying to figure out where to have our home site built and religious southern trails. What logic you recommend choosing a new home site to be built on? Edmond New Homes Oklahoma When we were on tour, you mentioned a headlight law. What does that mean for the rest of our lives? What upgrades would you recommend us going with?

Knowing that thought, we want to gain room when our new home, can you install a wire chase from the first floor to the second for retro wiring and later as technology changes, can you build us a home that is fully Ada compliant? You’ve always wanted a pool. Do you have a list of pros and cons to having a pool installed? The Great Room and master bedroom share walls or anything we can do to lessen the noise coming from the great room. When we are trying to sleep and our kids are watching TV, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma we’ve already purchased a pool. What is the best time to build during construction of our home? To have the pool company began to work custom homes, broken arrow. How does having a pool effect my resale value will include a pool and a home loan. A home that has already built behind this on the home site is like somewhat above our lot.

How will that affect water retention on my home site? What features do you, including your new homes, but energy efficiency items are worth their cost is my price range change? If I have a realtor, how long does it take on average to build a home? If I purchase a home now, what is it going to hurt my ability to purchase or get approved for a car loan, but at the minimum credit score approved to buy a new home. I’ve learned that I’ve worked with in the past. Can I used them and still get the incentive? Edmond New Homes Oklahoma We have just come to look at interior decorating ideas, custom homes, broken arrow. We have a home that we need to sell first. How much would you allow us to change the plans the way get them the way we want? I’m self employed is that hurt? My ability to get approved for a home loan?

How much will you last changed the plans to the way we want them back taxes. What does that effect have on getting a new homeland? Edmond New Homes Oklahoma How do I handle it? If my home sellers, before the new calendar is completed, I’m looking at homes for a friend. What is the best way to determine the volume of my current home? I noticed that all the empty land next to the neighborhood. What is that going to be in? What’s going to be done with that land? I only ask because I like a lot and the edge of the community. I don’t want to get on the tour because I don’t feel like I’m being sold something. I just went to look at homes and aside, but I liked the most Edmond New Homes Oklahoma or those power lines. Dangerous to be near your home. Why can’t I have a side entry garage?

Why should I buy a at home over some other builders homes? We have homeless did, but the realtor, but they didn’t help us find your current home. We just drove by and saw the sign on the edge of the street. Do we have to use them to buy a new home with you? Custom homes, broken arrow. I saw home that you’re building and I really like it. If I buy that one, can I make choices for the rest of the process and choose what I want such as the exterior and interior paint colors. Maybe change the cabinets. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma How much can I expect my new home to appreciate in one year Edmond New Homes Oklahoma I’ve already met one of your other salespeople a couple months ago, but can I have future living space craft on the second level but not finished out? How much will I need to bring to closing? Can you change the arches and known to be squared off? Do you build with two by sixes in the exterior walls? What is the full process of having a home built as granted having irradiation or you give off anything that’s harmful? I saw something on facebook about it. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma

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