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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Custom homes, broken Arrow, the Highlands v is opening in early 2015 and plenty of shopping nearby and all the amenities of living in a master planned community. It’s just 13,014 school year was the first need. Middle School located just south of islands of Forest Ridge custom homes. Broken Arrow, I’m going to start. Catchment is enforced which over 10 miles. Walking and biking trails, parks, optional and swimming. Tennis Center, Broken Arrow, golf course, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma cafe Savannah location, broken Arrow, square foot of drains, price range, elementary school, Highland Creek, middle school, and high school north. Driving records to community community is located on the south side of 81st. Between Anita and midway roads from Tulsa. Take the broken Arrow expressway to Kenosha, left at the light on to Kenosha. Dry, three point six miles onto the Anita road. Drive one mile and turn left on Houston the first two inches of the highlands. Point three miles to the right south 71st street south highland boulevard is next to the south.

70 fifth street exit custom homes or broken Arrow Mendelssohn pond, completely located in broken Arrow with unit school. Sand volleyball court playground and more come to the window model and see one of the most popular plans in the past 20 years. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma amenities, playground pool because he boasted in volleyball court. Location broken our square footage range, price range, elementary school, Anderson, Middle School Union High School Union. Driving Direction is located on hundred 29th street. All of community first 91st street on the east side of 129 from Tulsa to take highway one, six, nine, eight 81st turned left. Grab on to 81st drive, one point six miles south hundred 29th and turned right Milson. Ponder the first communion in the left internal West. Jackson Street. Customers are broken. Arrow, Rexburg, northeast, easy access to the creature and private. The new Warren Theater. Nobody with a few of the amenities and living in Russia.

North Amenities community locations, broken Arrow price range, 245,000 elementary school, Wolf Creek Middle School. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma All of our high school south driving directions. Communicate community is located on the south side of all of. In between 191st Washington, 101st New Orleans. Stay straight into rush north customers. Broken Arrow from Tulsa, take one 69 91st street south. Turn left on 91st street. Drive one point six miles, 129th. All of intern right drive over. One point five miles. Turn left on Fulton Street and we immediately left onto South Venice Avenue, seven lakes named of the seven volumes of community. Suddenlink’s is where you went to live with to see stars and I just over one mile from the morning. All the restaurants and shops you could desire. Amenities, community, pool of Clubhouse, walking trail location, big speed price range. Elementary School, north middle school, bixby, highschool, bixby, driving direction in seven lakes, located on South Street and open 100 2131st on the east side of Sheridan Edmond New Homes Oklahoma.

Custom homes, broken Arrow, sevenoaks off within four point five miles of everything you could desire. Good in the morning or Tulsa. Walmart Grocery shopping, target, Marshall’s basketball and plenty of restaurant priorly. Oh, and one point three miles from northeastern state university campus and upcoming Chisholm trail. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma South Park includes approximately 200 acres a minute. He’s pool and sand volleyball court location, broken Arrow elementary school or middle school sequoia high school south driving directions located in Brooklyn or on the south side of firstly Lynn Lane, county line road, custom homes, broken Arrow, Spring Creek located just down the street from APP shops, Aspen Creek, which includes the national. Now Warren Theater just over miles, Walmart, many other stores and restaurants nearby. Quick, actually the creek turnpike makes getting rare anywhere in the Tulsa area at super easy customs, Broken Arrow, amenities, pool and clubhouse. Location, broken Arrow, square footage, 2,195 square feet. Price range. Elementary school has been great.

Middle School Children’s high school south driving directions of Cuny is located on the South side 121st two songs. We asked 145th and all of 129th impulse to take highway one, six, nine and follow the signs with the creek turnpike south loop. Take the aspects in. Turn around at the Austin, turned right into the aspen, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma turned right onto aspen from the ramp. Turn right onto east hundred 21st street in Spring Creek on the left there to interest in the community South Chestnut Avenue in south elder avenue, custom homes, broken Arrow stone when crossing comedian located them. Conveniently located with the cross. Access to highway 51 and lots of shopping in restaurant choices at hillside crossing, including sprouts farmers market. The shops are broken area. Includes target Marshall’s, Dick’s sporting goods in a much more of the Park Adam’s creek with lowe’s and cinemark theater, amenities, location, baking their square footage range, price range, elementary school, airhead middle school, Sequoia High School North Driving Directions. Bouquets. Look, community is located on the west side of Elam road, just north of 60. First from the Tulsa Broken Arrow stress way east onto roman onto the elm road exit. Turn left onto elm road. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Drove point six miles into the left Fargo stumbling crossing customer to broken arrow.

Custom homes, broken Arrow, let me take a minute and give you a quick overview of the process here at Shaw home, since we have the largest number of fully furnished and decorated model homes, have any builder in the Tulsa area, we’d like to take our customers on the model home tour, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma

because who doesn’t love to go around and look at beautifully, fully furnished and decorated model homes, right? Many of our customers have told us that even if they ended up buying used home or building with someone else, that our model home tour was the single most helpful too on their entire home shopping experience. Customer homes, broken Arrow. That’s because they’re really focusing on the function behind the design of the homes for plan. Many of our plans come from over 30 years of architectural experience. Thousands of customer comments. You have walked through model homes over the past few years, custom homes, broken arrow. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma There’s a great deal of thought put into why we laid out the rooms the way we did custom homes and broken Arrow, so the way the tour works, I’ll be taking several families with me at the same time and you’ll follow me in your own vehicle. That way. For emergency comes up, you’re free to go at anytime. We take these two tours at the same time every week. Saturday at 9:00 AM, Sunday at 5:00 PM on Monday at 5:00 PM. Since I’m only able to take a limited number of people with me at the same time, I’ll need to go out and

nail down your spot in my calendar at this time. Most Times works best for you. Your paths. New Sean Home, Ninety minutes, six, 12 homes furnished and decorated. Drive your own car. No pricing, no pressure. Just information focused on function, something for everyone. Versatile plans, one or two story closing costs. Matching conventional loans, Fha loans, va loans, native American nuns, monthly payment quotes, custom homes, broken Arrow to preferred lenders. Have an extra incentive. Five minute application, 24. Our approval process, interest rate matching. Oh, reservation. Custom homes. Broken Arrow, $1,000, deposit refundable for seven days and the rest decision switching homesites is allowed to take your time. Get all the questions answered. We don’t cash the check. Competing customers are blocked from the site. Homesites are always one of a kind. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma price. Price out price the way you want it down to the dollar. Total price out, printed on the spot.

Tons of options to choose from. Knowledgeable staff. Meet your favorite house. Forty five minute meeting optimized pricing. No surprises, no surprises. All questions are answered. Custom homes, broken Arrow Watch, informative video, one hour meeting structure options. Final home site selection. Final colors are not. Final finishes are not final. Additional deposit. Do mortgage approval. Do contingent delay of bill. Congratulations design studio. What would winning designers largest design studio. Tons of options offered. Simple process. No children in the studio, easy meetings, exterior, exterior, interior, final signatures, no construction or structural changes. Plan, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma review of your selections. Discuss timeline. Discussed weekly updates, discussed homeowner orientation. Meet at the office, meet your bill. To review blueprints, revere your site plan, discuss creative land building homesite orientation. Done onsite. Meet at your house. Enjoy the progress. Weekly updates. We welcome. Questions, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma closing keys given time to move in. Meet title company down payment fulfilled. Pay, closing costs, mortgage sign for Title Transferred Home Warranty Tulsa’s best warranty. Ten year structural warranty. Custom homes, broken Arrow to your mechanical warranty. One year limited warranty. Twenty four hour emergency line fulltime warranty coordinator on staff 60 day follow up. Call Eleven. One follow up call. Excellent service from groundbreaking to move in. Date is equal to six months. Model home tours. Ninety minutes financing as five minutes. This is a new path to our new home Edmond New Homes Oklahoma

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