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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Extremely Cost Effective

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Extremely Cost Effective

So I saw homes, custom homes, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma we have a lot of different communities available for our clients. Now the big speed location is a very desirable location, but the thing about our broken Arrow location is that it is a little bit more on the cost effective side. Um, when you are on a budget are broken Arrow communities ranges depending on the location in broken Arrow, custom homes, broken arrow. There’s a lot of different things that we offer when it comes to our broken arrow communities such as the different amenities that’s available in the communities and location. Now you may want a community in Brooklyn era that’s extremely close to the creek turn pipe and maybe you work in downtown and that highway would be more convenient for you. One of the communities that I would actually recommend looking at in our community called Brighton Village Brighton village is literally a mile and a half away from Crete turn pite pessimisms broken here. Or we also have another community called Wellstone, a forest ridge forest ridges are golf community. And the great thing about for storage is that they actually offer tons of amenities. The Hoa Aes are very low, it’s about three. Oh, five a year. You have access to multiple walking trails, tennis courts, clubhouse. You also get a discount on the golf memberships. They are redoing their country club and restaurants and a lot of things are planned out for four years within the next couple of years. They’ve actually started renovations

this past September. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma We have another community called Ashford, so custom home broken Arrow when you’re looking in a community such as Ashbrook. Ashbrook has our half acre lots, so you do have a lot of, um, a lot of room in Algebra two, for instance, one of the popular features that we have in Ashbrook. Maybe adding a fourth car garage or bumping out your garage. Maybe you would like a poll through and definitely lot of different things

that you could do in the Ashprit community because you’ve got the, the land space for it.

Another good community that we have in Edmond New Homes Oklahoma,

it’s called villages southern trails. Now custom homes broken your own when village of southern trails, you’re kind of in the middle of broken arrow. You’re very close to the creek turnpike and also close to highway one 69, so you are centrally located. You’re minutes away from downtown, broken Arrow minutes away from the Warren Theater shopping and minutes away from everything out on memorial villages. Southern trails is also a premier community, so there’s a lot of different and, um, different features that you would get by building in villages. Other trials, some of the options that you would automatically get included for free would be tile in the master shower. The granite in your kitchen will automatically be upgraded to three centimeters. You’re going to get upgraded to the knotty alder front door at village of southern trails. You will get a six zone sprinkler system and full guttering.


Edmond New Homes Oklahoma The landscaping in villages, southern trails, is that a higher dollar value? And that’s all just based off the, or villages, southern trials, shaw at shaw homes, custom homes, broken arrow. Another thing to keep in mind too is that our, our work, you can look at our reviews from our customers, whether they have already purchased from us, they’re completed on their homes, um, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma customers that are going through the process right now. You’re going to see and read those real reviews from our customers. There’s a reason why we are Tulsa’s number one biggest builder. We definitely don’t have to win or confuse any of our customers with some


fraudulent and bogus facebook videos. Like some of our competitors will never compare you to food items. You know, we let our reviews talk for themselves because they are coming from our actual buying customers, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma. Another good community to take a look at is going to be a rush. Britain north rush north is located on all live between 90 and 101st we actually have some home sites available that got the green belt lot. Some of our home site even have up to a $15,000 credit. And right now we are running a promotion in rush north where you may have the opportunity of getting an additional $15,000 on top of our $15,000 incentive for upgrades. So that’s a total of $30,000 in upgrades that you could receive building in rush, Brit north. Um, and that’s a great community to be in. And that is also broken Arrow schools. That community also offers a clubhouse and a pool and you’re close to the creek turnpike, um, trails,

another good community in the broken Arrow location, or I’m sorry, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Um, another great community. We actually have a custom home that’s going up in spring creek. We do Spring Creek is also a premier community and the lots are all pretty much green boat. We are built out in that community because it was so desirable. But we do have a home that’s going up on our last home site and our model that is in that community is now up for sale. So custom homes, broken Arrow is definitely the name of that model. There are lots of different custom options that you’re getting. It’s a $5,

three full bath and three car garage. It’s got a game room and a bonus room. There’s a lot of different customs that we put in that house simply because it is a model and we need to show what you can and cannot, can do if you would like to add those items on into your new construction home, so custom homes, broken arrow. Our Spring Creek model definitely fits that mold and we have a lot of woodwork and Wayne’s coating that’s in the dining room. Lots of different woodwork that we’ve added to our great room. The Monroe has the largest covered back patio and I’m, once again, it does have a game room and a bonus room that’s completely finished out, tons of windows throughout the house to let that natural light in. Plus it is on a green belt lot. You’ve got lots of space and lots of options in that particular house. That House has actually, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma I’m almost 3,700 square feet and it’s a gorgeous house with a beautiful front porch as well. Some of one of the things that we currently no longer do on the monroe that you will get on that model and that model is listed and ready for ’em

ready for a family.

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