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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Upgrade Charges

Chase scott shaw homes session five August eighth broken Arrow home builders will go through the schedule and also some comparisons. So what first we’re going to do is go through the comparisons and see how those match up versus a show homes and then the next will be the competitor and we can just kind of go through all of those and see who comes out on top. So the first thing would be hardwood floors. They are available as Siobhan was that you’re not offered with competitor quartz countertops. Kitchen included with us success and upgrade for a competitor. Granite countertops in the kitchen included with us $1,500 a upgrade with competitor. Crown Molding on cabinets included with us. Upgrade for competitor five burning stove included with us four burner with competitor cabinet door styles to choose from three with us, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma one with competitors stained or painted cabinets, both included with us staying only 900 for painted with competitor, Broken Arrow, homebuilders kitchen backsplash.

Four inch granted or courts with us not included. Four hundred and $2,500 upgrade with competitor cabinet doors above. Microwave included with us upgrade charge with competitor mud bench with coat hooks in utility room included with us on offered with competitor pocket office cabinets in planning desk included with us not offered with competitors, separate laundry room and utility room included with us not offered with competitor or broken arrow. Homebuilders covered patio included with us. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma I’ve charged them 2000 to 6,000 with competitor upgraded to carriage style garage door included with us not offered with competitor garage door hardware included with us upgrade charge 400 with competitor broken Arrow, homebuilders, bullnose, drywall corners included with us not offer with competitors. Window sills included with us. I’m charged with competitors like packages to choose from to styles and three colors with us. One style team colors with competitor interior door styles to choose from.

Five with us too with competitor cultured marble countertop. Colored shoe choices for with us too with competitor bath hardware colors to choose from. Three with us, one with competitor broken Arrow homebuilders six by 24 woods style tiles included in wet areas with us. Upgrade charge $8 per square foot with competitor. Window colors to choose from, three with us, white only with competitor type of included Metal Jack’s combination. Cat Five, cable with us, cable only with competitor vaulted ceilings in master bedroom. Included with us on Alford with competitor, broken Arrow, homebuilders, vaulted ceiling and great room included with us on offered with competitor 15 high foot ceiling in Florida with daylight room included with per plan not offered with competitor. Extended a nine foot four year with Carmen molding included per plan with us not opera with competitor. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Thirty five years of experience is when we have a and then there’s not really an option for the competitor.

Not that we’re keeping score, but $20, zero. Please don’t take our word for word color. References, broken Arrow, homebuilders. So those were a lot of the main things that I would say our make us the undisputed master of included features. So that’s pretty fantastic. Do you think about broken Arrow home builders because then you have all those things and now you can let people know about pat. Fantastic to do. And you can do all of those things. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Then make sure that you can go through and see all of those and all the competition and how we match up and all the exciting things, uh, to check for their broken Arrow homebuilder.

Custom homes, broken Arrow topics to discuss the promise to pay the process, the product promise, we promise never, ever, ever steal a client from you. All you need to do in order to work with us thought a simple little form and you will be protected is called the realtor protection for them for a reason, promised to give them the same fair price to every customer regardless of if they have a realtor or not. We know a lot of builders use a site to could entice buyers and there’s the real true for a better price to the promise to compromise and communicate with you throughout the entire process of you’re always in the know and where where we’re going on and what we’re doing. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma The promise. Any questions about our promise to pay? We pay half the commission upfront of the contract and the other half of closing.

If you prefer. If a three percent commission on any and all SPEC home sales, regardless of whether they’re listed on [inaudible] site, we typically list them when they are completed, but you can also bring us a buyer if they’re still under construction and get the full three percent custom homes broken arrow. The pay. The question is about how we pay or do you have any questions about how we do the paying the process? Let’s talk about how to build a SPEC. Check out [inaudible] dot com or www dot [inaudible] dot com. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma For our entire inventory, I like to put you on the list. Send updates to. Would that be okay? Sometimes they have extra incentives. You realtors on that list. If the homes that are listed on the mls multilith site have a central lockbox, but you’d be able to get it if you prefer. If you can show a client the home for you, I can duplicate your efforts, so just fill out a realtor protection form and send it to me and I will do the rest and then report back to you.

Let me talk to you about the process. What questions do you have about working together on a Spec home? The process building from scratch piece for a lot of real occur document form your folder is titled Your Passive New Shaw Home, but will get you to the details model, home tour, financing, homesite reservation price. I’ll purchase agreement design studio plants, studio review, building, building, closing, warranty. The process. What questions do you have about working together on a client that wants to build from scratch the product locations? Please take a look at the model home tour flyer that is in your folder. We offer homes in the following areas, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma I know at the product pricing we offer shot him starting at a hundred and 60,000 up to $450,000 in our problem. Shot homes, product line. We also went out. We also own waterstone homes and those customs.

Please tell me about the delay. The delay of built it is when a customer signs a contract that is not contingent on anything, but we are delaying at the beginning of instruction for a maximum of 90 days. This means we will start construction no later than 90 days from the contract date. What is the maximum number of days we can delay 90 days from contract date? When does the customer go to the city as soon as possible, preferring to be treated like exactly like a regular bill. This is a delay of build, not a delay of a design studio. We did not want to stretch things out in the design studio. We have a month between meetings because it’s because of the customers. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma You forget what they wanted and forget what they need to start on. Each time they come in to the salesperson have to ask her permission to do light build before offering it to the customer.

No, because this is approved without asking because you just need to follow the guidelines. Is there a situation under which restrict direct bridgette rejected the lay of build after you’ve written a contract for delay of billed to is and give you the full earnest money deposit at the signing of the contract were in the document. Where do I document that? I’m doing a delay of building the contract. Is this a special condition that needs to be engineered or user field and then printed inside as a customer as a special condition on the contract? Custom homes, broken Arrow, go to the design studio only after at least $5,000 or any amount of deposit is to positive only after four or as many dispositive following will occur. The construction begins. Fred and chemistry. Miss pay. How does delay of built work? What is the delay of built Edmond New Homes Oklahoma?

Is there is that when a customer signs a contract that is not contingent on anything, but we are delaying the beginning of construction for maximum 90 days, this means we will start construction and later than 90 days after the contract date. What is the maximum number of delayed we can date night in a contract, a custom homes broken arrow. When does the customer go to the design studio? As soon as possible to be treated exactly like a regular belt. This is delay of build on delay. As I say, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma we’re not one stretch things out in the design studio. You have a month in between meetings because it’s caused us customers forget what they want. It needs to start over. Each time they come in as a salesperson, you have to ask permission for delay of built before offering it to the customer. No, because this is going to be done and it’s already preapproved.

As long as you’re following the guidelines that we’ve provided for you. Custom homes, broken Arrow is their situation under which we reject the liability. After you’ve written a contract, yes. If the customer doesn’t give you full complete earnest money deposits at the signing of the contract, they mooning rejected. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma have built custom homes, broken arrow. When do I document that? I’m going to be doing delay of building the contract. Is this a special condition that does need to be entered under the user field and I egms or printed, signed by a customer as a special contract as a condition Edmond New Homes Oklahoma.

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