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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Going In-depth

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Going In-depth

Niger on here with shaw homes, custom homes, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma. I’m coming again to you live from seven oak south on our premier communities. Uh, it’s beautiful. Has a lot going for it. It’s on 101st in between Lynn Lane and county line. If you know those terms. Some people say that we have such weird directions because we have street names that have names and numbers, so don’t really know the numbers for Lynn Lane or a county line. Hundred first is called New Orleans street. So I knew that, but hopefully you can get here if he can’t get here, give me a call. Nine one eight, five, one eight, one, two, six, six. I would love to help you on your way over. Be Awesome. So anyways, uh, let me talk to you a little bit today about custom home broken Arrow building. Been doing this over five years.

I’m number one with our company right now. And so I know a pretty good bit about it. I’ve done pretty good, well done pretty well and I’ve been pretty successful in the industry. So, uh, I feel like I have a little bit to say about this matter. So listen up, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma if you’re interested in, you’re thinking about building in broken Arrow or you know, I built also in chinks and bixby and I built offsite on people’s land and I’ll also build, um, and uh, I’ll also coming up, we got a new community coming up in a so, so anyways. Alright, let’s get down to brass tacks, broken arrow, custom home, broken Arrow building. Let’s talk about a broken arrow. Um, let’s talk about our steps as a company. We’re a little bit different. I talked to earlier in my earlier podcast about how we’re different from a customer viewpoint as far as customer, quite a bit different than the other builders.

It’s so funny that some actually claim to be custom and that’s an outright lie. Um, because they don’t offer anything that’s custom. First off, they have a couple of different things you can do to a house that’s not really custom. Can’t really customize the house when you can’t do, but a couple of different things that they offer. Secondly, they don’t do any customs to their plans that they have set in place. So for instance, in my plan built, you want to build that plan and you can’t because you know, you have some customers that you can’t really do. So there you go. You got that too. So they’re not really accustomed. So anyways, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, we’re, we’re much more custom, but I’m going to go through our process today a little bit more in depth, um, and not talk so much about customizing stuff. Uh, and what you think, what you broken Arrow builders, custom home broken realtors can do to houses so many ways.

Our first step is model home tour. Um, if you have not been on that, you need to try to get on one of those because that’s pretty cool and pretty awesome. I actually take buyers and agents out all the time on those and these are people that aren’t thinking about building at all. So that can happen. You don’t have to be building to come and check out these beautiful homes. As a matter of fact, we have a, a, a program that’s pretty much built are wide and citywide that’s called the parade of homes. Everybody gets involved and the whole purpose of that is for people to see beautifully decorated homes. Our thing is we do that year round. That’s where we’re much different than the other builders. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma A lot of other builders, they’ll build a home and let you view it, but it’s a spec homes, a home that they want to sell that they have a price tag attached to it.

For us, when we build a home, we’re not always selling it. We do have quite a few specs on the ground that can get you what you need and what you want. But for. But for us, it’s not always just trying to, uh, sell the home. Sometimes we’ll build a house, it’ll be on the ground and be a model home. It’ll be something that people can just tour and walk through. For instance, I said, as told you, I sit in sevenoaks south community where there’s two model homes and they’re not for sale at all. And Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, they’re just beautifully decorated homes that people come in and check out and generally they really liked them or they like one of our homes. We have 12 models that are furnished and decorated that are sitting on the ground right now. So generally people really, really love though to look through the home.

So we would invite you to come on. It’s very low casual, no pressure kind of deal and uh, it’s a super fun thing. It’s awesome. And it’s my favorite part of the process. Certainly some might say, well, writing a contract will be mine, but not mine. Don’t always write contracts with everybody I meet and that’s okay. I really liked to meet people, so that’s why I’m in the industry. So come on by. Uh, the address is 14, 10 east, New Orleans Place Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. If you need an address in your gps in and out, just to go in a little bit more detail about the model home tour. If I was to go kind of little more, you know, what, what actually is a model home tour again, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma I talked about it being 90 minutes, about an hour and a half. Um, generally I’ll need, I’ll get up to about five homes because these are homes that are all different price ranges with all different functionality.

What I mean by that, excuse me, what I mean by that is sometimes people will come in and there are $225,000 customer and 250. Sometimes people will come in and there are $350,000 customer. Well that’s it. That’s a couple of different homes that are, you know, I can’t show the 2:50 a homes necessary to 3:50 and I can’t show necessarily 3:50 home students who 50. Those are different functionalities, different viewpoints all together. So even though we have 12 models, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma not all are going to work for you from a functionality standpoint. You might just be a one story person where there’s certain homes and are,


in our inventory that the only. There are only two stories. So that’s going to be interest to you. So again, going from home to home discussing we like about homes, where we are, what we’re thinking about it, we’re going to probably get up about four or five, maybe six, maybe three, depending on what the price point is. Homes and we’ll go from there. Um, these are all furnished and decorated so when we go in, we’re gonna try to make you feel like you’re living there because we want you to feel like what it would be like living there. And uh, this is such a funny thing because when you take people, I’ve done it multiple times and I try not to because it really plays on people’s mind, but when you take people in a furnished and decorated home and then you take them in an empty spec home, they always consider the Edmond New Homes Oklahoma SPEC home to be much smaller even though it’s the exact same floor plan. Then the furnished and decorated home. And why is that? Just guys, this is like a pro tip right here. It’s because their eyes are focusing on, in the furnished and decorated home. Their eyes focused on the furniture, so then they will have a quite space with furniture to wall, so then they’ll equate it to walkways in that course, that sort of thing. When you get into a a

and unfurnished homer, a Spec home or used homers, that set sort of thing. What happens is they come in and they can’t equate the walkways. They can’t equate furniture in there and it feels just smaller because it’s not decorated. It’s not furnished. Happens every time I have. Sometimes I’ll have buyers call me to come out to their house because they think that we built there their living room too small because it’s not the same size as the model. So funny, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma but you wouldn’t be. You’d be surprised. It happens a lot, so furnished and decorated really helps customers to understand what the house is gonna look like with furniture in it, how their furniture’s going to fit in it, how they’re going to decorate it and such. So it does help people and you’ll, and you realize all realtors know that when he furnished the house, if it’s a used home and it’s not furnished, sometimes they think about furnishing it because it really does help. So, uh, we’re going to talk about, I talk a lot, a little bit more about the Tor. So anyways, you’ve got to drive your own car. You’re going to follow me. We’re going to go out probably from a starting point. Generally it will be in a 700 south. We’ll leave from there. Um, and you’re gonna follow me in your car.

We’re going to go from broken Arrow to genes to bixby on getting. I told you 90 minutes. Sometimes it’s two hours. If we talk a bunch, generally it’s at least 90 minutes. So, um, but we’re, you going to follow me in your own car? We’re all going to have a good time. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, sometimes I’ll take the pike if you have a pike past. So I’ll ask you about that some. I won’t if you don’t. So there’s ways to get there, but it’s faster with the pipes. So. But anyways, follow me in your own car, he wants you to talk about the homes in between the homes so you’re not going to be riding with me and got me riding with your, your loved ones and you’re going to be talking. So, um, because when I’m going to be doing is I’m going to be quizzing you on your favorite home and by the end of the day I want to know what the favorite one was and why it was the favorite and why you didn’t like the other ones because it doesn’t hurt my feelings.

You don’t like a home. It helps me. It’s information for me when I know that what you don’t like. So I asked about that ask. I want you to be open and transparent with me and give me some clarity on what you’re looking for. So, uh, again, we’re not going to talk about pricing or pressure. I’m not going to be pressure pointing. You Not gonna get too much into pricing or anything like that. I’m just gonna focus on function. And the people always wonder if a function. So I knew when I, when I came into the industry, I wasn’t really quite sure it function was. But uh, when you talk about function, function is different aspects of the home that are not design related, which means do you need a game room? That’s function. Do you need a dining room? That’s function. How many bedrooms are you looking for? Function? Are you just a one story person function, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma those kinds of things, a big kitchen function, those kinds of things. How the house is laid out is function. How the house is designed is aesthetics. And so we don’t talk about the aesthetics. We talked about the function because function determines if you like your house six years from now. Anyways, I’ll talk to you again in a minute.

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