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This is candice metter with Shaw homes, senior sales manager in Jenks Bixby, broken Arrow, and um, I guess I’ll talk to you today on this podcast about some million ready homes that we have that are for sale that I would love for you to come and purchase from me as a broken arrow. Custom home builder. The first time I’m going to tell you about is in the school district, um, country woods country, woods of Jake’s beautiful neighborhood. Um, it is, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, just west of highway 75 on the north side of 111. So it’s really close to that new highway. Seventy five. Walmart was not needing more, a couple of years old and also the Tulsa hills area. So this is an a jinx west school district. We’ve got my former model home, which is one of our press, got floorplans plans, one of our most popular floor plans.

It is 2,565 square feet. And the press got is a beautiful home that has both a formal dining room and his studies. So when you step off that front porch into the entryway, to your right is a study with a large window, ended overlooking the front yard and to the left is a open on two sides, formal dining room that overlooks the great room. And then the great room is also open to the kitchen, beautiful hardwood floors throughout the entryway, the great room and the dining room. There’s even accustomed a hand painted a ceiling treatment that looks really cool on the ceiling and that a former model, it almost looks like the chandelier, the shape of the chandelier reflecting onto the ceiling. This home is, as I said in country woods of jinx country would, is a family plan community with a beautiful community pool, a beautiful splash pad area, a great, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, playground area for the Kiddos, um, as well as a miles and miles and miles of paved, jogging, biking, hiking trails that go all the way around a, a big beautiful pond with some fountains in it.

Um, it’s a beautiful neighborhood. This former model I’m home with, mine is three bedroom, three bath, two and a half car garage upstairs. There is a large game room and a three quarter bath upstairs, so it actually could serve as a fourth bedroom for maybe a teenager, um, because he would have his own bathroom up there. This home is complete and it is available for only $279,000. So that’s an incredible buy in a beautiful neighborhood. Former model home with lots of crown moldings. The fireplace in there actually is a granite surround fireplace. It’s really pretty. I’m one of the most expensive fireplace treatments that we’ve have done over the years actually. Um, beautiful home, lots of, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, well the cabinets in the kitchen there and the island, they’re real pretty. They’re painted a Ralph Lauren, um, um, I’m warm beige color with a glazing on the cabinets and then a lots of light with, um, with that glass in the cabinet door.

Friends that are all lit up and they’re so pretty large bay window. I’m off the Nook area, which the nook is huge. You can put a lot of dining room furniture in there. And that beautiful, beautiful Prescott. I’m located at one one. Oh, one seven south Lawrence Street. So, um, would love to show you this home, would love for you to buy this home from us and um, give a family, have a wonderful treat, ability to live in such a gorgeous home there in country woods. And the school district also has a broken arrow. Custom home builder. I have two homes for sale in Elwood Park. One is our very popular Vinton Acu. It’s, I’m just under 2,600 square feet, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma but it feels much bigger than that. It’s got two bedrooms up, two bedrooms down as well as a study. And that super popular master bedroom, closet, bathroom utility room walk through that walks you right straight through to basically the back hall where when you cut in from the garage, you can kick off your shoes right there in your master closet.

Um, it also has easy access through the master closet. And we’ve told you room to the second bedroom downstairs, which makes it a perfect setup for a nursery as a broken arrow home builder. Um, our clients have told us over the years that this is important to them. And as a mom myself, I can certainly understand why I would want to have to run all the way across the house every time the baby cries, because you can just zip right through your master bathroom and master closet and be right there in, um, in the baby’s room. The ventana has a beautiful kitchen, a very large, great room area with lots of windows overlooking and oversized patio that’s poured back there. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, as a broken Arrow home builder. This home is competitively priced at 300, $19,023. It’s four bedrooms, three bath, three car garage. Um, it’s located at one nine.

Oh, five west, 117th court. My Beautiful Ventana Queue for sale in Elwood Park. Only three. Nineteen. Oh, two, three. Also in Elwood Park, we have our beautiful single story, Redford for sale at 2,349 square feet. Um, this home is for sale at one. One, seven, three. Oh, south red bud street. It is three bedroom, two bath, two car, three car garage. It is a complete home. It is completed. It is beautiful. The redford is gorgeous. Um, we kept tearing as a broken Arrow home builder that our clients didn’t all necessarily want both a formal dining room and a nook area. They didn’t need two eating areas, especially for a single story home or an empty nester. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma this album was designed for those empty nesters. So rather than having a two eating areas, it’s got one huge dining room or nook area off of the kitchen. So when you walk in, the front door of the red for, to your left is a hallway that leads to bedrooms two and three and a hall bath.

And then, um, it has a high, a entryway ceiling that we step a couple of steps forward. You are, I’m just to your right is going to be the door to the study and then you are pretty much standing in the very large, very open, great room that actually is also open to the kitchen. Now, what makes the Redford so special? In one of my very favorite floor plans that we offer is all the kitchen cabinets. You know, in these open island kitchens, you lose a lot of cabinet space. But as a broken arrow, custom home builder, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, our clients kept asking us for more kitchen cabinets, figured out a way to give me more kitchen cabinets. Well, the Redford certainly checks that box too because I’m not only do you have the cabinets behind the island, but you also have a whole wall of cabinets when you’re standing at the kitchen sink overlooking the nook area, a whole wall of cabinets on your right.

Um, lots and lots and lots of storage space in this Redford. And as a custom broken Arrow homebuilder, that’s what our clients have said that they wanted. So the Redford certainly delivers that in the master bathroom. There are his and hers. Vanity’s a very large walk in shower and um, of course the toilet room. And then it walks through to this master closet which is divided into a, his and her space. So nice and so adorable. And there’s also a bench seat built in the cabinet in the closet with a, with a mirror on it. So, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, this plan is super cool when you’re walking in from the garage. Let’s say when you get home from work, you’re either just a couple of steps away from your very large walk in Pantry or you’re a couple of steps away from your master closet where you’re kicking off your shoes right there in your master closet. So a shaw homes, we like to deliver. What our clients are asking for, and this is Redford is one you’ve asked for.

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