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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Half Acre Lots

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Half Acre Lots

So if you’re looking for shaw homes, broken Arrow, you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you’re going to want to check out one of our news communities. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, it’s um, ashbrook and actually we have about, I would say 30 home sites and we’re down to probably seven or eight before sold out. Um, this has been a great community. So if you’ve been looking for custom homes in broken Arrow or broken arrow custom homes and you haven’t checked out our half Acre home sites, Ashbrook is conveniently located right off the highway. Fifty one and no need a road. It’s about a block north on Anita road, off of highway 51. Um, it is considered a rural development loan, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma which a lot of people don’t realize. So if you make a certain income and you qualify, it’s 100 percent financing, which is really nice. The only money out of pocket that you would have to span is what the builder is going to require you to put down on a bill.

And one of the things I love is if you’ve been looking for broken Arrow custom homes, you’ll notice that there’s a lot of builders out there, but they haven’t been in business for a long time. And the one thing that I love about Shaw homes is we’ve been in business for over 28 years. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, and Glen Shaw has a wonderful reputation with how he treats people, the product he stands behind. And um, after this many years we’ve kind of got it down to taking our plans and tweaking them and adjusting them the way people want homes today. So if you’ve been looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, and you want to see what we can do, we’d suggest you either go to show homes.com if you’re looking for a Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, and get on our website and go through the plans. And the easiest thing to do really is just sign up for a model home tour while you’re online in one of our salespeople will contact you.

Uh, one of the things that we love to do when we call you is just find out what you’re envisioning for your new home, what’s your budget, which is really important and how many rooms you’re needing for that budget and um, location. So location is very important. So if you want half acre lots, we have those in broken Arrow in ashbrook and then if you just want large lots, but maybe you want amenities in your community. We have highland creek right down the Edmond New Homes Oklahoma we have huge call the sax. We’ve got some really nice home sites and uh, they just opened up a phase two. So there’s about three home sites in phase one before we’re sold out in, in phase two. We’ve got, oh gosh, probably 30 home sites that own that you can build on. Now they do sell very fast in highland creek because in that community, the homestart and the two forties with lot included, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, maybe even to 30 depending on how you use your incentive and, um, you can just get a lot for your money.

So Shaw homes.com. Come check out the home of the 10 year structural warranty and let us give you a model home tour and show you what, what you have to choose from with us. If you’ve been looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, or broken arrow custom homes, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma and you’ve kind of driven by and seen a lot of our signs, but maybe maybe you’ve seen them, but you just haven’t stopped in. We would love for you to stop in and see what product that we build and what it looks like inside and there’s not one plan out of the 13 plans that we couldn’t customize for your family in fit all of your family’s needs. So if you’re looking for broken Arrow custom homes and you just haven’t found the exact fit a go on our website and join it. Join for a model home tour so we can take you around and show you our 13 furnished models to see which one would work for you and your family the best Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Or You could always just stop in one of our model homes and visit with us. One of the things that we do love is I’m just trying to figure out what it is that your family’s looking for and what’s making you make a move.

What do you have in your current home that’s making you think about building or buying in? A lot of people, they just, maybe they move up in their job and they want something a little nicer, more customized or you know, they want to build their forever home and they’re empty nesters or their family’s grown and we get a lot of that where you want to move up in square footage. And uh, one thing I love about shaw homes, if you’re looking for Edmond New Homes Oklahoma

you’re going to find that we give you quite a bit too, quite a bit that we offer you in new home construction. So you’ll have to come check us out. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma. You could stop in one of our model homes. I’m like I said, ash brackets located on highway 51, and you just turned north on Anita road and you’ll go probably two blocks. And on the lefthand side you’ll see ashbrook. So really nice community, they’re all half acre lots, there’s a few of them in there that might be a little bit more than a half acre. Um, some of the home sites that we have are going to have credits on them at anywhere from 4,000 up to $6,000 credits and I’m just, because not every single plan is going to fit in that back end. Um, or if you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow and you see a, you drive through Ashbrook, you’ll see some of our, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma some of our plans actually fit nicely on some of our lots that are in the middle of the community.

I’m just a lot of Nice width and easy access to get in and out of the community. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma it is wagoner county so your taxes are less in Ashbrook but it’s all broken Arrow schools. And I love it because within, it’s actually one point four miles to the buses do run in Ashbrook of people have children. But um, forest ridge has some brand new schools that are right down the street. So one point four miles on nita road going north, after you leave out of a Ashbrook, you’re going to see the schools. So if your children want some really good schools and you want a half Acre and you’ve been looking for broken Arrow custom homes, but you’re just not finding the exact fit that you know you want land and you don’t want a neighbor right on top of you, then you’ll want to come and check us out.

Like I say, you can stop in a model home or you can just call me. I’m Shanen cut singer. My number’s nine. One Eight, seven, four, zero, six, nine, four, four. And I would love to show you what I found in my 11 years experience working for shell homes. What the typical family has in mind for today’s family and activities. You know every, every plan’s going to function a little different. So there’s always going to be one plan that’s just going to check all the boxes that you’re looking for in a home. And then if you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, a broken arrow, custom homes, and you do the model home tour with us, our second appointment really is to price out that plan so we can price it out, show you what’s included with your choices and then apply our 15,000 incentive or whatever incentives going into, you know, at that time Edmond New Homes Oklahoma.

But we always have a great incentive going, uh, this month is $15,000, so it’s one of our biggest ones we’ve ever done. And it just a, a good way to get into a custom home in broken arrow or a broken arrow custom home and get everything that you want on the inside. And uh, even on the outside. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma we’d love to show you around, give you a model home tour and just show you our process. There’s a lot of builders that really don’t have a process. And, you know, our sales managers had a lot of experience with homes and whenever we got him as our manager, you know, it’s just been great because he can share his ideas over the years and what he’s learned in the home industry and um, and just, you know, convert that into helping other people and showing them what he created, which is our process that really works.

So if you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, a broken arrow, custom homes, you’re going to want to check out, show homes.com. Come into one of our models are just come in and see us and let us show you why we’re the builder of everyone’s choice in Tulsa. And we’re the number one custom builder in town now. And, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, we’ve even surpassed production builders, which is pretty mind blowing. But if you’re looking for broken Arrow custom homes, check out show homes.com or come in our model. Um, I’m on 121st street in between memorial in Chariton in Somerset. So come see me. And, uh, my name is Shannon, I’d love to show you around. Thanks so much.

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