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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Highland Creek

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Neighborhoods That Are Nice

Okay, at Shaw homes, we’re custom homes, broken Arrow, you can find, move in ready homes or build your home from the ground up or we have some homes that we started on the ground that you may even be able to possibly make some selections. So custom homes, broken Arrow, we’re in over 25 different communities ranging all over, broken Arrow, bixby, jenks, Tulsa, and I know Ola starting in our broken arrow communities. And also custom homes, broken arrow. You can find all of our information at [inaudible] dot com. Now going from our broken Arrow communities, we’ve got half Acre lots and up communities, um, different communities that have different amenities. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Ashbrook is one of our communities with the half acre lots. This one is located close to forest ridge golf course, the Muskogee Turnpike, um, the broken Arrow expressway or highway 51. The community has the feeling of being far away from everything yet so close to everything. Ashbrook is located between 90 and 101st in Oneonta, which is south 241st street. Um, the address to our model located in Ashbrook is two four, zero, zero, zero east, 95th street. So custom homes, broken arrow. We have another community called Brighton village.

This community is very close to the Warren Theater. It’s located on 121st between Lynn Lane and county line. The community has gorgeous ponds, a clubhouse and a swimming pool. It’s conveniently located less than a mile away from the creek turnpike. Your a short distance from Super Walmart. I’m the new Warren Theater, which is going to be about 45 to 50,000 square feet of shopping and dining. And you pretty much get the entertainment lifestyle without the price tag. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma We have a new community called highland creek. Now. This community is located on Evans road between 101st and 111th. This particular community as close to the broken Arrow expressway, which is highway 51, you’re minutes away from the creek turnpike park that they’re going to put in. We already had the funding and the grants to get started on that park.


You know, custom homes, broken Arrow, that’s the thing about working with shaw is that we have communities all over with all kinds of different amenities and a homesite sizes based off of what it is that you’re looking for. We also have two subdivisions at force ridge, which is a gorgeous golf course. Um, you’ve got the highlands and a gated community which is more of on our luxury, a luxury side. And that gated community is called well stone. So when we’re talking about custom homes, broken Arrow milestone is definitely one of the locations that you do want to look at. There will be a nother subdivision called Spring Hill that will be available in the near future, which is going to be on the east side of well stone. I’m being custom homes, broken arrow. One of the things that I love about forest ridge is not only is it a, a gorgeous golf course community, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma but all of the different amenities that’s available and the hos are still at a low price because you have so many homes splitting those fees. You’ve got fishing ponds, tons of walking trails, a gorgeous clubhouse with tennis courts. They are actually updating the country club or the golf course, so stay tuned for those options that will soon be available to our force rage residents.

Plus you get a discount on the different memberships for golfing, tons of walking trails, biking trails, a swimming pool. You even have dining right there at forest ridge. Um, it’s a, it really is a very gorgeous community to be in for broken arrow. And then so custom homes, broken Arrow, we do have another community called millicent pond, which is located between 80 and 91st and 129. Now we are built out in this community, however, we do have to move in ready homes. Um, one is going up as we speak. And the other one we just finished up not too long ago. Rush right north is between 91st and 101st and olive, which is 129th. That’s another great community. Um, it is broken. Arrow schools versus millicent pawn is actually union school district and that’s the great thing about being custom homes, broken Arrow is we have a lot of options available for all of our buyers and different price points. Another great community is called seven south. Now this community is located right there on 101st and Lynn Lane. Once again, you’re minutes away from the Creek Turnpike, minutes away from downtown, broken arrow. This particular community, you do have that a more of a quiet feel, but still minutes away from every, all the entertainment and nightlife. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma you definitely, uh, is at a much lower price point.

Now we have a, another brand new community called silver leaf. Silverleaf starts out of the low 160 thousands. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, the minimum square footage you’re looking at approximately 1300 square feet to no more than 2100 square feet. This community is located on 51st and county line. We do have particular floor plans. It’s only allowed in silver leaf, um, a lot of starter homes. And maybe empty nesters. This is going to be something that’s perfect for you because of the square footage that you’re now wanting. Custom homes, broken arrow. We have another great community called stone would crossing. This is conveniently located to highway 51. Um, it’s located on 61st and elm and for stone would crossing. We actually only have, um, I believe we have a move in ready home that’s available for you. I don’t think we have any. I don’t think we have any homes that’s or any empty lots in that particular neighborhood right now. Um, I am just checking my inventory, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma which you can maneuver all of that on our website and honestly on the stone would crossing community.

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