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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Information About Houses

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | House Information

Filters Training Academy for Shaw homes, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Talking about the financing of your mortgage. Principal interest taxes and insurance principal. The amount owed interest interest paid to lender taxes, property tax on the home insurance, homeowners insurance. What is the sales manager? Custom homes, broken arrow. What is the sales managers roadblock to discussing financing with customers, fear of invading privacy, fear of losing a sale. They don’t have. What is the most limiting factor in a customers we leapt into to add options, focusing on price instead of payment. Talk about monthly investment and not overall price. As a Edmond New Homes Oklahoma employer, what mindset must be sales manager have in discussing finances or financing? One, the sales manager knows this stuff. They will not buy without an idea of what the monthly investment is when they talk. Price talk payment as a shaw homes, custom homes, broken Arrow sales manager. I will not talk payment until I have an idea of what the monthly investment is. What mindset must have sales manager have in discussing financing? Number three, they haven’t bought a home in news number four. It’s my job to invade their privacy in pro. What are four key items I need to know in order to financially qualify my customer, my custom homes, broken Arrow, customer income, credit down payment funds, or not to seller liquidity? Do they need to withdraw assets to pay for anything? What are the two key areas do you want to cover? With every renter you encounter? The equity factor, tax deductions.

As a custom homes, broken Arrow, sales manager, I need to make my buyer aware that if they are renting, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma they are losing out on equity that they could be making on their own home by paying someone else’s mortgage. Is Building Equity for the landlord? Shut the sales manager and ask the customer how much they want to spend. Yes, hap solutely. What monthly investment do they feel comfortable with? What kind of payment or are they looking

to spend?

What kind of monthly investment are you comfortable with up to how much and not to go over how much. Dig a little bit and make sure you have a good idea of how much monthly they can afford. Has a custom homes, broken Arrow, sales manager. I need to have an idea of how much monthly each buyer or potential buyer can afford. Why? Why would now be a good time to ask if the customer’s home, it’s on the market to test urgency in qualify the customer. Is their home on the market or are they renting? What should the response be? If they say no, don’t panic. Say That’s great and you can guide them to do it the right way. What should the response be? If they say yes, there’s a couple things that we need to know. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma As a custom homes, broken Arrow, sales manager, we need to know who has the homeless did. How long has it been on the market? How many showings have they had, where they going to move when they’re home cells, do they need to temporarily move in with family? Do they need to go and talk to a community manager at apartments to stay in an apartment temporarily until their home is completed?

Are the buyers willing to wait until they sell their home or build their to move in? How should someone quote a payment to a customer and make their payments even extremely low? Usually it’s because the mortgage company or the lender is only sharing principle and interest and it makes it seem like the payments are low because they are not including taxes and insurance. What is a land based tax quote? Edmond New Homes Oklahoma the land tax quote is a quote based on the land only before the is put on the property and not with the homestead.

Amortization is the amount that you will pay your mortgaged through over the entirety of your term, front end, loaded and back, and is where you pay the majority of the principle of your mortgage.

What is a conventional loan? Not a government loan. Lowest possible down payment. Five percent PMI? Yes. Unless you have 20 percent down. How much down payment do you need to qualify for? One, five, 10, 15, 20 percent. Do you have pmi on this phone? Yes. Unless you put 20 percent down. Can you get rid of PMI on a conventional? Yes. If you put 20 percent down, what is the greatest advantage of this loan? Ability to get rid of PMI. What is the biggest disadvantage to this loan? A larger down payment, Fha loan, a federal housing, Administrative Shannon, a government loan, minimum three point five percent down. You do pete pay pmi, you cannot get rid of the PMI and Fha. Ease of qualification isn’t in great advantage of this loan. Lower down payment and closing costs. Can’t get rid of him. I though a va loan as a veteran administration, a zero percent down. Yes, you have pmi or 20 percent down and will cause you to not have it. You cannot get rid of pmi once it is on this loan. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Refinancing is the only way you can get out of it.

See here to demo.

Should you take every customer through the model? No. Should your goal be to fully demonstrate your model? Yes. A full walkthrough of the home. What is the number one thing you should avoid in demonstrating the model? Giving them a effing demo. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Featuring demos who don’t feature dump.

What is the purpose of demonstrating the model to determine the customer’s needs, wants and motivation. Hearing what they like and dislike and give them permission to voice what they don’t like. What should your be your mindset when demonstrating the model? You have to have the show and the business. It’s called show business. What is the best question to you is to start the model demonstration? Would you like to see our model? Yes. Great. Follow me. Bring them through the front door, through the garage door. How do you present your model home when it has been built with many options. The home you are seeing today is our amber plan. It starts at 170,000 in this community. Stay on the function and form. No analytical. What is the function of the amber? What is the function of the ash and what is the function of the bay would? What is the function of the Birkdale floor plan? What is the function of the Cambridge? Do Barry Ellington, liberty, newport or remming? 10 custom homes. Broken Arrow is where we showcase the Manchester. A series. Got some man. The Manchester series is custom homes. Broken Arrow.

We modeled to what people would aspire to. People are very visual, so the demo is simply the demonstration of the model home. What is the function of the model you are taking them through? What if the customer wants to get into pricing and options? How much does this home have void? It depends on home site and the version or for plan you choose. It’s a custom homes broken Arrow for a plan and depending on what custom homes broken Arrow neighborhood you choose is depending on how much the home site and the base price of the home is going to be. What are some of the key features to point out items a competition can’t honor and don’t, but don’t slam the competition. What is the best way to cover everything we do in our home? During the presentation, you can’t and you don’t want to determine their needs, wants and desires. Remember the 80 slash 20 rule? How can the customer get the best idea of what we do? A seven to 10 point summary. We’ll do mention brand names. I’d like to point a few features that will. You can find in every show home here. The frigidaire gallery’s theory, so every custom homes broken Arrow home has the frigidaire brand, and then when it comes to appliances in the kitchen, every custom homes broken arrow has either the stainless steel appliances as an upgrade or these standard black appliances all made and

by frigidaire. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Why is it so important to demonstrate the selection process to demonstrate how easy the process is? The selection process is very easy. In the Manchester custom homes, broken arrow models, there are seven interior and five x teary or selections interior is flooring, electrical cabinet appliances, fireplace countertops, tile exterior elevation siding, trim, color, shingles, sometimes with the shingles, the covenance dictate and then number five shutters. So seven interior, five exteriors. Structural options selections make themselves after you get started. So as you walked through the custom homes broken Arrow, you are able to see what you desire, what you don’t like, what you like, and you can choose your selections accordingly. As a custom homes broken Arrow buyer, what is the home? What if the home does not match the customer’s needs? The customer’s objections are our roadmaps. They help us organize their brain. What if we have a model with the commonly objectable feature? Sometimes we focus too much on the complainer’s want write a script to overcome the objection, so if somebody complains about one of our custom homes, broken Arrow selections, we can use that as a roadmap to guide them towards the selection that they may like. Even though we may not offer something that they desired,

get them to compromise because we do not build perfect homes, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma but we can build custom homes, broken arrow. What if we have a model with a commonly objectable feature? Sometimes we focus too much on the complainant is write a script. You overcome the objection. I just read that. Should I count or every objection with a solution? No. Sometimes they don’t really care. Qualifying one to five, the objection. Why do some people buy something different than what they said they want? They don’t really care. It’s all about compromise and ask them great questions, not what is a sales manager? His biggest challenge with objections not being prepared. What is a good tactic? Defusing objections. Repeat questions back to them. Objection,

isolate, overcome close.

What question should you be asking yourself? Every time you hear yourself giving customer information about a feature you include, so why should I care? What three acronym we’ll lead you through your presentation of included features f feature, a advantage be benefit. What are the custom homes broken arrow features, advantages, and benefits of building a custom homes broken Arrow floor plan? What methods would you use as the summary of each feature? You demonstrate tie downs, meaning what? Don’t you agree or don’t you think? Ask probing questions to give each customer the opportunity to share their opinion of the custom homes broken arrow. What are three primary reasons for the dust triangle? Smell the paint new smell. Establish yourself as an expert. Dope customer’s confidence which builds competence and the builder. Why is the dust triangle helpful when working with a customer who? Debating between buying a new home and a use to the new smell? Everything is new. You don’t have to live in someone else’s house. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma You don’t know the specifications of used homes and with a new custom homes broken arrow, you are guaranteed to have a brand new home that nobody has lived in before. No pets have peed in before.

It’s all brand new. You’re building or your home instead of buying someone else’s. At what stage would you not show a production home right after they dry wall. It looks small. List five unique selling propositions that can be pointed out at this stage. Unique features, energy efficiency, moisture barriers, warranties in ventilation shoes. You point out where everything is in the home as you walk through the home under construction. Yes, this establishes you as an expert. No one else will do this because they aren’t knowledgeable enough. Be Knowledgeable in your custom homes, broken Arrow properties, developments, homes, floor plans, excetera. In order to establish yourself as an expert, what stage of construction should you take customers to go see the rough stage, the stage right before dry wall or else everything’s kind of looks at your custom homes. Broken Arrow locations, be an expert. There are five stages to building a home foundation.

Rough dry wall Edmond New Homes Oklahoma finish in grade, wasn’t involved in the foundation part of the homes. Broken Arrow paperwork selections, contract permits. The building permits construction though excavation pad, rough grade concrete footings, plumbing, rough in domestic water and drains waste. We turn electric girl Ruffin, Phil Sand, termite pretreat, city inspection footings and slabs, which was foundation concrete slab, concrete poured main level, rough framing of house carpentry, rough framing windows, roofing underlayments, singles, fireplace, plumbing, tap out, meaning domestic water supply drains, wastes return in gas lines, electrical tap out outlets, which is light and fan boxes. Hvac, tap out furnace unit, AC unit, duct runs, supply and return cleaners, rough cleanup, city inspection, rough inspections, masonary, brick, stone and stucco. Insulation, walls, ceilings, that’s blown in window doors. That would switches. Drywall, hang tape, bed, skimmed sand, finished texture, smooth

finish flooring, tile, wood floors, carpentry, doors, base casing, Crown Chair Rail, mental cabinets, paint interior walls, trim and cabinets, exterior Fascia soffits, citing shutters, appliance install countertop, install plumbing, which is features, fixtures, faucets and drains, sinks and water heater. For your custom homes, broken Arrow, Hvac, or HPAC, finished fixtures through ms dot filter has been covers supplying return glass mirrors, shower doors, hardware towel bars, toilet paper holders, doorknobs, cabinet knobs and polls, flooring, padding and carpet, wood floor, polyurethane, final coat, concrete driveway, patios, sidewalks, excavation, final grade, sad and landscape cleanness, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma final interior, clean yard, clean windows, installed screens, city inspection, certificate of occupancy paperwork. This title, work closing mortgage backfill, filling in excavated

dirt. Lien is when something is placed on your property and before you do anything is to be taken off drama for your Mama, Tulsa or custom homes. Broken Arrow. Have some fears about the builder customers do. When friends or relatives have had bad experience with buyer or a builder in times past, they tend to try and divert you from the process. If your friends are, I’ve had bad experiences. I think you’ve heard stories on the news. There’s been a housing bust, or if you simply have a fear of commitment that tends to halt, stop and caused the two week trip as the company’s sales representative, or two ways that you can help alleviate some of those fears. This your own personal qualifications. This company, this company attributes that gave credibility to your company. The Edmond New Homes Oklahoma build their homes with the utmost quality inspections involved, detail oriented staff and construction managers with contractors. Employees that were current. See, didn’t shout completed.

No. The listed company attributes, awards, warranties, longevity employees, volume of company orientations and quality checklists. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Company brochure, website, main office, location, address, owner’s background story, personal stories, charities, design studio number of communities. How many custom homes broken Arrow communities are there? What quote is good to remember? Information tells stories so shortest or most important sections so them with stories. Stories sell your product stories, so the custom homes broken arrow. What are 10 important considerations customers need to know when selecting a site? Removing trees be specific, mailbox, location, street, light, location, new utility boxes, swale or ditch location. Joining community path broken Arrow are custom homes, broken arrow adjoining community pass, custom homes, broken Arrow easements, custom homes, broken arrow fences, custom homes, broken Arrow, outdoor living needs,

custom homes, broken Arrow, mailbox, location, custom homes, broken Arrow street, light location, custom homes, broken arrow, utility boxes, custom homes, broken Arrow, swale, or digital location. Why isn’t it important to discuss the customer’s requirements for their site? Who was discussed them eventually, better now than after a lot. Reservation fences for pets, son for gardening, flat site for pool or play equipment for the sales manager. Take the customer on tour in their car or have the customer follow in. There’s follow, unless it’s in your own neighborhood. Take control. We’re shared the tour. Begin. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma If you have a great entry, start there. Start doing your custom homes, broken Arrow tour, starting at the great entree entry way of the home.

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