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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Interior Designers

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Design It Right

New Constructions, broken euro at Shaw homes, we can modify some of our homes and do the new uh, or custom homes, broken Arrow, shaw homes, some of our floor plans we can modify and do some other customizations to. It’s all pending on what it is that you want in your looking for and you need, um, granted we can’t do all customizations, but some we can do such as bumping out maybe a room or adding stairs from the garage to the attic because you’re building a one story. Maybe pocket doors are bumping out the NERC only on certain floor plans. I’m making the front bedroom a little bit bigger. It just depends on what it is that you want. Any so custom homes, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma another community that we have is going to be outside of broken Arrow because we do build in other markets, not just recognition, but we are also in bixby. I know la genomics and I believe timber creek might be the city of support, like custom him spreading arrow. Um, in our community in big speed. You had quail creek, somerset, seven links estates at the river and your town. So even though your town is the city of [inaudible], it is big speech, school district,

custom homes, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma your room when you are building a home, there’s definitely a lot more options and availability that you can do building from the ground up versus purchasing one of our move in ready homes,

custom homes, broken arrow. There’s a lot of different lots available in all of our communities. We have over 64 different floor plans. We build in over 25 different communities last week. Again, move in our private property. It’s all pending on what it is that you need one you’re looking for and when it comes to the construction loan, when it comes to building on private land, pretty much when it comes to shaw homes, know anywhere from 25 minutes around a community that we are currently it. If it’s anything further than 25 miles or 25 minutes, then we can look into doing an offsite with maybe our offsite Biller, Chad Lane, so custom homes, broken arrow. We can definitely get you taken care of regardless what it is that you’re looking for and wanting and needing. All of our floor plans, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, when it comes to our heritage series right now, we are currently running a promotion where you get $15,000 to use towards any upgrades on your home by using one of our preferred lenders. Our preferred lenders is going to be Bank of Oklahoma, Ethan Wagner, first Oklahoma with Juan Rodriguez and spirit bank with Lexi gains right now. Spirit Bank is running a promotion where they are giving all of our shock customers an additional $1,250. So not only do you get $15,000 with shaw homes, but you get 1000, $250 from spirit bank to help towards closing. So that’s a total of $16,250 to build a shaw home and using spirit bank.

Once you pick out your favorite floor plan, what we can do is priced you out on that favorite floor plan with everything it is that you want inside of your home, in whichever community shouldn’t be gone. Whichever home that you choose. Some home sites may have a premium in. Some of them actually have the credit. I know we have a lot of home sites in the broken Arrow area that have anywhere from a 14 to $20,000 credit. Definitely something that you would want to talk to a shop manager, sales manager and talk to them about how to build an actual home with shaw and I currently sit in our community called the states at the river. This is in our big Sikh community. Even though I am in big, I can help you out in every single one of our communities regardless where it’s sad. The only community I cannot help you in is going to be our starter home communities such as silver leaf, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma crystal creek in Tucson village.

So you really want to get ahold of a shawl sales manager and I highly recommend hopping in on one of our model home tours, the model home tours as something that we do three to five times a week. That’s where we’ll take you around to all of our models that are fully furnished and decorated and we we’re. What we’re gonna do is focus on the functionality of each floor plan. So based off of what it is that you’re looking for, we’re going to design our model tour based off of your needs and wants, and the good thing about that is since the models are fully furnished and decorated, it helps you envision what your furniture looks like in your future home versus taking a look at a model that might be completely empty because with empty rams it’s extremely difficult to gauge whether or not a Edmond New Homes Oklahoma king size bed kept that up against a certain wall or maybe you have an oversized couch or sectional that you’re trying to figure out whether or not it would work in a certain room.

And since our models are fully furnished and decorated, it kind of helps you, I what would fit. Plus, you can get a lot of decorating tips. Our Interior designers are award winning interior designers and they decorate all of our home. So during the tour we highly recommend you taking as many pictures as you like. If there’s a certain style of fireplace that looks good to you, go ahead and snap a picture of it. Wall color cabinets, the flooring, even for instance, the break on the exterior of the house, if you like a certain color, take a picture of it because when you get to the design studio, knowing what you want and like is going to make your design studio appointments run a lot smoother and quicker. Um, and so, and that’s another reason why whenever we talk about, you know, when will the house be done, we always say from the moment that we break ground to the moment that you move in, should approximately be about six months. Weather permitting. And the reason why we say that is because for some of our families, you may be in and out of a design studio, but for some of our other families, they could be in there for months and just cannot decide what it is that they want or like. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma we have to kind of gently help them out of the design studio. Um, and that is why we always talk about from the moment that we break ground versus from the day that you signed your contract,

because every family is different and everyone kind of takes their own time when it comes to their selections. You just never know Edmond New Homes Oklahoma.

So once you are done with the model home tour, your next appointment is going to be after you decide which floor plan it is that you truly love. We’re again a price you out with your favorite floor plan. The price out is what a lot of builder or a lot of our customers absolutely appreciate is because we don’t leave anything out and you get an itemized detailed list of how much everything costs to build the shaw home. You’re going to know down to the entry of the floors a missional sync, whatever it is that you want, you’re going to know to the dollar how much it’s going to cost to build a particular floor plan on a particular lot with whatever it is that you’re wanting inside of your home. We will have it down to the dollar and then green aid adjustments can be made Edmond New Homes Oklahoma.

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